Thursday, July 23, 2009

What I Believe, What I Stand For

There has recently been, on the internet, some debate, as to just what I stand for. Well, most anyone who has read more than one or two of my articles, would start to get a rather good idea. However, many people do not and many have attempted to write me into the program of American and British politics. I do not pigeon hole into Russian politics, let alone American.

I am not a socialist and despise Marxism, yet I do understand that some areas of society must be socialized and that Anastasia Rand took things to illogical extremes. I am not a leftist in the American sense nor a rightest. I do not fit into such molds. I am a Russian nationalist, true, but I am far from blind to our faults nor do I live in delusions about our past, which had many glories and tragedies and punishments by God for disobeying His Eternal Will.

For the record, what I, Stanislav Mishin stand for: in a short summery: God and the Orthodox Faith, Motherland, Monarchy.

Now the long break down:


On politics, I am a monarchist, a constitutional monarchist with the monarch filling the executive for life roll and a freely elected parliament. Do not mistake this with loyalty to the Romanovs. The present crop has no more claim to the crown than my own boyar family roots, less so since they prefer to sit in France, Britain and America and make occasional visits. A Zemsky Sobor is needed to pick a candidate, regardless of his birth. Let our Faith in the Holy Father guide our choice as a united land. If the people pick Putin, so be it as well. I will honour that choice. The Throne holds a power all its own and a set of constraints all its own.

Parliament should be open to election of multiple parties who can pass the 3% threshold.

A loyalty bound nobility should be allowed. Title will be at the discretion of the monarch and not hereditary, though at the monarch's discretion it can be passed as such or can be taken away.

Of course the nobility and the aristocracy, political and business, must be held to a very tight morality code. If convicted of a crime, the upper class must always receive the maximum penalty in the worst prisons. If the upper class is corrupt, the rest of the society will follow, as such view the West for prime examples of this in effect. So, the upper class must set the proper example and it must be enforced upon them.


On the issue of economics, I admire Pat Buchanan, quite a bit. His paleoconservative (as I believe Americans classify it) views, are very precise. I am an unabashed mercantilist.

Yes, one of my several degrees was in economics and yes, I at one point did believe in the Western rubbish of Free Trade (coincidentally a plank of Marx). However, in my various travels in the military and then for business, I got to see the effects of enforced Free Trade, as well as seeing what it did to Russia in the 90s. As such I, slowly at first, then quickly in my late 20s and early 30s, became a protectionist. I very much believe first and foremost in open internal markets, with government oversight and key investment for strategic sectors and the banning of monopolies.

Free Trade, on the other hand, has been as bad a Western import as Serfdom (in Russia from early 1600s to 1861, far shorter than in most Europe) and Marxism.


In a word: traditionalist. In two: conservative traditionalist. Do not mistake that with a caveman, throwing his woman in the back of the cave with the screaming brats. No, while I do not believe a woman's only place is as a nun, wife or whore, and while I have no problems with women working or having careers, I very much believe that the greatest role a woman has is as a mother and mentor to her children, especially when they are little. The American practice of abandoning children to day care who are only 2 weeks to 2 months old, so their mother can run off to work, is just another Western abomination that shows itself as one more brick in the foundation of social corruption and eventual collapse.

Where this ties economically is: the government must provide an environment where a one income house hold, with the traditional father working, is able to not only survive but prosper as the norm in a middle class environment. The mother working must be an option for greater wealth, not a prerequisite to economic survival.

Children should be raised in a standard family. That is two parents. Families should be multi-generational, with the grandparents helping the children take care of the grandchildren.

Homosexuality? As long as you keep it in your house, and all is done with nothing against anyone's will, it will be between you and God, though I have a few ideas how that conversation may go. However, when and at the moment you try to make it public, to throw it in my face, then it becomes my business as it has no business being in the open and yes, it is a perversion.

Traditionally, we have a deep and powerful culture. We are like the great seas, an arbiter between two extremes. We do not gallop into change as does the West, head first, consequences be damned. In this the West has taken tens of millions to their ruin and destruction through the "creative" destruction which eventually just becomes nihilism and destruction. We do wait a bit and watch what others learn through their foolishness and than absorb that which will benefit us. On the other extreme of our land is the Orient, which does not seem to believe in any change at all. We are a mix of both, a stable median.

The West

I do not like the West, first and foremost, because in one way or another, they are an enemy to us and have been about enslaving, disenfranchising and destroying Russia, our faith, culture and even our very race, for 900 years. However, I also do not believe that 1. the "West" is an actual homogeneous unit, which is why I specify the Anglo-Sphere, so often and 2.
that we must be enemies and 3. that we can not learn or pickup key points to improve ourselves..

In the "West", we have much common ground with the Germans, Italians, and others, such as, possibly the Scots and Irish. Even in America, regional elements and possible future free nations such as the Texas, Confederacy and Alaska.

Culturally too, there are few things we can pickup.

What I do admire is the fact that Americans in particular, are always (or at least were, though they too seem to have changed) willing to change their position, what they call a "can do attitude". We as a people are a bit to patient, especially with fools. One's life can always be improved, even if in small, incremental ways. While this attitude can be found in large volumes in the large cities, it is lacking as the cultural norm. The lack of this is why so many of our villages look like hell, third world hell. As much as I despise the Soviet import from the West and what it did to us, I can not blame this on Marxism.

The Rule of Law is often sited, but I disagree. Our biggest problem with the Rule of Law, going back to the Peter Veliki, is that we have attempted to run the government on a cheap. Thus we have never paid our civil servants a true living wage, expecting them to always make up the lack of money in some other way, which through corruption, they have never failed to do.


Russians have an unabiding love of nature, yet in the years after the fall of sovietism, as if in rebellion, garbage is everywhere. Some groups have started cleaning this mess up and it is a start, a start that must move quickly and forcefully. Conservation must be a part of the culture and soul. Nature to us is more than some pretty trees, it is Mother Russia, our mother, given to us by God Himself, our Third Rome. She must be cared for, as she feeds us and gives our bodies life, we must care and protect her, from our own excesses and the greed of foreigners.


Russia is/was and will be an empire built upon defense. Ever were we invaded and after stopping and defeating our enemies, we have followed them home, absorbing them in turn.

Over all, war is murder, under all circumstances, as an Orthodox Christian, we do not buy into the Augustinian theory of Just War, all war is murder/evil. However, as often in this fallen world, it is a lesser of evils and must thus be prosecuted to the extreme, so that it does not drag out longer then need be nor must be repeated.

As such, considering our tragic history, a large professional military should be kept, as well as all males and females, who opt out of contract service, should go through a 3 month training course.

Personal Weapons:

Our society is under armed. Rather, the criminal elements in Russia are very well armed, while the citizen, who may have the right to self defense, has no tools for it. Sure there are hunting rifles and shotguns, but these do not make for self defense. I fully believe that all citizens, without criminal backgrounds, should be able to be armed and carry their weapons, upon completion of proper training, with them. As they say: an armed society is polite. Further, it will make our enemies lives that much more hell when they again come to try and take our lands and lives.


I am and will be, no matter what, an Orthodox Christian. As such, I put my life and the judgment of it, firmly into the hands of God. I tolerate other faiths, however: Russia is an Orthodox Nation, she shall always be such and no one will change that.

I am under no delusions of Islam, but as long as the mostly Suffies in Russia keep their heads down and keep out of extremes like the Wahhabi, they will be tolerated. Of course the right to change religion should be guaranteed to all, so if anyone (and many do) leaves Islam, their choice must be protected.

The Orthodox faith is the Light of God upon the world and as the original Church brought forth by the Apostles, has brought hope and salvation for hundreds of millions for 2,000 years. It is the truest, purist of the various branches of Christianity and the closest thing to the will of God. It is our faith and through that Faith, Russia was, is and will be saved, regardless of our enemies and their misbegotten wills. Upon our shoulders was put the weight of the Third Rome and as the Irish did for Britain, so shall we do for Europe and return them their Christian faith.


Russia has a sphere, the rest of the world, best get used to that fact. Ukraine is our Jerusalem, it will be reunited to us, as will Belarus and so should be Kazakhstan. The rest do not matter.

In Eastern Europe, Russia must reforge her historic links through cultural and religious unions. She must once again take up the mantle of Defender of the Faith for all Orthodox suffering in foreign lands (that would be Islamic lands primarily) and the defender of all small Christian groups in Islamic lands.

Islam must know, they can no longer hide behind the skirts of America and England, while they butcher Christians, since Mother Russia is back and her stick is big and her reach is long.

Israel: let the Jews have their homeland, so long as under no circumstances are Orthodox Christians kept from our shrines or abused inside of Israel. If the radicals of Islam ever conquer Israel, we, the Orthodox Christians, will be denied our holy sites, just as they are already doing in those areas they can. This can not, under any circumstances be allowed, even if the evil of war must be prosecuted.

UN/Ultra-National Organizations (UNOs)

In a word: NO. No group or organization can be above the sovereignty of Russia. None. If they so claim to be, than bring your army and lay claim, otherwise, bugger off.


The one payer French system of national insurance, in my eyes, is the best. All workers are taxed at some percentage and all thus pay into the system, which in turn provides a set ruble coverage for each procedure per patient. Now, doctors are absolutely free to charge more, as long as they notify their patients on what is and is not covered. If a patient determines that they need additional coverage, they are free to buy from one of our modern private insurances.

In this way, some minimal coverage is always provided and the citizen can choose any doctor they wish to go see.

The State also bares responsibility to help private as well as state hospitals and clinics invest in the best equipment that is available in the world, to make sure that our citizens are the healthiest. This will not be an over night issue, but it is the responsibility of the State to strive for this, through direct monetary assistance in equipment purchases and medical training, especially for our various locations far from the rich city centers. We have grown out of darwanistic survival into a higher society, if others wish to enjoy the survival of the fitest, an anti-Christian pagan ideology, than let them.


abigaildavid said...

Stanislav - thank you for sharing a bit about yourself. I appreciate that you even allow comments that disagree with you somewhat and therefore it was already clear that you support free speech. What a blessed gift that is - to be able to speak or write (or blog) what we believe. As for me - 'I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth.' (Romans 1:16a)

akarlin said...

Thanks for this enlightening article, Stas.

Re-personal weapons. Totally agreed. You can never have enough guns.

Re-war/military. A 3-month training course is far too short if you want to have effective reservists on hand. For that you need 2-3 years and continuous training thereafter (a few weeks every year). Like in Israel, for instance.

Stanislav said...


I disagree. Russia is not Israel and it does not need instant mobilization or to face being overwhelmed and conquered.

As such, peace time conscript armies are a disaster, as 99% of the soldiers do not want to be there, they get paid nothing, and are pissed off and do the minimal.

The real reserve will be formed from former contract soldiers. The minimal trained civilians will quickly form a body around a core of veterans and will require much less training than those who never hold a weapon.

Jeremiah Arn said...

In your mind, what makes medicine different from other business/economic industries? Why should it be subject to subsidies and gov't intervention? Why cannot it be subject to the same forces of free enterprise as other charities or business interests?

Unknown said...

Constitutional Monarchy? The Russian Revolution of 1905 finally caused Tsar Nicholas II to create the Duma. Twelve years later, the Bolsheviks overthrew the Provisional government formed after St. Nicholas II abdicated the throne. Those twelve years were so terrible for the Russian people, that the only viable alternative to them appeared to be a revolt with the Bolsheviks. It seems that a constitutional monarchy, at least the one attempted 100 years ago in Russia, doesn't quite work. Nobility by birth or by decree, in my opinion, is not the answer. Thomas Jefferson, a fellow Virginian, wrote that "all men are created equal" in the Declaration of Independence. That statement is as true today as it was when it was written. It is that belief that not only gives people hope for a better life, but the means and opportunity to pursue it.

I believe that the current form of government, in both America and Russia, is far from perfect, but it does limit the amount of power that one person, or group of people, can wield.

Piotr P. said...

Stas, you might despise Marxism all you want, but it is a theory of social-economic arrangement and behavior which has proven true over the centuries since it was voiced, whether you like it or now. As for the rest of your post – I totally agree. God, state control-free weapons, and Strong Mother Russia dominating the world – that’s it the Trinity that will undoubtedly bring it (the world) to its knees, just like it did the Czarist Russia and the USSR, and just like it is doing so to the Russian Federation even as we speak. Good luck fantasizing, my friend. P.S. What are you smoking?

Cobra said...

I appreciate your openness.
I understand some of your positions, but I (as an Orthodox Christian) disagree with the Rusian Church self appointed position of a "Third Rome".
All Orthodox national churches, maybe except the Greek one, are equal.
Also, I disagree with your view about the Russian self appointed goal of "taking care" of other East Europeans.
I would very gently remind you that, historically, that "taking care" was conquests and deportations, to change the ethnic composition of the conquered lands.
What is nowadays known as "ethnic cleansing".
I would really like to see Russia be a good neighbour and help counterbalance the new bolshevism foisted upon the world. After all, the neighbourhood shares the same horrible communist past.
So, as long as Russia doesn't revert to its imperialistic way, things will be peachy.

You got a big positive point by liking Pat Buchanan.
He is sooo right, and the US would have been much better had it listened to him.
But the new bolshies shafted him because they could not allow a nationalistic Christian USA.

Stanislav said...


Actually, Steven, you are quite wrong on that. Those 10 years were not terrible, all but the last 2. Russian industry grew at its highest point and literacy rate was at 76%, as established by the Soviet census of 1920. Further, most farmers, due to Stolypin's reforms, became land owners and the Tsar himself gave away much of his vast holdings to free farmers.

What did the Empire in was:
1. WW1 and the massive expenditure of men and material
2. 2 very bad harvests in 1916 and 1917
3. Massive infusion of American monies to the Marxists
4. Betrayal by the liberal Kadets in the Duma, who like your democrats, sided with the Marxists against the Tsar, trying to become the new rulers. The useful idiots were of course mostly shot under Lenin and Stalin.

Stanislav said...


Outside of your afformation of the false prophesies of Marx, which have only costed humanity 100,000,000 dead this last centuary, I do applaud you for serving, outside of conscription.

My service? Oh, yes, student....haha, hardly. Over a decade of professional military service as an officer of the infantry, thank you. I uphold my family line of officers that go back 300 years to the Imperial Guard.

Piotr P. said...

To Stats: I sincerely wish it were true, for the Russian (Soviet) officers are the very definition of honor, courage, and success (what’s with selling weapons and ammo to the Chechens during the two wars). I served under their command in the Soviet Army, and they all, without exception, were the professionals I always wanted to emulate. Our Russian slogan has always been for God, Czar, and the Motherland. A typical Russian today doesn’t believe in God, has no Czar to revere and obey (VVP hardly qualifies), and laughs at the notion of Russia being his/her/its Motherland… The decline of Russia is irreversible, especially so with the current political regime of hers… What are the CONCRETE steps of you program to change this, please?

subscriptionblocker said...

Your English is extremely competent. How did you manage this feat?

Stanislav said...


If the common Russian does not believe in God, that is a lot of uncommon Russians in the churches I see and on every day. Except the likes of my father and his generation, all my friends to one degree or another are religous. One even quit the army and will soon be a priest. Even many of the Jews I know are now Orthodox Christians.

Tsar, it is coming around and the films and documentaries, such as Admiral, or The Last Knights of the Tsar, are shaping that very well towards the goal. It will take a bit longer but it is on its way.

As for nationalism, Russian nationalism is everywhere, just like the massive St. George Ribbon campeign and other such things.

hamilton x said...

Mr. Mishin thank you for Mat Rodina. Two points on "Third Rome" and the so-called "irreversible decline" of Russia. I believe a good case can made that the ROC is the heir to the "Second Rome" or Constantinople.People should be cautious,however,and not equate that theory with a "Papacy".The ROC Patriarch is a "first among equals" not a Pope.As to the tedious,stupid claims that Russia is in "irreversible decline",that worn-out claim is centuries old and centuries wrong.China will SOON be losing population due to low birth rates and is experiencing rebellion in its Muslim areas. Is China in "irreversible decline"?The USA is now borrowing HALF its budget,mired in Central Asian wars and exercises LITTLE control over its borders.While Russia has emerged from the USSR as a Russian state,the USA is now practically bi-lingual and extraordinarily obsessed with racial lineage for jobs,benefits,student admissions,ad infinitum.Is the USA in "irreversible decline"?

hamilton x said...

Mr. Mishin thank you for Mat Rodina. Two points on "Third Rome" and the so-called "irreversible decline" of Russia. I believe a good case can made that the ROC is the heir to the "Second Rome" or Constantinople.People should be cautious,however,and not equate that theory with a "Papacy".The ROC Patriarch is a "first among equals" not a Pope.As to the tedious,stupid claims that Russia is in "irreversible decline",that worn-out claim is centuries old and centuries wrong.China will SOON be losing population due to low birth rates and is experiencing rebellion in its Muslim areas. Is China in "irreversible decline"?The USA is now borrowing HALF its budget,mired in Central Asian wars and exercises LITTLE control over its borders.While Russia has emerged from the USSR as a Russian state,the USA is now practically bi-lingual and extraordinarily obsessed with racial lineage for jobs,benefits,student admissions,ad infinitum.Is the USA in "irreversible decline"?

Ducky's here said...

Ukraine is Russia's Jerusalem?

Kiss my Ukrainian arse you punk Muscovite.

Stanislav said...


Well well, Katyln? You're a Pole too now? I'm sure the Poles remember how Western Ukrainians massacred them out of their city of Lvov...oh, did you forget that?

Listen, I'll make a deal with western Ukis, a product of the Austro-Hungarians, can keep Lvov, until the Poles kick your hate filled arses out of it and the 78% of central/eastern Ukrainian who voted in a Kiev poll to return to Russia, well, we'll all be happy togather.

You, twit, take your stupid attitude to Dnepropetrovsk or Donets or Donsk or Kharkov, where my relatives and their friends live and let them hear it...they'll be happy to stick your stupid head into the toilet to wash your mud out.

Sandy Fish said...

Good for you to have so much love for God and respect for your country. I am very sad for my country now. The stupid people have elected a man who will ruin us! Our youth is a disater. This nations morals and God are all but a whisper. Dare you speak in public - of God or morals - or ANYTHING against this newly appointed King - you will be named a crazy person, a racist or both. A long time coming, this mess we are in and the new "master" will push us into the darkness. I pray for these idiots to fail and return our land to what it once was, governed by the people - not the elite. It's so far gone now, for probably decades, can her real people rise again? Why we tolerate scum to the extent we give them aid. SO much is wrong here. It's painful for me to hear my own family and friends support the actions of this administration. PAIN!

Unknown said...

Mr Mishin would you post an article about Pavel Florensky?

Costas - Athens