Monday, April 20, 2009

Is a June War with Georgia in the Offing?

Once more Georgia is heading on the war path. Once more Saakashvili, the dictator who the Anglo-Marxists have embraced as a "great democrat", who has cut off free media, arrested and murdered his opposition and beaten demonstrators, finds himself in a corner.

As before, after his late 2007 beatings of thousands of demonstrators, the west, particularly the Anglo-Marxists, were quick to bolster their vassal and provide him with what he most wants: money and guns. Shortly before Saakashvili launched his genocidal war, NATO was there training with his NATO bought and owned forces, giving the tin pot dictator the back bone to take on Russia and even believe he could win. We all know the results of that.

Of course, outside of two or three thousand dead Georgian soldiers and a few burnt out villages, nothing has changed. The demonstrators, who instantly shut up and blindly followed their sworn enemy into war, are back. But NATO support is even more vocal, as US generals stand by in media circuses, while the puppet declares that his army will soon be rebuilt and for offensive war. "Humanitarian" aid, on war ships, continues to arrive, to arm the "new" Georgian army. New promises are made.

The situation has, of course not changed, with the exception that the blind ideologues of NATO and the Anglo-Marxist sphere in particular are now even more dependent on Russia. With Pakistan disintegrating as one speaks, from the very Anglo-Marxist interference, the Anglo-Marxists need Russia even more to move war supplies to their NATO legion which, if cut off, will be over run and exterminated. However, their blind hatred of an Orthodox Christian and powerful Russia, drives them recklessly and blindly to do what ever is possible to strike back at Russia.

So it begins. ..AGAIN.

In under a year, we are back to square one: demonstrators are once again in the streets, demanding the ouster of the dictator. The army is being rapidly rebuilt and tanks are moving again to the borders of the enclaves, except they are now recognized separate states. NATO is again planning on a confidence building exercise not far from Russian forces. And summer has again arrived.

There are differences of course. The Georgians know now what betrayal feels like from the West, which in turn also know that Russia will no longer retreat but will strike back. Thus the West, while with glee sacrificing small peoples like the Georgians, for their own byzantine plans, but they are not about to loose tens or hundreds of thousands of their own soldiers over a fight for two enclaves that 99.5% of the American population could and would never find. In short, they have been shown for the hypocrites they are.

With luck, the Georgians, as a whole, will be smarter this time, for if the dictator launches another war, that is to be expected, as he desperately clings to power, but if the people do not instantly take to the streets, not only will their army be once more massacred and their mothers again bereft, the Russian army, with luck, will not hault until Tbilisi itself raises the white, blue and red tribanner of Russia and the threat in the south is crushed.

Take head Georgians and use wisdom: for you can either live in peace with Russia and prosper, and forget about the Abkhaz and Ossessians, whom thrice in 100 years you have tried to exterminate, or you can listen to the sweet words of the West, and be betrayed once more and loose your soverignty in the process.


Ben said...

dude, first of all, you use the word anglo-marxists. Seriously?

also, georgia only has a few thousand soldiers...

good luck.

Matthew Saroff said...

No, war is not in the offing.

Saakashvili may want war, but I think that Europe, and now the US are hoping that Saakashvili is on his way out.

I think that you miss a US domestic political dynamic here, which is that the right wing party of the bankers (the Republicans) were attempting to gin up a new cold war with Russia because they believed that it would give them a perceived domestic political advantage over the center-right party of the bankers (Democratic Party).

This has been a policy goal of theirs, particularly by former VP (and hopefully future ICC defendant) Dick Cheney.

The idea that Obama will encourage Georgia to attack the disputed regions again is nonsensical, because it runs against his political interests.

Unknown said...

Nothing has changed. The people who ran the original: surround and split up Russia program, are back in power in America...not that there is any substantial difference between them and that of the other branch of the One Party Two Branch system.

Did not the Democrats back the original Chechen wars? Well, outside the US, sources all say 'yes'...US media, being a controlled filter, just doesn't talk about it.

The NATO rearming of Georgia and stationing of troops continues without pause.