Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It Is Official, Misha Spends American Money Better Than Americans

It Is Official, Misha Spends American Money Better Than Americans

While there are many, many things that can be said negatively about Misha the Tie Eater: demagogue, liar, thief, mass murderer and coward, a positive can be given: he spends other people’s money well.

Evidence of this can be seen all over Tbilisi, the Georgian capital. The streets are clean and paved, the traffic lights are working. All the police have new uniforms and new, modern police cars. There is actual regular garbage collection and garbage cans on the streets. The parks are clean and well lit. There are new fountains all over the place. New construction. Yes, the hundreds of millions of non government aid that America has so generously given up from her own non-existent treasures: the debt that America’s great grand children will be paying percentages on, are well spent.

This does not even take into account such expenditures as Saakashvili’s grand new palace in one of the oldest neighborhoods of Tbilisi, not that a lot of that neighborhood got left. It is bigger than any that has ever stood in Georgia’s 5,000 year history, thank you America. Nor does it count the large sea shell shaped train terminal built at the renovated and expanded national airport, also in American debt, or the giant green glass super structure that is the fantasy landscape of the Ministry of the Interior.

Of course, lucky Americans are not only spending on Georgia’s new trees, bushes and new found cleanliness, they are also paying for the most militarized nation in the world. A nation of 4 million has 260,000 men under arms either on active service or in reserves, that is 6.5% of the population under arms officially and does not count the tens of thousands of police, special police, interior ministry troops and special forces. Never mind that most of that military ability was destroyed in only six days and is now again being replaced by the US taxpayer’s endless gratitude of debt.

Thus Georgians, in the majority, still support Saakashvili for all the things he has done for them: with American money, though they are rather upset that he would start a war that he than lost.

Of course, what the majority of Georgians fail to bother to realize is what exactly Georgia has lost, in the process. To begin with, Georgia has lost its main market, Russia. To Russia, Georgia sold its wines, its mineral water, its fruits and vegetables. Those markets are forever lost or diminished. For even if Georgia was to return now, its place has been taken by a flood of French, Italian, German and Moldovan wines, which are as good and cheaper in price. Russian mineral waters took the place of Georgian and Russian outputs in vegetables and fruits, as well as imports from Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria have swallowed up the missing market share.

Worse yet, 70% of the Georgian economy was held afloat by the renditions sent by the million, 20%, of Georgians living in Russia. This money has been fully cut off by the embargo, as well as the tourist rubles that were spent not only by Georgians in Russia, visiting Georgia, but by Russians, who flooded down. None of that money has been replaced and the hopes for the big tourist push, from abroad, are a fool’s gold. Walking the summer streets of Tbilisi, the main streets, there are foreigners, in small groups or families, but they are way to few to even insanely hope to base an economy on.

Furthermore, Georgia has never rebuilt its Soviet (read Russian funded) industrial base. Partially, this is based on the fact that Georgia is shy of almost all needed raw resources and partially that most of the real businessmen fled Georgia for Russia, a long time ago, and have not and will not return.

Besides this, Georgia has paid in blood and land. By being a puppet for the US, Georgia sacrificed its men in Iraq, a country it needed nothing from and had no business in. Than it, at Washington’s direct or indirect behest, that is still under debate, launched its 7th August 2008 S.Ossessian genocide and watched its military routed, its best divisions destroyed and its war fleet sent to the bottom of the Black Sea, to a ship. Over two thousand Georgian men lost their lives, while tens of thousands of others, abandoning their equipment, ran for their lives. Poti, the main port, watched its facilities reduced to cinders, while Europe finally woke up the reality of risk of letting Georgia into NATO, no matter what Washington flooded them with. Equally, Georgia has lost all moral pretext to the territories it had lost physically to war, so long ago, in the early 1990s.

The losses will/are being replaced by the American tax serfs, but the long term future has been set and set for failure. By hitching their wagon or rather gilded cage, to the American tax serf and a financial system in absolute melt down, they have made sure that not only will the funds eventually run out when the American serfs end this largeness but that there will be no others to take their place and no market to go to. Not only have the bridges been burnt with Russia, but Georgia launched a few artillery rounds to the opposite shore to make sure the message was clearly made.

It may take another year or two for this reality to unfold and another year for it to settle in, but the collapse back to a failed state will be quick and painful. The Georgian’s great hope of Russia collapsing will not materialize and what it could ever bring them, but more grief, is beyond any to see. The Chechen and Arab Islamics they have funded, against fellow Orthodox Christians, will return in force, upon Georgia, once it collapses, and will carve large chunks out of it. More than likely, their former oppressors, the Turks, will be quick to visit them as well.

Either way, the decisions of the past three years will long haunt them, maybe even longer than the debt payments of the US serfs paying for the Georgian Indian Summer of today.


Rob said...

Ah, but what of the vast transit fees from the pipeline? Assuming the EU has the funds to buy.

Unknown said...

foolish talk
thanks to russia
i'm still refugee and can't return to my home.

Piotr P. said...

Like a good puppet does, you continue spreading lies about the Russian invasion of Ossetia and Abkhazia very well, Stas, for only a brainwashed idiot or a senile old geezer would ever believe that a tiny nation of 4M would ever dare to attack a mighty behemoth (with a totally outdated technically and demoralized by “dedovschina” army – yes, - but still a behemoth in comparison). As was documented by thousands of independent witnesses, it was Russia who attacked Georgia and shelled its capital (Tbilisi) with bombs, killing untold thousands of civilians (women and children) in the process. The only thing that I do regret is that the US has indeed proven itself a coward for not standing up for its tiny ally (the EU is comprised of well known and long standing coward nations, so no one was expected them to act other then blowing a bunch of hot air). The people who’s suffered from the embargo on Georgian wines (yum-yum), its famous sparkling water (Borjomi), etc. are indeed the average citizens of both Georgia and Russia (who else? – it is widely known that Putin enjoys Rkhaceteli (a famously delicious and rich Georgian red wine) tremendously and still has it imported to him through a third country, btw. So, as usual: lies, lies, and more lies on your part, Stas. I hope the FSB pays you well, so it is worth it to sell your soul.

BlackSeaBrew said...

This US taxpayer does not approve of the interventionist and imperial policies of the US federal government, whether it be Georgia, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. And am doing everything I can to minimize the money that is stolen from me by the US federal government to further endeavor these evil policies. Unfortunately my efforts are just a very small part of what will be needed to reign in the leviathan known as the US federal government.

Stanislav said...


If it wasn't for US dollars, Georgia would not have had the capability to butcher 2,000 to 2,500 civilians in S.Ossessia in the first day of the fighting...guess 3 tries at extermination in 100 years and you're out.

Stanislav said...


Is there a Western lie you will not repeat or shill for? Any? I doubt it. You are the puppy wanting them to pat you on the head...shame.

By the way, I see as usual, you have no problem giving away the monies of Americans to your dictators, especially since Georgia is rated as one of the worse offenders of Free Speach and other things you of the socialist persuasion use as a rally when it is important to you.

Ever ask other americans how they feel to subsidize Tbilisi construction while your own Detriot, Chicago, LA, New Orleans, DC are rotting?

---The conflict began in the night of August 7 when Georgian forces launched an attack on South Ossetia. Russian troops responded with a fierce counter-offensive using land and air forces that crushed the Georgian army.

An EU-brokered ceasefire ended the conflict five days later. Russian forces withdrew to within South Ossetia and another rebel Georgian region, Abkhazia---


---The New York Times quoted military observers in South Ossetia, who said they were unable to verify claims that Georgian villages had come under heavy attack before August 7.

It reported that monitors from the Organisation for the Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) said Georgian troops had bombarded the city of Tskhinvali using indiscriminate rocket and artillery fire. ---


---The Georgians have been openly engaging in a military buildup since last year, and President Mikhail Saakashvili and his party have been proclaiming from the rooftops their aim of re-conquering South Ossetia (and rebellious Abkhazia, while they’re at it). Avid readers of Antiwar.com saw this coming. In a column entitled “Wars to Watch Out For,” I wrote:

“As President Mikheil Saakashvili deflowers his own revolution and shuts down the opposition media, he could well try to divert attention away from his political problems by ginning up a fresh conflict with the breakaway regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, both of which are protected by Russian troops and regional militias.”

That’s what Western reporters aren’t telling their readers: the South Ossetians (and the Abkhazians) have had de facto independence since 1991, when they rose up against their “democratic” central government, which had banned regional parties from participating in elections. They beat back the Georgian army, which, nonetheless, inflicted a lot of casualties and damage. A low-level war has been in progress ever since, with Saakashvili and his ultra-nationalist party using the rebels as a foil to divert attention from their repressive domestic policies and Georgia’s sad status as an economic basket case. As I wrote way back at the beginning of this year:

“Saakashvili, the great ‘democrat,’ is busy charging anyone who opposes him with being a pawn of the Russians (and therefore guilty of treason), but the West is calling on him to restore civil liberties – and, in an apparent effort to propitiate his Western benefactors, he has lifted some restrictions and called new elections. Widespread and growing opposition to his strong-arm tactics, even among many of his former supporters, spells political trouble for Saakashvili and his corrupt cohorts, however – and an appeal to Georgian ultra-nationalism (which was always the real ideological motivation of the Rose Revolutionaries) would bolster him in the polls and provide a much-needed distraction, at least from the ruling party’s point of view.”---


Stanislav said...


Tell me, how much do the war party in America pay you to troll sites and whore your own blood for them?

Gregor said...

'it was Russia who attacked Georgia and shelled its capital (Tbilisi) with bombs, killing untold thousands of civilians (women and children) in the process'

'Piotr': the official civilian casualties are less than 300. 'Untold thousands' indeed.

And you are a lecturer?

'I hope the FSB pays you well, so it is worth it to sell your soul.'

Hmm, I know many American graduates can't write proper English; seems 'lecturers' can't either.

Stanislav said...


Piotr, you shill, I just was recently in Tbilisi....surprise, unlike you, I actually travel places and even now am sitting in Italy. As for bombing, the airforce hit a munitions factory...bravo...now you get to pay to rebuild it...enjoy the taxes...it can get blown up more for you to pay more.

Leos Tomicek said...

The Western financial injections to these basket case countries (Baltics, Ukraine, Georgia) brought but an illusion of prosperity in return for their support. It is much like with Yugoslavia during the Communist days, it was propped up with Western money as a buffer state against Warsaw pact but when it was no longer needed the loans were called in and it went to hell in a hand-basket.

Piotr P. said...

@ Gregor: you said “Piotr': the official civilian casualties are less than 300. 'Untold thousands' indeed.”
The key word is “official” here. Yep, the official Russian propaganda will tell you that. The Georgian sources talk about a true blood bath, with rivers of blood streaming down the streets of Tbilisi, about local hospitals and morgues overwhelmed by casualties; thus the official Georgian number of killed: 12,304, severely wounded: 31,019; total over 40K people; and you call it a “bloodless” war, Stas?! Shame on you and on your FSB masters!

Piotr P. said...

Stas; you need to become a man, - you understand?, - to own up to the history of what your country and countrymen have done all around Russia: they’ve been pillaging, subjugating, raping, murdering, and destroying for centuries. This is why NONE of your neighbors is your friend, that’s why NATO is at your borders – because every single nation bordering you hates Russia and wants to insure the Russian occupation will never EVER happen again.

Stanislav said...


Hay Misha Shill, rivers of blood? You are the biggest loud mouth liar around, even the Georgians didn't claim that...care to post the link? Care to post anything to back up your rants? You lie through your teeth in each every post....thank the Good Christ you are an American professor, you are not teaching Russian children...but here you would never survive and would be exposed as a liar and a quack.

Become a man? You mean become a little worm that lies for the benefit of his new masters. You are like Wormtongue from LOTR, a pale, evil, snickering shadow of a Russian, corrupted and lapping at your master's feet, willing to spread any wile lie.

Yes, we evil Russians saved the Poles from extermination by their former allies, Hitler's Germany. We evil Russians saved the Baltics from the Turks. We evil Russians saved the Prussians and the Austrians from Napolean and so on.

Time for you to grow a spine and stop your slander against your blood.

Tell the truth, shame the Devil...so begone liar.