Thursday, April 9, 2009

Moldova's New Revolution Bares the Hypocrisy of the West

Two days ago, 10,000 protesters, mostly students and activists, waving Romanian flags, marched on the capital Chisinau, demanding the resignation of the Communist party, which had just won and some say stolen, yet another election. The parliament building was raided and all contents looted and burned. Street battles with US trained police raged and the US funded army was prepared to go on the offensive. Vladimir Voronin, the president, called this a Romanian "coup d'etat" and closed the border with Romania, expelling its ambassador.

By this point, dear reader, you may have noticed "US trained/funded" used in conjunction with Communist. Why the surprise? Yes, the Communists of Moldova are a bought and paid for crew of DC and Brussels.

Let us rewind back to 2005 where the embattled communists were looking at defeat after ruling on and off the poorest nation in Europe. There was a lot of talk about a DC sponsored Colour Revolution, though DC to this day denies the mass produced logos, concerts, food and pay for protesters as "spontaneous". Yes, about as spontaneous as the American choices for president from the One Party Two Branch system.

The problem with over throwing the Communists, of course, was that the opposition, who was capitalist, was also pro Moscow. Incidentally, just like in Ukraine. DC and Brussels played their hands and just prior to the elections, the Communists came to them on bended knee swearing vassalhood to their overlords. The response was instantaneous: the OSCE became instantly blinded to the mass election fraud by the Communists, while all mention of Colour Revolutions disappeared. Since then it has been a close master/servant relationship.

That is why, it is so humorous to watch the official and unofficial organs of the DC propaganda machine (the main media and think tanks) spin the latest revolution as a DC generated program and Vladimir Voronin, who is loosing power, as a Russian not an American stooge. No less then the "experts" of strategic global analysis (or so they claim) Stratfor proclaimed this as such and inadvertently admitting to 1. DC sponsoring these "spontaneous revolutions" and 2. Belarus being the next target of DC. Here is what they have to say in their own words:

From the West’s perspective, Moldova (along with Belarus) is merely a logical post-communist state where influence could be used to contain Moscow. Wresting Ukraine away from the Kremlin’s influence proved a difficult task — as the eventually unsuccessful Orange Revolution showed — because the state is far too large, complex and decentralized. Moldova and Belarus, however, have the combined attractions of geographic proximity, digestible size and compatible culture to be considered as candidates for entry into the “West.” Moldova’s cultural and geographic proximity to Romania (along with its small population and size) would make it perfect for incorporation into the Western sphere, much as East Germany’s cultural and geographic proximity to West Germany made it the first de-communization target for Europe.

Russia has been on the offensive since the Georgian conflict last August, but particularly since U.S. President Barack Obama came to office. The Kremlin believes that it can test Obama, who is young and inexperienced in foreign policy, much like Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev tested John F. Kennedy in the early 1960s. The U.S. administration, however, has made a concerted effort in the past few weeks to push back — most notably with Obama’s firm support for U.S. ballistic missile defense plans in Europe.

However, Moldova gives the United States and Europe the opportunity to strike even closer to the Kremlin’s heart. Russia, feeling confident about its situation with Ukraine and Georgia, thus far has engaged in discussions on the BMD issue under assumptions that its actual periphery was safe from Western encroachment. But, though there has been no evidence of U.S. involvement in Moldova’s protests yet, Washington well might use the situation in Chisinau to remind the Kremlin that it has many levers — in many colors — to throw Moscow off-balance.

Of course this is all ridiculous, since DC and to a smaller extent, Brussels have been the key benefactors of the Communist power grab and rule in Europe's poorest country. Finally Albanian is no longer last. Voronin is the most pro-EU leader in Moldova and from 2004 was calling for Moldova to work towards integration.

In Oct 2007, Andrei Straten, Foreign Minister of Moldova, described his country's partnership with the US as "intense" adding that they rely fully on the Americans. He went on to say: "The United States became the principal technical assistance donor, with a share of about 50% of all foreign assistance given to Moldova".

Moldova's military is trained both by the US and often, on exchange programs, in the US. It is a member of the NATO Individual Partnership Action Plan (IPAP) and sent a contingent of 65 soldiers to Iraq, as part of America's Coalition of the Willing. Well, the Anglo-Marxists had to get fellow travellers from any available assets. With US prompting, Moldova also joined the anti-Russian, US/Brussels funded Guam (Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Moldova) coalition.

In exchange, the president of America has waved the Jackson-Vanik act to allow Moldova free trade with the US. Senator Dick Lugar even demanded a permanent removal. A further bonus, Moldova was allowed in to the WTO with US sponsorship.

But in the end, like all used up vassals of the Anglo-Marxists find out, when they're done being used, they are done. Moldova will now be sacrificed to Romanian territorial ambitions, as Romania is much more important to future US military interests and bases.

In this situation, Russia must, while avoiding and ostracizing Voronin and the communists, court nationalist and loyalist Moldovan factions, while guaranteeing Moldova's independence from Romania and assisting financially in the struggling economy. A further media blitze emphasizing the West's duplicity, can surely not hurt.

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