Sunday, March 29, 2009

911 And The Enemy that Mourned For America

Every day, the mainstream Anglo-Marxist, and to be more specific American press pushes out various Russophobic drivel, celebrating any Marxist demonstration in Russia, exhaulting the crisis in Russia (while down playing it in the US) and celebrating any misfortune of the Russian people, especially if caused by Islamic Jihad


Americans are constantly told that Russians are evil, sadistic, corrupt and hate filled. They are constantly told how Russians do not deserve the oil and gas and other natural resources that the Almighty has bestowed upon us. Conversely they are told how their own government, which steals their monies, their sons lives in pointless wars, their lands and their futures, cares for them.

Well, let us take one example of this "careing" and end this stupid propaganda once and for all.

All that needs to be said about the caring of the US government is the fact that 8 years after the trajedgy of 911, the biggest terrorist attack anywhere in the world (though some would say the dropping of atomic bombs was a terrorist attack and thus bigger), there is still no monument to the fallen. Well, then again, that is also not true. There is no American monument.

However, the man that America's elites love to call the newest Stalin/Hilter/Attila the Hun or whom ever else they can pull out of history to mistify their people and their 2nd world quality educations, led the very effort to errect the only monument to the fallen of 911, on American soil.
The man America loves to hate is the man who called first offerring aid and was soon betrayed for it, in Central Asia and the MidEast and in Eastern Europe with America's so called defense missile shield..aka..first strike short range ballistic missile systems.

Here it is, the monument to America's fallen by the man and the people that Americans have been brainwashed to hate. Why no media coverage?


mah29001 said...

Knock off your propaganda BS.

You are recycling old school Soviet propaganda. Do I as an American feel any hatred to an average Russian?

No. But apparently you don't give a damn that Russia still hasn't shed off its old Soviet past. Apparently to people like you, the Cold War mentality never seemed to have gone away.

10ksnooker said...

Agree, this post, it is way old school, long since dead in the USA.

I feel no hatred towards Russia or Russians, and see little of same in the state run media in the USA, or with other people. We simply don't care what Russia does, as long as it has no direct effect on us.

Russia should try and get it's act together, a modern state, and not drift back into the old Soviet ways. It does appear the drift back is becoming a march though.

But hatred towards Russia, no way.

ValhallaWind said...

I accidentally came across some of your writings and have been reading with great interest. However, I disagree with part of your writings.

There is no constant demonization of Russia. In fact, since the collapse of the Soviet Union, not much is mentioned about Russia. Unless her politicians choose to do something that is in opposition to the wishes of American politicians.

I am a child of the Cold War, I served my country in preparation to kill Soviets should they threaten us or our allies. But they are no more. As a former military opponent, I can honestly say I bear Russia no ill will. Russia is not the USSR. And as long as that remains they way of things, that is good.

Thank you for bringing this memorial to my attention, I will go and visit this spring, as I have already visited the other 3 memorials that came into existence after this article was written.