Thursday, April 23, 2009

No Mercy for Pirates

The Canadian response on 19 April 09, to the attempted hijacking of a Norwegian oil tanker, demonstrates every thing that is wrong with the West in general and why the issues of world piracy has only one way to go: growth.

As the tanker ran, the crew rightly fearing for their lives, they called for help. To their rescue came three NATO ships: the warship Winnipeg of Canada, the warship Halyburton of the USA and a British supply ship.

Upon seeing the NATO ships, the pirates ran, dumping their weapons. They were boarded by the Canadians, who reached them first. The Canadians then searched the now unarmed pirates and finding no additional weapons, let them go, withe the rest of the Anglos looking on and doing nothing. Yes, the people who had no problems bombing innocent women and children in Serbia, can not do anything about blood thirsty, Islamic pirates.

In an instant, the blood thirsty corsairs became simple fishermen. The gamble's odds are obvious: a few assault rifles vs millions in ransom. Cut throat murderers, caught in the act of piracy, are let go. Insanity.

Other captured pirates have been taken to Kenya. That country has been hired to try them in a court of law, which or whose law is, of course, not clear.

The age old law of the seas is death to all pirates. There are no courts, no trials, no lawyers, no appeals for any crew that is caught in the act of piracy. The duty of all military ships is to head them off and destroy them. There is no other way to purge this scourge upon civilized humanity and no other methad has proven effective, through out history.

To this end, the Russian navy has a chance to clear the waters off the Red Sea. What better training for the submarines and destroyeres of the Black Sea fleet, then to chase downa nd extermiante this cancer upon civilization: piracy?

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