Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Special Relationship is Dead, Where Will Britian Go Now?

For over a year, the UK cheered as Obama rose in polls and became president. How stupid they must now feel!

The British never seemed to bother reading Obama's autobiography, the Dreams of My Father, where he recalls weeping after being told the story of how his grandfather was tortured for two years by British colonial rulers. He makes such a big thing of his grandfather, whom he never met, that you should have known that once in power, pay back would be first on the list.

The first thing that went was the bust of Churchill that had adorned the Oval Office, a gift from the UK. Now President Obama made it his first act in the "Special Relationship" or rather in the "Murder" of the so called Special Relationship, to send it packing back to the British embassy. Never mind what future US presidents, if there will be future presidents after Dear Leader, may wish.

Next came the absolute disrespect shown to Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister of the UK. Petty minor world leaders, with US strategic interests (such as Georgia or Azerbaijan or most of Africa or Arabia) get more respect then the UK. No state lunch. No official press conference, nothing but a quicky meeting. Even the presents were cheap and paltry. The Prime Minister gave the President a hand carved pen holder, made from wood from a famous British warship, HMS Resolute, 200 years old. In return he was given a boxed set of American movies, a set that could be picked up in any American Walmart or Kmart or other China supplied store and no doubt bore the mark of America's real owners: made in China. The President's daughters were given very expense dresses from a top London store, with matching jewelry. The Prime Minister's sons were given $20 matching models from a US government owned souvenir shop, in the White House.

When the British press howled at the insult, and in history, smaller insults have caused great wars, the American oligarch owned press, on cue, spouted out that the British are nothing but hyper sensitive ninnies...panzies and twits and when that did not work to shut the British up, do with them just like with a tantrumed child, simply ignore them. Scream all you want in England, no one cares.

Now the British Cabinet Secretary can not reach the White House, his calls given the answering service or when he gets through, it is some lowly phone clerk who promptly tosses the script.

Sure, Gordon Brown was not told to walk through the servants quarters, but that was well implied. He was dually summoned, humiliated and taught his place...lap dog and vassal. Sure, he did not have to feed the Khan's horses from his hat, like the Mongols demanded, but the effect was the same. England will be called upon to bleed in Iraq or Afghanistan or any future war such as Pakistan and Iran, you will not be, however, accorded the respect of an equal. Why should you be, when you are not.

For all the anger in the UK, they have no where to go. They have, on order from the US, ruined their relationship with most of the EU and started a Cold War with Russia. Who will take the poor English pup now that it's been shown the door and sent to the cold back yard? The Germans and French, who now command attention in the White House, must be laughing themselves silly over their wine and heffeweisens. Without the Special Relationship, the UK must accept its place as a second rate European power and British pride will keep the UK from seeking better friends.

So in the end, stiff upper lip, ole chaps, you are finally learning your place in the scheme of things and you have just realized you are not one of the masters.


beebs said...

At the beginning of the First World War, 60% of the American populace favored entering the war on the side of Germany.

At that time, we hadn't forgotten the American Revolution or War of 1812. Anglophile President Wilson drug us into war.

Thomas said...

It seems, that one man has made a stand AGAINST the NEW WORLD ORDER.