Thursday, July 9, 2009

Obama Inadvertently Insults His Russian Hosts

In the first official visit to Russia, Barack Obama (his name in Russia, interestingly means "barracks" барак) has continued the tradition of his cabinet in making unwitting stupidities and unrecognized insulting gestures.

From Hillery's misnamed button (what there are no native Russian speakers in the US?) to Obama ditching Prime Minister Putin for dinner to go hang out, with his family, at the exclusive club O2 in Moscow, where oligarchs bring their wenches, not their wives. Never mind the question, who brings their small children, daughters no less, to such a club, where high end prostitution and absolute decadence is the absolute norm? Is this the American values advertised?

Of course we should not feel alone, he did the same to President Sarkozy, in Paris, where he blew off the president of France to go on a date with his wife in the city.

What the American emperor needs to understand is: 1. Paris and Moscow are not his vassals. 2. Business dinners are where a very large amount of key deals are made and foundations laid. 3. He is on official business not vacation and 4. THIS IS EXTREMELY INSULTING TO RUSSIANS!!!

While the Anglo media continues to fawn over every action of the American Emperor, to such a degree as to make even our Soviet era state media blush with embarrassment, the gaffs and inadvertent insults pile up. The people of Russia are not amused nor entertained. If anything, this goes to only further uphold the already negatively slanted view.

One of the most important functions a person can be invited to, for Russians, is a dinner. This is a very important social convention to share bread with a guest and to show him honour and respect. In Russian, we have a word for this: гостеприимность or literally, the acceptance of guests. It is a serious black mark on a person, family or organization, if they do not accept guests well. This was taken to such a degree by our ancestors that a nobleman was obligated to make war on another nobleman, if a guest of the first went to the second and was than insulted or treated otherwise poorly.

On the other side of the coin, a guest must be courteous, accept (unless there si a serious reason why he can not and hanging out in an exclusive lounge, populated mostly by high powered thieves and their whores, is not much of an excuse) and should absolutely never, ever come empty handed. Even if it is but a symbolic gift, like candy or flowers, bring something, especially when coming for the first time.

That the US Emperor shows no regard for Russian customs, while in Russia, shows how little things are likely to change and how much the present powers in DC absolutely disregard Russian sensibilities.


abigaildavid said...

Only I don't think it was 'inadvertent'. If it makes any difference...many of us here(US) are not at all pleased with his behavior - not to mention his ruinous policy changes. Although, we are the ones who did not vote for him and so are not surprised. If I could, I would send you some chocolates as an apology.

Ms. X said...

Don't feel badly, he doesn't show much respect for his fellow Americans' either, though some would just chalk it up to ignorance.

Ignorance, though, can be overcome with a little application.

vonbach said...

Obama is nothing more than a sock puppet. He cant even read of a teleprompter properly. Look behind the curtain to see who's actually the president.

Looney said...

"That the US Emperor shows no regard for Russian customs ..."

America's left wing elitist mentality has no regard for American customs either!

Bob said...

Stanislov...Do not be too certain that the latest Obama diplomatic "boner" of shunning dinner with Vladmir Putin in exchange for an evening with wife and daughters in a Moscow whorehouse was not an intentional slam against Russia. Keep in mind what we're dealing with here...a marxist egomaniac "retard" that has ascended to the US presidency through massive, widespread election fraud and disenfranchisement of the American electorate. He is no friend of any nation or people he cannot control unless it's another islamo-marxist tyrant or state as evidenced by groveling before Saudi king "whatzishisname" AND his support of deposed Honduran head of state, Fidel Castro and Chavez. As an American, I would be greatly pleased if Russia were to break diplomatic relations with the US until America delivers itself out of the hands of these abominable philistines.

Justin said...

Hey, don't think Russia is the only country Obama insults. Think what he is doing to his own country.

Justin said...

Hey, don't think Russia is the only country that this guy insults. Think about what he is doing to to his own country.

astrologycat said...

It is also the same in the U.S.
He should have accepted dinner. I am sure his wife and family were also invited. He also did not accept lunch with President Sarkozy.
The Russians may see him as an insulting boor, but we are stuck with him. The Republicans threw the election. The sheeple believed the lies and did not take the time to educate themselves. They we too busy being stupid.

Ariannis said...

I've just read an interesting article on this in the Washington post

From what I can see this was a very calculated move on Mr. "Change" Obama's part. He'd be unable to deal with the "real power" that Putin has. Obama is in love with the adulation of the masses and doesn't do so well without that. That is his aphrodisiac!

In a room with a man like Putin I'm sure he feels impudent, so his decision to go out to the night club where again, he is surrounded by the crowds, is understandable.

Richard said...

Obama is a God, sort of . . according to NewsWeek, the same magazine with a cover, "We're All Socialists Now".

What Barack Hussein Obama, a/k/a Barry Soetro, a/k/a Barry Dunham, is not, is President of the United States of America, as defined by our Consititution. He may have been elected, but he is ineligible, and has no legal authority to occupy the Office of the President, hence, no power.

What he is, is a figurehead for organized crime and corporate influence of our government, and the foreign monetary interests who pull his puppet strings. So why let this insult bother you? Consider the source.

Seeing that Hussein considers it of no consequence to have dinner with your Prime Minister, please forward my invitation for dinner to Putin, simply, as an American to a Russian. Then we can put this behind us. All I ask is that he smokes outside, as I do, on the porch.


Kevin said...

I wish I could say I was surprised.

Piotr P. said...

vonbach said...
Obama is nothing more than a sock puppet. He cant even read of a teleprompter properly. Look behind the curtain to see who's actually the president.
ANd who, pray tell us, is the real President, oh, Master!!!

Libertarian Advocate said...

Hello Stanislav:

I re-posted your entire post on Obama's Moscow night-crawling on my own blog at I hope you take it as a compliment; that's how it is intended.

All best,

Libertarian Advocate

vonbach said...

Rahm emanuel.

Otto said...

actually, his full name is rahm ISRAEL emanuel! draw your own conclusion,

Rob said...

Do you really think he would be up for a one on one with Mr Putin? I doubt that a telepromter would fit at the table.

However, I think that the behavior goes much deeper than that. He and his administration has had a continuing problem of insulting foreign officials. He didn't shake hands with Italy's PM at the G-8.The PM of England got a nice collection of DVD's, and the Queen got an iPod!

If he doesn't think you will advance his immediate agenda, he has no use for you. You're just a stage prop for his photo-op.

I hope someone cuts those puppet strings before its too late.

AW said...

I dunno I have often been to 02 with a bunch of dull russians with their wives. Although I did see Alina there a couple of weeks back

subscriptionblocker said...

Not trying to be an apologist, after all, meeting heads of state is part of his job.

But tell me. Have *you* ever done something stupid? Something you wish you could take back - but can't.

A lot of us here grit our teeth over some of the things he does, but there nonetheless is a recognition his efforts are sincere...even if perhaps misguided.

So if he loses propaganda points because of his imperfections - that's probably fine too. Would you rather have another "very certain of himself" messiah in the white house?

And if he fails us too often, we'll just put him out to pasture in 2012 and try again....