Saturday, March 28, 2009

Who Are Russia's True Patriots?

It is always the way of men, that only during the hardest of crisis that their true nature is shown. This is true both of the individuals and of groups as well as of nations. It is also true, that people are captives of their culture and thus their collective history, whether they realize this or not and whether they know that history or not.

As such, this crisis is showing the true nature of nations and their peoples: be it the Russian people, who as a whole have bulked down, cut back and chosen to follow the sensible, long term solutions, putting off the instant gratification that is the over all ethos of the West. Be it the Icelanders who have fallen into despair and disrepair, first drowning their sorrows and then openly rebelling and over throwing their governments, only to find themselves in the very same mess they were originally in. Be it the Greeks, who have allowed waves of young radicals to hijack their cities and their nation, disrupt their lives and drag the nation as a whole to the edge of the abyss. Be it the Japanese, who with silent resolution have closed ranks as a society and marched forth to weather out the storm, the pain and the suffer ring their nation is under going. Or be it the Americans, who, for the majority, without question have followed their leaders from one hair brained idea to another, all in a an ever more desperate attempt to avoid the pain and the bill and to find the quick fix, silver bullet solution to the rot they created.

But major societies are rarely ever really homogeneous and it is times like these that one sees who the people are who are more then happy to put their personal needs and ambitions ahead of their motherlands, their peoples and even their God's/ In other words, who are the true vultures of society.

The West pushes absolute individualism, which puts the self interest above that of society and in times of troubles, makes control of the people very easy. At this point, my Western readers or at least a large subsection are scratching their heads and entertaining visions of my pending insanity. How could this be? In truth, very easily. The pure individualist, who is never oh so pure to begin with, is easy prey for the Demagogues. Demagogues and promises are like puppies and sunshine, they simply go well together. Pure individualism is loath to fully sacrifice for society without seeing a benefit to himself. He is loath to cut back because it will "help" the greater good, because his greater good is himself. Thus he is loath to follow the painful treatments that are truly needed to save himself and his society.

The Demagogues know this and feed upon this. They promise the individual solutions that will not cause undo pain or sacrifice and will again make the world a rosy place and the individual a richer, fuller person. They promise, in other words, a free lunch. And as a whole, societies of individuals, are more then happy to follow along. The society of greatest individuals is the Americans and one can easily see this in the last elections, between two Marxists: Obama the Stalinist and McCain the Trotskyte. By the time these individualists, really self-centralists, realize they have been had, that is if they allow themselves to admit that they were fools and have been had, it is too late. For the Americans, well it may already be, to late.

But I digress.

The East pushes absolute obedience, where the authority is never or rarely to be questioned and sacrifice for the greater whole is always the norm. Again, for absolute autocrats, this is a dream. Of course the elites of the West also fully believe in this, and as such have been molding their societies closer and closer to that of the East, again by the Demagogue approach.

Russia is a combination of both, neither to extreme in individualism nor in the group think, but a balance of both. Sure, there have been times where we as a society have oscillated to one extreme or another and have suffered incredibly for it, as a result.

There was the nihilism and self-centralistic "individualism" of the West from the 1880s through the late 1910s, leading to instability, and a betrayal of God, Rodina and Tsar in the midst of the Great War. The results of this was the coming of the Marxists and the eventual, in the late 1920s, extreme swing to the other side, of mass sacrifice and group obedience. Only in the 1970s through now, was the balance slowly restored.

Luckily, this crisis, so far, has shown that the balance is holding, all Western siren songs aside. For it is now that those groups who put their self interests ahead of society's and who, if allowed into power will bring the extreme of autocracy upon us, are coming to light. There are presently two major such groups, both supported by the West: the National Bolshevik Workers' Party (NAZIs), through their cover of Other Russia, and the Russian Communist Party. Once more the Anglo-Marxists.

The funding of the Kasparov's Other Russia, and thus by far of its biggest constituent group, has increased. That funding is of course coming from such fine Western instruments as the US Congress' Institute for Democracy and Freedom House and by George Soros' Open Society. Their illegal demonstrations have become bolder and more pronounced, even as their support has remained pitiful. They sense that their original sponsors are now back in power in America, so why not try a little harder? They bring with them only destruction, chaos and suffering and in the end pure autocracy.

Then there are the Free Trade guardians, the Russian Communist Party, a party who should have long ago been banned and outlawed. When Prime Minister Putin, raised the tariffs on imports, thus protecting Russian jobs, Russian well being, these traitors were first to mount demonstrations demanding their right to continue to flood the Russian markets with foreign used imports, even when the cost is Russia's well being. But then again, when have the Communists, or at least their elites, ever really cared about what was best for their people? The answer is, of course, NEVER. Not in 1919, not in 1939 not in 2009.

In the West, of course, the Communists are now treated, not unlike their Nazi brothers, as symbols of openness, freedom, prosperity and globalism, the last of course being much more important then the first three.

The only bright spot seems to be, that the Russian Liberals, have finally figured out that Western patriotism is the surest way to loose one's election at best and one's nation and society at worst.

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