Sunday, December 20, 2009

Georgia's Future Built on Death of Glory and Blood of Innocents

Today, in-spite of severe opposition, the US puppet, mass murderer and all around lunatic, Saakashvili moved his dream of dictatorship one step further, a foundation that is not only already set in the ruined rubble of Georgia's sacrifice against the Nazis but in the blood of an innocent mother and her eight year old daughter. Like everything this son of NYC and DC does, the Georgians pay in their blood for it.

Georgia's murderous tin pot dictator decided to "invest" in the western parts of Georgia, specifically the run down town of Kytaisi, by building a second parliamentary building there, and to move his one party rule there, well away from the main city, home of 25% of the population and center of anti-Saakashvili protests.

Worse, and there is always something worse when an Anglo Vassal is involved, he decided to have it built on top of a 100m tall grand monument to the 300,000 Georgians who lost their lives fighting Hitler's Nazi Germany. Why this spot? Why not? After all, throughout the West's puppets, be they the Baltics, Romania, Hungary or western Ukraine, the Nazis are in, hip and being white washed. After all, Hitler and his Leninist-Trotskyte brand of Marxism is what runs America and the EU. After all, the 18 December UN resolution, brought forth by Russia, to stop the glorification of Nazis had 127 backers, 54 abstains and only one "nah": the United States of America.

Of course, this plan, to blow up the monument on the 21st December, the birthday of Michael "eater of ties" Saakashvili and his idol Stalin, was going to meet a massive protest action as angry Georgians, who fought and survived or whose fathers, brothers, uncles and sons fought and died, streamed into Kytoisi to stage massive protests and block the demolition. Amongst the opposition where the Justice Georgia Party, the New Right, the People's Party, the Republican Party, and the Democratic Movement of the United Georgia party.

Not to be out done, this NYC Lawyer had his goons blow up the monument 2 days earlier. The blast not only caught the locals unaware, but was so badly planned and carried out, without any thought to the local population, that debris showered local homes and resulted in the death of a mother and her eight year old daughter, who were out for a stroll.

So once again, the Western puppet, the pathetic coward who ran and hid from the sound of his own fighter planes, in Gori, the pathetic liar and bully, has set another project on the dust of Georgian sacrafices of past and the fresh blood of his satanic souless rule of present. The Western media was quick, as a good tool of the various Ministries of Truth, to cover up this incident, ignoring the mass protests that have already occured in Georgia and only mentioning Russian anger. After all, by Western standards, pissing off Russia is the consoldiation prize when more malicious attempts upon our nation fail.

That the Georgians can not seem to get rid of this homicidal embarrassment shows that the modern Georgians, well those 4 million left in Georgia and not the 1 million educated and talented Georgians now living in Russia, simply do not have the strength of character or the wisdom or wit to free themselves of this parasitic worm and his infestation in the body politic of Georgia.


carpatho-russian said...

Are you serious? The Georgian dictator actually destroyed his own nation's sacred monument to war heroes who fought against Nazism? That should have stood a thousand years! Maybe (soon) when Saakashvili is out of power, a combination of money from Georgia, Russia and other countries could rebuild the monument, like the Cathedral of Christ the Savior was rebuilt in Moscow.

jack said...

A good article on the whole Nazi revivalism issue.

I did not know that UNA-UNSO the Ukrainian fascist paramilitary organisation fought against the Serbs in Croatia. I knew about there activities in Chechnya fighting Russian forces and causing trouble in Belarus.

“From the Anglo-Saxon point of view, this investment was not useless as it provided a framework to assume power after the collapse of the Soviet Union. And that process is far from over. Thus, when during the recent orange «revolution» [5] , agents of these networks - regrouped in the heart of the Congress of the Ukrainian Nationalists (KUN) and the Pan-Ukrainian Party of Liberty (Svoboda, former SNPU) - joined «Our Ukraine» - the so-called democratic coalition of Viktor Yuschenko and gave it the necessary political structure - there was absolutely no doubt about the Nazi identity of these groups. The first one explicitly includes in all its documents the phrase: «Facción Stefan Bandera» («Faction, Stefan, Flag») while the second one uses the trident and the swastika as symbols. Not to mention the friends of Mrs. Timoschenko (Ukraine’s Foreign Minister): the UNA-UNSO, a paramilitary organization created after the 1991 putsch in Moscow that is comprised of more than 1,000 combatants, men who went to fight in Croatia with the CIA and later together with the insurgents in Chechnya and Georgia.

Of these groups, only the Svoboda (Freedom) has been kept inactive after its leader, Oleh Tyhnybok praised those who, during World War II, had «cleared the country of Jews and Russians» and urged everyone to follow their example returning «Ukraine to the Ukrainians» and «setting the country free from the Muscovite Jews that exploit it» [6] . They were very careful not to show swastikas during the orange «revolution» that was televised when most of the paid demonstrators had been recruited in these Nazi organizations. Anyway, the KUN and the UNA-NAS have been considered appropriate, or «clean», interlocutors, known for such a long time that the general secretary of the European Union and NATO, Spain’s Javier Solana, accepted to talk to them.”