Friday, April 17, 2009

Behold, the Anglo West's Pipe Dream of Russia

The headlines read like a script straight out of a US colour revolution playbook "Mass Protests in Vladivostok", Protesters Clash with Police in Moscow", "Rallies Across Russia", "Protesters Seize Putin's Party Offices in St. Petersburg.

If one did not know it, one would expect pictures of Russian cities burning, tanks rolling in the streets and mass rioting and clashes. The Western, primarily Anglo-Marxist, press is on a roll, more startling even, then their attempts to paint the Beslan terrorists as misunderstood komsomol scouts. Every day or two, more headlines proclaiming Russia's immenent revolution, death, destruction or upcoming absolute tyranny: take your choice.

Thsi is of course, in stark contrast from how the Western media played down these very happenings, when it was the Western puppet Yeltsin massacering a parliment unwilling to surrender Russia's walth to the Western backed interest and oligarchs.

Of course the media is not totally lying, because when one starts reading deep enough, usually the last paragraph, the truth comes out. The rallies are 200 or 300 people at best, the clashes with the police are Limonov's Nazis, the mass protests in Vladivostok are free trade communists willing to tear down Russia's automotive industry for quick cash and the rampage in Putin's party offices were 3 of Limonov's brainless drones quickly stopped and arrested.

Now, dear reader, compare that to how the American oligarch press covered their own mass anti-tax, tyranny and corruption protests, just two days ago. All but one media channel, the Russian hating Fox News, either ignored it outright or rediculed the protestors. They were called traitors, fanatics, Nazis (a favorite term used often in America on one's enemies), extremists, cave men, neandrathals, mindless zombies, unintelligent or illiterate country trash. Of course, most of the protestors were middle and upper class, educated people, professionals and business owners, who are being destroyed by the One Party Two Branch system of America, the same system that threatens us with possible short range nuclear silos in Poland and NATO bases in our kitchens.

As usual, the stench of hypocricy that is the dieing Anglo-Marxist world, is so pungent that it may reach the very nose of the Almighty.

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