Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Devil Came Dressed As a Hippie

Most people, in the Christian world, have an image of the Devil as some kind of demonic monstrous figure or alternatively as some slick, handsome lawyer/salesman type figure. I would like, dear readers, to raise an alternative view: the Devil came as a smelly, hairy, love child hippie.

Of all the assaults on Christianity, none have been so successful, so powerful and so subtle in its effects than the West's flower power disease.

When the Islamic hordes came jihadding, the Satanists reared their heads or the atheist Marxists marched in the streets, the Christian world tended to pull in, sharpen its swords and push back out. Not so with the hippie, whom most people tended to dismiss as harmless.

Harmless hardly, anti violent, not at all. Sure they may have shied away from charging police lines or military cordons, but when they out numbered their opponents, these love children had no problems letting a little of that love flow out their boot heels, as they kicked people's teeth in.

But worse, their nihilistic culture, their New Age "religiousness" and their hedonistic and egotistic self importance and self love have undermined and corrupted every Christian culture that ever tolerated them. In this, God spared us Russians, as even as we were under the heel of the Stalinists, we were even more so insulated from the insidious hippies.

The Flower Power gave way to Godless statism, paganism, abortion, a new drive in Eugenics, euthanasia based on the perceived "quality" of life, absolutely moraless greed (from the very same hypocrites who railed against material wealth) and now the evil of ultra national, globalist organizations and the global warming lie and power grabs.

They have destroyed the moral fiber of Christianity with revisionism and homosexuality until Churches like the Anglicans are not much more than hedonistic flop houses with gay priests and bishops teaching their corrupt "morality", while the reformed post Vatican II Catholics and the modern Lutherans wink and nod in the same direction.

In the sum of things, this love power has insidiously, like a syphilis infection, first diseased the body and than rotted the brains of one Christian nation after another, into a Satanic, Godless tyranny of the "enlightened".

Trully, the hippie was the most powerful tool of the Devil and destroyer of Christianity.


Leos Tomicek said...

The best way to debunk the nonviolence of the hippies is Charles Manson.

Pavel Bachurin said...

Very emotional, if not pathetic.
But how about some facts?

Sublime Oblivion said...

What should we do about the hippie menace?

Elwood McAfee said...

It comes to mind that the peaceniks, pacifists and hippies of America are responsible for the Vietnamese diaspora and 2.5 million dead Cambodians. Their silence in the face of Pol Pot's genocide spoke volumes. May the blood of the victims of South Vietnam and Cambodia be upon their heads.

Anonymous said...

The hippies spread a great disease: radical liberalism. The proof was on every TV and radio channel, in all the music stores, in every bookstore, and in almost every university. Their filthy dogma of radical individualism and anti-nationalism (me first-ism, "if it feels good, do it") has by now polluted every Western institution. Most people in America see the "civil rights movement" (actually the destruction of all civil institutions) as progress.

Jonny said...

And don't forget that the dissidents of Russia and Iron Curtain countries were escaping to the West and warning us about the Hippie movement and it's ties to Soviet Communism. And we ignored it.

Jonny said...

The amazing thing is how rapidly America has forgotten it's past which was rooted firmly in Judeo-Christian tradition.

The left has been very successful in revising history to the extent now that anyone younger than 30 has no CLUE at all what America was like even in 1970.

And now, the left acts as though the traditionalists are the extremists who are trying to foist morality on what supposedly has always been a wildly hedonistic secular culture as designed by some non-existent humanist founding fathers.

It's astounding to me, having seen it all take place, how utterly unchallenged the forces of evil have been in their quest to remake this culture from the inside out.