Thursday, August 27, 2009

Georgia, America’s New Mercenary Company

The end of August 2009 was marked with the arrival of fresh American trainers to Georgia, to begin again, where August 2008 left off. To this effect, the official announcement was that the Georgians would be training for missions back to Iraq and now also Afghanistan.

There is no reason not to believe this, of course, as Georgians spent up until August 2008, fighting and dying in Iraq for something that gained them absolutely nothing. If a senseless expenditure of Georgia’s military in Iraq was not enough, they were just as quick to march off to war with Russia, when the Anglo-Sphere demanded a destabilization in the Russian south.

Of course, do not mistake the loss of several thousand Georgians and the crushing of their military, nor the years wasted in Iraq as empty for all Georgians. Indeed, the New York City lawyer come dictator, the Bane of Silk Ties, is a very good sycophant who is more than happy to bleed his own people at Washington’s or London’s behest.

Now, with NATO seeking a way out of Afghanistan, with Iraq a Mission of One, the Georgian rent a troopers will be filling the ranks that other nations have wizened up on. They will die for the greater glory of the Anglo-Sphere, which in truth, could not care less for them or their people. After all, it is the War Party in the US (as if there was any other) which demanded that Orthodox Christian Georgians go forth into than occupied Gori and like Hezbollah (whom they suddenly adored) blow themselves up and otherwise wage jihad style war against Russia. If nothing else, this showed how absolutely ignorant those great minds are, in DC. Orthodox Christians will not blow themselves up, and Georgians do not take to well to the mass civilian casualties that style of war leads to.

It must have given them ulcers to watch the German video of Georgians instead coming to Russian check points and bringing Russian soldiers food and wine or the videos of Russian special civilian services feeding and giving medical aid to Georgian elderly abandoned by their own young in scattered villages.

In my recent travels to that tortured and puppeted land, I had the pleasure of speaking to a former special forces officer, of the Georgian army. He had served out 20 years, starting in the Soviet Union and had quit last November, following the immoral war that Misha had sent him on. He said that fighting Russians had made him sick to his stomach and he refused to face that again. Nor was he willing to go off to Afghanistan so that Misha could please his betters and owners. For that reason he had quit and was now gathering money to go to get his papers fixed and instead move to Russia.

Indeed, maybe Georgians will wizen up to what their role has been set and stop dying for the causes of those who care nothing for them. Let us hope this happens before Misha’s next adventure against Russia.


Leos Tomicek said...

Can you provide me with some more info on hotheads in Washington encouraging suicide bombers in Georgia? I would like to include it in my bookmarks.

Piotr P. said...

In my profession as an educator, I run across all kinds of people, so by necessity I have become a judger of character. Yet, I was completely amazed by an encounter I had several days ago with a group of young (and not so young) Georgian students here at Case Western. There were about 30 of them – the entire Georgina community on campus, as a matter of fact, who I saw on the ground of ROTC practicing bygones and hand combat moves. “What are you up to guys?” – I asked. “We’re training for the future resistance to the Russians, who, no doubt, will attack our country again”,- a sweaty (yet still beautiful) girls named Keta answered., - “For centuries, Russians, under pretences of patronizing protection, have occupied our land, demolished our culture, humiliated and destroyed us. Thank God for the United States, who has extended us a hand of true, unbinding friendship. Thank God for (former) president Bush and (current) president Obama, who continues to help our small country to resist the Russian dragon. And like our country’s patron Saint George the Warrior we will slain it!”. These are the words of the Georgian young generation, Stas. Eat it, you lap dog of the Kremlin!

Stanislav said...


And a self loathing "Russian" like you must have lapped that up. Sure, now go explain why 1 in 4 Georgians prefers to live in Russia...and those 1 in 4 are the educated classes, the doctors, lawyers, professors (real professors, not like you) and so on.

The brain dead who wish to go get butchered after committing attempted Genocide, well that is there own problem. Half the Georgians sent to fight were on their way to basic training, your Misha the Tie Eater gave fresh meat rifles which they do not even know how to hold and sent against tanks....not that that turd ever served...but he runs away from fighting real well.

Interesting, do you dispise the blood that flows in your viens...your own self hatred is palatable...but than again, like a good Marxist dog, you are an internationalist.

Bob said...

Piotr...I do not believe Russia was seeking a conflict with Georgia in 2008 although they were certainly aware of preparations taking place inside Georgia leading up to the Georgian attack and thus were forwarned and prepared. In blaming Russia and Stanislav for the death of your young cousins, you display an inability to reason logically and/or rationally. When real war is fought, people get wounded and/or killed. Some of these may be perfectly innocent men, women and children. Best way to avoid this is DON'T start a war. Nevertheless, you Piotr point the finger of accusation at Russia who did not start the conflict while not even mentioning Bush and his tie sucking stooge who triggered the conflict that swept away your cousins. Now you claim you're a college professor at Case Western Reserve, no alma mater. As such you should be capable of rational thought. You should be capable of processing information and data and reaching logical conclusions that any man of good will would reach. But, you cannot. I doubt you are a Russian Orthodox Christian because you are a self-hating Russian similar to the many self-hating jews we have seen in washington, DC for decades trying to destroy Israel and Orthodox Christianity around the world. Although you're probably too ashamed to openly admit it, I'd guess you're an islamo-marxist academic faggot....the kind that is hiding under every rock on our university campus's...puffed up with pride and self-importance. After all is said and done Piotr, you're just another islamo-marxist asshole. Rest assured, no more alumni contributions from me to Case Western Reserve Unversity as long as assholes like yourself are on the faculty.

Piotr P. said...

“Bush’s tie sucking stooge”, as you refer to the highly esteemed Prez. Saakashvilli (who, btw, enjoy an 82% approval rating among his people – something, NO American president has been able to achieve in over 50 years) has paved the roads, fixed the bridges, strengthened the national currency (the lari), got rid of corruption in the governmental structures and police forces, got rid of conscript military services (something Russia hasn’t done yet), etc. You are just parroting the officialdom of Russia in your PRESUMPTION that Georgia has attacked first, I am telling you what I know from my close relatives who LIVE in Georgia (my uncle works for a Russian-Georgian baby food processing company and is ( or rather used to be, before 3 of his young kids were killed) very Russophillic) – Russian attached first, without any provocation and, like the worst blood-sucking monsters, without any announcement. In fact, their announcement of war was bombing of the Georgian capital. Is my judgement scewed by the fact my three little cousins, ages 7 to 12, were killed by the Russian bombs? You becha! Tell me Bobby – what possible reason your favorite Russians might have had to bomb civilian districts of a major city without any announcement in the morning wee hour? Tell me, you brainwashed leftist anti-American fool!

Яша said...

So Abkhazia and South Osetia were really Russian lands encroached by the Georgians, who would have thought? I guess the Sovjets really screwed it up when they drew the borders of Georgia as well as those of Armenia and Azerbaijan. Anyway, Crimea is awaiting its liberation from the Ukrainians, hurry up Russkies!

alibi said...

@Piotr: “There were about 30 of them – the entire Georgina community on campus, as a matter of fact, who I saw on the ground of ROTC practicing bygones and hand combat moves. “What are you up to guys?” – I asked. “We’re training for the future resistance to the Russians, who, no doubt, will attack our country again”,- a sweaty (yet still beautiful) girls named Keta answered…”

Sounds like a wet dream of an average Georgian nerd. Jeez. “Sweaty (yet still beautiful) girl…” Piotr, Piotr. You really shouldn’t have cut back on your treatment.

I wonder what’s the secret purpose in practicing bayonets and hand combat moves. Who are they training to fight with. Ninja tortoises?

Look the Americans gave up on Vietnam after almost ten years of fighting and 50000 of their people killed. The Russians gave up in Afghanistan after nine years and 15000 killed. And they fought in foreign countries for reasons most of the soldiers didn’t understand. Your people gave up their homeland. The whole lot including their families, their elders, their homes, their pride. Everything. And it took just 5(yes FIVE) days and under a thousand of casualties fighting against inferior forces.

I guess when your sweaty girl will get her degree in bayonet fencing it will change everything.