Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Will The Swine Flu Lead to An American Revolt?

As the new epidemic spreads quickly from Mexico and onto the world, nations of the world are scrambling to protect their populations, that is, all nations but the United States.

In Japan and China, no one is allowed off of planes from Mexico who has not been fully medically checked. Russia and others are banning pork imports and watching closely anyone who has recently flown in from Mexico or the United States. Other governments have followed suit, that is, other governments but America's.

The United States, who shares the longest border with Mexico, over 3,000km, and has a huge illegal population of Mexicans crossing over that porous border, almost at will. One would think that a government that placed the well being of its people, one this close to ground zero, in what may soon be a worse killer plague then the Spanish Flu of 1918, would do whatever it could and can to seal its borders. That is as far from the truth as can be.

Instead, the United States has taken the “stringent” step of asking people how they feel, though even if they say they have a fever, does not mean they do not get to get in, in fact they do. Instead they are given a flier that warns of the dangers of Swine Flu. At the airports, there are no checks, no questions and obviously sick people are allowed in. In other words, the US government has done everything possible to make sure that the flu epidemic spreads into America and spreads very quickly.

Now, of course, there are billions of dollars at stake for the owners of the United States, in their illegal use of Mexican illegal labor, the importation of incredible amounts of drugs and other less then respectful or lawful uses of the Mexicans. As this plague in Mexico spreads, waves of Mexican refugees will begin to stream north, trying to escape and inadvertently spreading the disease further out.

In previous surveys, it was shown that well over 85% of the population, of all political affiliations, wanted their border closed and illegal aliens, primarily from Mexico, forced out. This included many of Mexican descent, themselves. Both branches of the One Party Two Branch government refused to even consider a real closure and instead formed a closer union with the authorities of Mexico, who were themselves busy encouraging their poor, unemployed, as well as criminal elements, to migrate north.

There are several competing theories on the edge now, of why nothing in any serious way is done to control this outbreak. One, the more benign theory, if one can call it thus, is that the government, which has designs on restricting the American medical system into a whole socialist enterprise, as it has effectively begun in doing with the automobile and financial systems, is creating the perfect situation to fully bankrupt an already strained and struggling American (and isn’t everything American strained and struggling these days?) medical system. Tens of millions of people, especially amongst the blighted poor, pouring into the American hospitals will lead to bailouts and direct government control of the infrastructure, faster then you can say: gazoontite.

The less benign theory points toward a crisis of such monumental intensity, coupled with every thing else, that a full and eminent collapse could and would easily lend itself to a full, military backed government take over along with a full suspension of the civilian authority, with the exception of Barack Obama, of course and his chenovniks, of course.

Couple this with an already weak economy, that will suffer severely with the continued outbreak of this pandemic; an insane debt that is skyrocketing daily; increasing taxation; government control over everyday life and an unemployment rate that is set to truly go sky high, and one can easily see that this is a formula for revolt.

How the population reacts and how the situation unfolds will be directly proportional to the spread of the Swine Flu, the percentages of mortality and their demographic locations, the impact on the economy and unemployment and the governments reaction to the inevitable demonstrations and protests as well as the extension of the government’s grab for control.

However, considering the past performance of the One Party Two Branch system, the world should brace for the worst of news from North America and the USA in specific.


Nameless Cynic said...

Well, a couple of things:

1. The first identified cases of swine flu weren't illegal aliens, but college kids coming back from Spring Break. What should we do, have a Collegiate Interdiction Squad patroling the border?

2. Swine flu is not passed by eating pork. I thought you were a proud Russian - why do you want to advertise them being idiots?

3. Stopping illegal immigration is simple. Fine, not the illegal, but the person who hires him. Bush never wanted to do that. But we have a new president now.

4. In previous surveys, it was shown that well over 85% of the population, of all political affiliations, wanted their border closed and illegal aliens, primarily from Mexico, forced out. Crap. Show me the survey. If it exists, it's from VDare or WorldNetDaily.

Overall, your comments seem to be fairly empty of facts. You might want to look up some simple information before starting to expound like that.

Stanislav said...

1. The first casualty in the US was a mexican child, recently from Mexico. The fact that the students in NYC got sick after visiting Mexico, contradicts that fact that millions of illegals, many of them carrying various illnesses, are crossing the border at will, how? You pull what is called a straw man argument to draw attention away from the facts.

2. While the virus dies in cooked flesh, it is quite able to stay dorement in raw meat, especially when temperatures are lowered. But you believe what your controlled media tells you and go ahead and die off in masses like the Mexicans next door, while the rest of the world takes action.

Further, pride is a sin, the primo sin, maybe that's what you're really suffering from.

3. Bush wanted amnesty. Obama wants amnesty. Yes fining the illegal is silly, kick him out of the country and close the borders, that works quite well, in Russia, in France and anywhere else people actually give a damn about their nation and not some silly arsed idealism and socialism.

Try harder next time.

Nameless Cynic said...

Oh, absolutely right. A Mexican toddler is the first death in the United States. A Mexican toddler who happened to be legally visiting the United States. Whose straw man was it you were mentioning?

Yes, illegal immigrants often have diseases. As do legal immigrants and native citizens. That's another straw man argument. (Watch it - that much straw is a fire hazard, after all...)

Oh, and by the way - stay dorement in raw meat, especially when temperatures are lowered.You're eating your porkchops raw, Stan? You never heard of trichinosis? Here, let me help you out a little:

Swine influenza viruses are not transmitted by food. You can not get swine influenza from eating pork or pork products. Eating properly handled and cooked pork and pork products is safe. Cooking pork to an internal temperature of 160°F kills the swine flu virus as it does other bacteria and viruses.(Yeah, in case you're scared to click the link, it goes to the Center for Disease Control website, not our "controlled media." Just so you know.)

And by the way, "die off in masses"? You know that there have only been around 150 deaths (and that's the high estimate), primarily among the very old and very young, in Mexico, right? A third world country with a crappy health care system. You panic awfully easy, there, Stan. I thought the Russians prided themselves on their bravery.

Like somebody said recently, try harder next time.

Stanislav said...

Legal immigrants, with contagious diseases are not allowed into a country, which is why they are screened, every major nation, even the US, does that. Which is why they are legal. What the local population picks up, in a modern nation, is often mild, since medical capabilities usually are high and keep disease from spreading.

What uncontrolled third world ILLEGALS bring with them from slums and hell holes, is anyone's guess and for all the excuses and bleeding heart crap of leftists to try and cover that fact, the disease they bring will kill you all the same. But like an ostrich, you put your head in the ground and pretend it is anything but reality...well, have a fun die off, the rest of the world is taking precautions not to follow your example.

Yeah, in case you're scared to click the link, it goes to the Center for Disease Control website, not our "controlled media." Just so you know.Ah even better, the actual government mouth piece...are you really that mindless?

You know that there have only been around 150 deaths At an official infection rate of 1,500 in Mexico...that is 10% death rate, ten times the Spanish Flu of 1918, which reached 1% and the yearly flu rarely reaches .1%. What is the matter, never stopped to do the math? Pitty, bet you believe anything the leftists say, decisions made on emotions not logic or facts is what usually gets you killed. Welcome to facts, Swine Flu is killing between 5-10% of those infected....but you have nothing to fear, your betters tell you so.

Nameless Cynic said...

Stan, Stan, Stan.

You should be ashamed of yourself. At least try to be honest. That particularly high estimate of 150 is worldwide numbers. Oh, and incidentally, the World Health Organization (you remember them, right? Not an agency of the US government, if it makes you feel any better) are berating the Mexican government for inflating the numbers - they say that there have only been seven deaths worldwide. But I guess that reality is too much for you, huh?

Stanislav said...

Oh thank God, I mean, the UN is the most trustworthy organization in the world and all the governments affected are just lieing, right? Lets see what the media says:

American swine flu death confirmed.WHO Raises Swine Flu Level, Local Health Officials Call for CalmThat must be because there is nothing to fear!

The disease is most prevalent in Mexico, where about 2,000 people have developed influenza and 159 are suspected of having died from swine flu. However, only about 20 deaths have been confirmed to be the result of swine flu.Gee, I wonder if that might be because they do not do anything even near a 100% test for the virus, especially considering their low funding. Oh, critical thinking again...don't want your head to explode.

Germany confirms first case of human-to-human fluBy your reasoning, there are no AIDS deaths in Africa either, since most African states refuse to check for HIV, thus no disease.

Nameless Cynic said...

Aw, Stan, you really need to look into some sort of counseling. Maybe some medication might help. You're running around with your hair on fire, screaming about the end of the world, when all we're looking at is yet another disease in a long series of them.

We get a new strain of flu every year or so. This one isn't on the usual schedule, but that's actually an advantage - it cuts down on the possibility of false positives a little.

It's less virulent, and so far, initial results indicate that it responds well to Tamiflu. (Which we have plenty of, incidentally.)

(Oh, by the way, apparently we're supposed to call it "H1N1" now. The pork industry complained.)

But why are you so up in arms about this new disease? Why be so worried when the USA alone loses 20,000 people a year (or more) to ordinary flu? What about the 15,000 people a year who die from AIDS?

Oh, here's a story that I'll be fascinated to see your reaction to: the first human-to-pig migration of the disease was found. In Canada. And even better, no illegal immigration was involved! (Oh, my god! Is that even possible?)

It seems that a Canadian citizen visited Mexico, contracted it there, and spread it to the Canuck porkers. And not only did the human not die, but he's fully recovered.

Look, if you're really worried about it, stay out of crowds, and wear a mask when you ride the bus. (You don't have to, incidentally. It's not airborne - the only danger is if somebody coughs in your face. The droplets only travel about 3-5 feet, and if you don't get them on your mucus membranes, they die off pretty quickly.)

But it sounds like you have some sort of weird twisted need to panic over something. So, hey. Go for it. If this is something you have to do, enjoy it. But it would be polite if you could panic quietly by yourself, instead of trying to drag other people in with you by spreading exaggerations and lies, OK?