Monday, April 13, 2009

The American Solution is to Further Rob the People

Wading through the alphabet soup of American governmental plans to save the private banks and their uber private bank, the Federal Reserve, one can only come to a single conclusion: since day one of the crisis, indeed, from the very creation of the bubble that could and would only lead to the crisis, this has been only about stealing every single kapeky of the people's money, their rights and powers and has been orchestrated by both branches of the One Party Two Branch system of American body politics. As I stated in The Hypocrisy of American "Democracy" and in Whom Does the US Congress Serve, the American public is living in a serious state of denial, the English along with them, if they for a second believe that their government has their best interest in mind, on paper or even as a fuzzy conception.

It is impossible for this author to accept that the heads of American and thus much of the world's finance did not know that the loose money, low interest policies and the absolute lack of any lending standards, would not lead to a bubble. Further, as the bubble grew and the few Casandra's issued their calls, it is again, impossible for this author to believe that again, these masters of national and international finance had no idea that the bubble would explode and lead to total collapse. Only an uneducated and naive fool, the general body of the Anglosphere public, was absolutely clueless.

Furthermore, as the implosion got underway and all signals pointed to nothing but an absolute route, it is again, impossible for the author to believe that the most obvious solution was unknown and other solutions that would only insure the collection of trillions in dollars and debt, in the hands of the few greedy men about whom Woodrow Wilson lamented in his 1919 autobiography, would not occur.

The stated goal of all of these bogus thefts, excuse me, bailouts, has been:
1. the stabilization of the banks
2. the release of credit
3. the salvation of the economy and thus of the body citizenry

To this end, nothing has been accomplished but the absolute theft of $2-4 trillion dollars, depending on how one looks at the promises and obligations of the members of the One Party Two Branch system in DC to their owners in the Federal Reserve and Wall Street. That there has been no substantial change in any of the policies of either the Bush or Obama administrations, only upholds the basic fact of this theft. As I stated in The Six Evils of Wall Street and the Suffering of Humanity, the owners of the Federal Reserve, the masters of much of the hell unleashed upon humanity of the past 120 years, have practiced their art of theft very well indeed. Their last, up to this, most successful enterprise, was the rape of Russia, but even that, in comparison, to the schemes in America, is chump change.

If the goal was actually to accomplish these three points, as stated over and over and preached to the world, then the answer is quite simple. Please note, I, myself, do not subscribe to mass rescues and bailouts but to a strongly regulated, fair and flat inner market (please never confuse this with Free Trade, of which I am neither a prominent, nor lover off, but in fact a staunch enemy). Now the simple an intelligent thing to do, if the order of the day is to spend trillions, is to: one, set a dead line date, after which strict market regulations will go into effect, specifying the minimum criteria of loan generation. Second, investigations into criminal wrong doing should be launched and carried through on all banks involved, on insurance companies, and on scoring agencies. Lastly, all house mortgages, which are primary residences, should have been simply bought out by the government. That is correct, the government pays off the debt in one fell sweep and gives the certificate of ownership to the individual mortgage holders.

In effect, this saves the banks by wiping out their toxic assets (not to mention, all other holders of such debt), saves all the people who are in their homes and provides $500-$3,000 per month in each home owner's pocket to "stimulate" the economy of his or her choice. At the same time, strict legislation keeps this from happening again.

That the brightest minds of finance and the body politic could not or would not see this humble and simple and straight forward answer as the key answer, shows simply that this whole crisis is a rigged game, a final grab of all available wealth to an uber .5% and the 99.5% all be damned. And the reaction of the American public? Well, as I described in American Capitalism, Gone with a Whimper little more then the grumbling and desperate self delusion of a lost, misguided slave dreaming dreams of his uniqueness and freedom. A fool's desperate escape into flights of fantasy and distraction.

That there will never be a revolution or upheaval in the American lands, is beyond a doubt. The American people have neither the whits, the internal fortitude, nor the drive to suffer and sacrifice for their own and society's greatest good against their owners and betters. The ineffectual "tax payer" revolts, known as the tea parties, are nothing shy of a joke and most of the world must be laughing. One French protest march in Paris encompassed more people, in a nation of 1/4th the American population, then all of these hundreds of mini "revolts" combined, even if you multiply their sum total by a factor of 10. Is it really any surprise that Lenin stands proudly, towering in downtown Seattle, while his spiritual forefather sits upon a giant marble monument in DC, a white washed dictator named Lincoln?

To my Holy Motherland, I will say only what I said before: Russia Must Offer the World a Different Ideology and as such, be in the position to receive into her bossom those few of the Anglosphere peoples, those refugees from slavery, who show a will to fight the Marxist enslavement, that Russia herself threw off almost twenty years ago.


vonbach said...

Most of us Americans are too busy sleepwalking to really notice. People in America are pissed but all they do is complain, me included. No one really knows what to do so they put their heads down and go through the motions and hope. Things in America wont change until things really break down and people cant pretend anymore.
Keep up the good work by the way I read your blog almost every day. Nice to know there are people in the world that are awake. If there is real change in the world it will come from your corner of the world.

Lori said...

No Banker Left Behind is bo's frame of mind...

Lori said...

No Banker Left Behind is bo's frame of mind...

lichotek said...

This guy is a joke. Entertaining read but LOLZ.