Monday, July 20, 2009

US Interference In Russian Internal Politics, or How to Make Enemies

US Interference In Russian Internal Politics, or How to Make Enemies

The US Emperor, in his trip to Russia, has continued a not so fine tradition of the US, reaching into a foreign nation's internal politics and trying to jiggle the levers. Unfortunately for the US, Russia is not Iraq or Serbia and this is not Yeltsin's era. The US has actively, in just the past 18 post cold war years, intervened in the internal politics, with crass actions of: Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Greece, Israel, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, India, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Albania, Armenia, Uzbekistan, and at least half a dozen other nations I can not think of at the moment. Even now, the crass hand of the bankrupt, corrupt and inept Empire stretches down into peaceful Hondurans to force a despot and puppet upon them too.

Obama's relationship with President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin, has been rocky at best. Obama first made an arse of himself with crass comments that Medvedev was selected by Putin, never mind a fair election where turn out was triple the typical American Imperial farce and where the vast majority, with international observers present, voted for Medvedev.

Obama's second dance on his tongue, was castigating President Medvedev for back handing the American Imperial vassal and petty mass murderer Saakashvili, a vampire who has fed not only on hundreds of millions of dollars of American serf's sweat but also on the blood of Ossessian women and children and now feeds on the blood of his own protesting people.

But none of this got in the way of the US Emperor as he prepared to go to Russia, which for some strange reason, he considers one of his vassals. In an opening salvo, aimed to "reset" the stage, Obama stated that he believed in Medvedev and looked at Putin as a man with one foot in the past, a Cold War warrior who was out of touch with reality. What was Emperor Obama and his West Africa Queen trying to reset? The Cold War? Well, you are well on your way.

Obama further tried to divide the Russian body politic by giving all his attention to President Medvedev while snubbing Prime Minister Putin, refusing his invitation to dinner, a major no-no in Russian culture, and spending the night instead in a glitz club for the criminally oligarchical and their whores.

The problem for the American Emperor and his handlers is that it is they who are in limbo of the Cold War, or rather the post Cold War 1990s, where the US opinion was actually taken seriously in internal Russian politics. What they can not seemingly understand is: Medvedev and Putin are a team who put together the plan and implemented together the plan and continue to do so with the plan...the plan that set Russian back on her feet and is now shaking off the last of the Western imperialistic chains. Through these ham fisted, crude and unimaginative tactics, regardless of how the peacocks who think them up and implement them may strut around afterward, the Russian power elite and the Russian public, can once more see that yet with another American president (term limited Emperor) nothing has changed, nothing. It is still business as usual: sow chaos, anarchy and misery in Russia. Work to break her up, to drain her, to destroy her culture, her religion in Christ and her soul.

But than again, this has been the action plan of DC ever since we made the mistake in 1861 was siding with them and not Richmond. It has been the plan of London even longer.

To the average Russian, this is nothing more than another reason to rally around the flag and look down upon the washed out Liberals with the same old shock therapy, spread misery, Wall Street economics and or the Other Russia, American pay rolled goons, crooks and Nazis.

A better boost to Russian nationalism, than the latest American Caesar, was hard to find. Crude behavior was just a big plus.


Vilhelm Konnander said...

Dear Stanislav,

This could really have made an interesting subject for a piece. However, I get tired already having read the first lines. Yes, you have all the various themes on the subject in order, but the abusive way you write it in, isn't very alluring to an audience. If you would have written the piece in a milder manner, you would probably have attracted more readers. I would probably not agree with you in substance, but at least you would have made me think, if you had written about this in a more restrained manner. So, I would love to read pieces like this, if you could consider letting go of the abusive rhetorics, which I feel really are destroying your ability of getting your message across.



Arius said...

Obama is nothing more than a mediocre Marxist community organizer. On economics, energy, and foreign policy he is a complete ignoramus. After Clinton and Bush I didn't think it would get any worse, but Obama is able to push the bar lower.

Piotr P. said...

Boy, aren't you smug. Do I sense a touch of envy in your publications? Soes it hurt to fall greately from the top of the mountain called the USSR to the bottom of the pit called Russia?

abigaildavid said...

Stanislav, I have to agree somewhat with Konnander. It's quite obvious that you read/study and know much. As I've stated before...while there is much to agree with you on it gets quite tiring to read of your constant blaming the 'evil US empire' and/or 'Wall Street' for all of Russia's woes. The truth and facts of all this could be debated by many of us for days and days... but in the meantime your constant hammering of this sounds like whining. Aren't there any past leaders from your own country who caused your people much suffering that you could write about? PS - Probably...most of us who read your articles really do care about the people of Russia and can recognize bad leadership in other countries - and our own. Thank-you.

Stanislav said...


So how does it feel to be a lap dog? Bark and wag your tale and maybe they'll accept you? Spout hatred at your people and maybe they'll love you, Bennedict?

But hell, you should know about the Soviets, as by your standards of own admission, you are a leftist professor who is pro-Obama, so in your own foolishness, you have done to the US the same as was done to Russia, bringing Marx to power. Better leftists like you stay there than come back to or stay in Russia, no one needs your ideology anymore.

Michael Averko said...

Hi Stas!

As it pertains to the more high profile of venues and those most influenced by them: the ongoing hypocrisy exhibited by some serves to highlight what's wrong with the skewed English language mass media coverage of former Communist bloc issues.

So as to not offend the overly selective PC crowd, I refrain from terming as: English language mASS media

I'll leave it at that.

Leos Tomicek said...

Obama is following in Bush's footstepts only with tries to put a better face on. So will the 45th president. American foreign policy was always about lecturing others about democracy and liberty and other empty terms. Get used to it.

Bob said...

Stanislav...Pay no attention critics Konnander, abigaildavid, piotr. Your writing style and command of facts is refreshing compared to the "pablum" dished out by the western media. The three named critics above are obviously Obama "butt boys" trying to get you to lighten up on their boy.

Piotr P. said...

You blog is obviously falling out of favor, as it well shoud, being nothing but an FSB-sponsored propaganda machine spitting out half-tuths and naked lies about my great country - the U.S. of A. I do not think we're without fall, but we're by far the best there is - that's why people allover the world place their hopes, dreams, and security in our strong and capable hands. Not so with Russia - they flee as fast as they can... And this, my friend, is a hard cold FACT.

engineer said...

The first comment is silly. If you are passionate, write with passion. Otherwise, you are behaving like a phony politician. If the reader can handle it, go back to the New York Times.

Around the world: from TAZ (Deutsch).

A Deacon (women) was released from prison (Sweden) after 4 months. The crime: threatening to hammer on a fighter jet heading for Thailand. She would prefer that Sweden does not spread killing around the world.

In Munich, a music student was the target of 16 rounds of gun fire, shot dead, of course. Investigation verifies that half were from behind.

The crime: threatening his room mate with a knife, the only weapon. Just the world, folks.

This is just today.

Keep up the passion!

makarov said...

With all respect, you all miss the most important which is this:

jack said...

Stanislav would you talk about Zbignew Brezinski's Grand Chessboard in a future commentary the father of international terrorism?

He pretty much lays out globalist agenda since the break up of the USSR which really began in 79 to capture the Eurasia oil and gas reserves under US hegemony for western markets by supporting Islamic militants and separatists in the Caucasus and Central Asia to have Russia separated into 3 separate states like they did to Yugoslavia to eliminate Russia as a bulwark against US domination of Central Asia.
Also note the organisations he and his family clan lead and government positions under the Bush administration.

Hence the wars in the Balkans, Russia's South, Central Asian borders states with Afghanistan, India and unrest in China.

Events and conflict areas that have happened since 2001 exactly match those covered in the Grand Chessboard.

@Piotr P.

The US own congressional investigation records state that Major Wall Street banking firms especially that of Jacob Schiff and his Kohn and Loab bank financed the “revolution” help make it happen like financing the Japanese Navy to launch war on Russia in 1904/05, and lobbying to keep Russia out of the money markets of the US and through Japanese intelligence hold international Marxist conferences in Europe like the Czech Rep through the “Friends of Russian Freedom”.

He had enough influence in US government to grant Trotsky and other dissidents US passports into Russia advancing large sums of money to Trotsky to steer the civil war.

Not to mention that they are in the process of completely destroying the Serbs, creating two Muslim terrorist states in the Balkans with Bosnia having numerous links to the 9/11 attack and the hijackers including transfer of funds and every other terrorist attack in Europe yet the US still protects it even creating the independent anti-Christian state of Kosovo whose organised crime networks spread across Europe where they control 90% of the sex slave industry in Soho, London and 75% of Afghan heroin is trafficked through Kosovo to Albanian organised crime networks in Europe.

With the latest unrest in China the US under the blanket organisation of UNPO supports every terrorist and separatist group and organisation in the world that advances US and western geo-political interests.

hamilton x said...

Piotr p or whatever,the last idiot to trust the "strong and capable hands" of America presides over the incredibly shrinking Georgia. If anyone else believes that Obama has "strong and capable hands " to protect you...well.. you're too stupid for adult conversation. I am annoyed Piotr that you refer to yourself as an American.Your past posts,written in your stumbling "English", indicate America to you is just a giant San Fran bathhouse open to the world's perverts.If you actually were an American you would want the borders people like you!!! Please show some respect to actual Americans and refer to yourself as a tolerated visitor or guest worker.

Stanislav said...


Well, by all means, don't let the web site hit you in the back of the head on your way out....believe me, you will not be missed.

As for those hopes and dreams and capable hands and iron bombs, that is why so many have come to hate the US, because fools like you, spouting Wilsonian interventionisms (just like a acedmia professor, who votes socialist) have interviened in one nation after the other, screwing them all up.

Oh and most of the foreigners coming to your land are now either 3rd world latinos or 3rd world Islamics...have fun in the toilet, you personally and your acedmia politics helped create.

By the way, since you so love that provided security, you served in America's military, right? You risked your shkyra at the bullet's edge, right? Oh, wait, academia, i am betting not at all, that after all is not the job of intelligencia and fake patriots like you, who would never risk their own worthless hides.

Hitting the nail on the head?

As for fading, haaha. Yes, I had an artificial spike due to US media. However, I am now at 3 times the daily hits I had before. Dream on, Mr. Intelligencia Socialist Academia.

By the way, do not forget to close the door on your way out.

Piotr P. said...

Stanislav said: Oh and most of the foreigners coming to your land are now either 3rd world latinos or 3rd world Islamics...have fun in the toilet, you personally and your acedmia politics helped create.
Smacks of racism, doesn’ t it? How typically (and sadly) Russian.. To answer your question about my military experiences, my friend, it is sort of funny you’ve asked, as I am the only person I am aware of (albeit I am sure there are others which I am unaware of) who served both in the Soviet Army (by the all-male military draft so common for all dictatorial states, including the dump you call home) and in the US National Guard (as soon as I became a citizen and thus eligible). I do agree that most of liberals in this country do not put their money where their mouth is, so I wanted to be different, feeling the debt of gratitude to this the greatest country on Earth – the U.S.ofA. What ‘bout you, dude? Lemme guess – a student so not to be drafted in Russia, right?

John Clark said...

Mat calls it the way he sees it and I can't disagree much but interference in other countries affairs isn't exclusively an American problem but it seems to be getting worse the closer we move towards world governance, if we conducted our affairs under the strict limitations of the enumerated powers of the Constitution the way we should be most of our problems (American people) and the nations that we interact with in that regard would be a heck of a lot better off, unfortunately we've had people in power for many years whose political philosophy toward the Constitution is it's a living document and therefore it means what we say it means, and especially now with this socialist bunch running the government and frankly I don't know why they bother to take an oath to uphold and defend it because it doesn't mean anything to them historically or legally.

The American people need to wake up and get off this kick of demanding "what's in it for me?" Thinking all they have to do is demonstrate need and that automatically translates into an automatic claim on the resources of others where did this come from it didn't used to be this way, when did it becomes someone else's responsibility to pay your bills! Can you say indoctrinated?
Or else one day they'll wake up in a strict socialist country and wonder where the heck did our freedom and liberty go? I would say look in the mirror you voted for the scoundrels so they can play Robin Hood and take from the producers and give to the slackers, the whole class envy and soak the rich liberal strategy makes me sick! It appeals to the lowest common denominator of people envy and covetousness. I pray to God that this Obama cult fails but I'm not optimistic.

Disgruntled surf on the global plantation

John Clark said...

Piotr P.

"Our strong and capable hands?" Yes our military is strong for now but our national morality is weakening and has been for a long time, one day China and other countries will say no to buying our debt and then you'll see America's chickens coming home to roost economically.

America is an experiment in self-government with the maximum amount of freedom and liberty for its people in fact The People are the boss or at least that's the way it was set up to be but people take for granted that it will always be here that it cannot fail, unfortunately it's become a joke as we live in fear of our own government, fear of taxing us to death, fear of them taking our right to defend ourselves with firearms away as they are doing bit by bit, fear that the environmental kooks are running the show and farmers will have to pay a $150 tax on their livestock for cow flatulence to prevent this phony baloney global warming junk science crap! The checks and balances and separation of power between the three branches of government doesn't work anymore because all three are working together for a common goal one that doesn't bode well for individual liberty, the runaway activist courts, the legislature not caring what the constituents say in the executive branch right in the middle of it orchestrating the usurpation of power not granted.

You heard the phrase "those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it," the Roman Empire the Carthaginian, Greece? I find it ironic that people expect higher ethics from corporate CEOs than they do from political bureaucrats that affect every aspect of their life, we're lied to on a daily basis by these scoundrels but since they promised the sun and the moon to pay for our prescription drugs, health care, food and housing etc. they keep on voting for them to keep those government benefits coming. America was founded as a Republic for a reason and our founders warned of the pitfalls of democracy yet here we are stumbled right into it and history shows is it's only a matter of time before we bankrupt and destroy ourselves we are in high gear now.

Heil lord Obama!
He's probably not even an American citizen, where's the birth certificate? $11 million to keep the truth hidden from the American people.

Piotr P. said...

Oh, boy, so what do we have here?: an isolationist spitting hatred toward ALL immigrants (mind you, I served YOUR country (since you disallow me to call myself an American) in the National Guard. What about you? Oh, wait, let me guess – it is far too beneath you, for you’re a blue-blooded pure American, right?), We also have a defeatist, proclaiming America is dead for our political system is doomed and our Great Leader Commander-in-Chief Barak H. Obama is not capable of leading, in all actuality. John and Jack of America… Well, to the first one I say: your country (since you’ve denied me the right to call it mine) will not stand without us – the immigrants. I came here young, I didn’t partake a dollar of your public education (went to a top private college here), but I contribute – I’ve served militarily, I pay taxes, I raise a family (are my kids born here actually American, John, or will you deny it to them too?). To the second one: America is still the best country to live and work in the world. I have friends allover the world: Australia, Germany, Japan, Russia. Nowhere it is as good as it is here. Or, maybe, you would like to move your sorry arse to China, huh? Since it is such a mighty power according to you?

jack said...

It is unfortunate that Russia does not have an expat community abroad like other groups say the Serbs or others where you can get good info about Russia.

@Piotr P

Actually I'm not American but British and what does my previous comments have to do with living in the US when I was talking about US foreign policy?

Simple fact that the US is pro-Islamic and creates Islamic terror states despite the bogus Al Qaeda and War on Terrorism.

It's still protecting them in Bosnia.

US officials accused of undermining Bosnian crackdown on ex-mujahidin

Kosovo itself is literally run by terrorists and organised crime and is the basis of its economy.

Anonymous said...

Well Stanislov your country may just get its wish. With China pushing for their international currency, forging new partnerships, and strengthening their own government all they would have to do to hurt us bad would be to sell more then half their investments in US debt.
When this does happen the US won't have such a stronghold on the world as it does now, cause lots of less developed nations will invest in the new IMF international currency as well as perhaps a few developed nations. WIth more countries investing in something other then the US, the US dollar value could sink dramatically. And the US trade relations might mean much less trade with China as they look elsewhere to import and export goods.
Oh and yes the US has made MANY mistakes, although it says that it is trying to make ammends. I liked the US more in the 80's, but now everything seems too different. And it will take years to fully recover from this Great Recession/ Mild Depression we are suffering from.