Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Nightmares of the Persian Gulf Princes

With the collapse of Dubai's cad house of debt and lies, another aspect has been finally brought to light: the slave labour that was used and exploited by the Islamic Arabs of the Gulf to build their kingdoms, fueled by their petro dollars.

Men from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and the Philippines are lured to Dubai and the other Persian Arab states with promises of high pay. They arrive to have their passports taken and to find only a tenth of he pay and slave like living conditions. On top of that, the initial debt to bring them there takes years to pay back. Equally, women are brought from other nations, such as Moldova and Georgia and find themselves in similar conditions, with their only option being marriage to a local as escape.

In Dubai, the workers out number the Arab citizens 3 to 1 and so on for most of the smaller states. Even in the local behemoth, Saudi Arabia, they are a bit over fifty percent of the population. These workers have no rights and are considered non entities, even non humans, chattel for the physically weaker but monetary richer and protected Muslim Arab masters.

Thus the crux of the delima for the petro fueled tyrants: if their slaves ever rose up, the Arab Persian states would quickly stop being Arabic. However, they can not get rid of the slaves, as their own population is to lazy and spoiled to actually work, nor do they have the skills. As it stands, with the well educated expats leaving in droves, the so called "brain" trust of the regimes is also leaving, again, created by luring foreigners in. To make matters even worse, the Sunni leaders are often time themselves, even amongst the Arab population that is home grown, a minority or a majority over a much smaller percentage of the population, the rest being oppressed, second rate citizen Shia.

In Yemen, this oppression has already exploded into full blown civil war, in to which the Saudis have launched another murderous jihad. In Saudi Arabia, further, the Shia occupy the same territory as the key oil fields and may receive arms from neighboring Iran.

Between the Hindus, Buddhists, Christian slaves and the Shia second class, the Persian Gulf is a tinderbox, awaiting the final spark that will wash it in flame and blood and will forever wipe out the Sunni Arab and to some degree, all Arab presence in their own homeland. The dust bin of history awaits.

Thus, the very petro dollars that have made these tyrants stinking rich and have allowed them to wage a murderous series of genocidal jihads, while under the absolute slave like protection of the Masonic American elites and their UK puddles, may indeed bring about their own destruction by the very slaves upon whose labour and misery these petro fueled jihaders and slavers live. An entrepreneurial enemy, may even seek to aggravate these issues to a boiling point, knowing that if the Sunni Arabs choose to kick out all non Sunni Arabs, their own societies would die either way, by revolt or by the weight of their own combined ineptitude and sloth.

Grill some shashliks, pour some beer, this is going to be one hell of a show to watch.


Leos Tomicek said...

Speaking of entertainment, the physical deprecation of Dubai would be an interesting thing to watch even without the potential inter-ethnic conflict.

Luisa aka Balqis said...

Asians coming here very well know which salary they will get but it's better than nothing
And their governments know that as well but they need to get rid of them
The living conditions and the rights they have, that's another story
Actually nationalization of work force is the main goal of the GCC governments

Anonymous said...

You are right on about the ethnic bloodshed just around the corner for gulf states and Saudi Arabia. Most of their labor are fellow Sunni Muslims albeit of South Asian extraction. It goes to show you how shallow the egalitarian premise of Islam runs.
Another aspect of this impending disaster is the fact that these countries are deserts already populated far beyond what the water resources can support. Most of the Gulf's water comes from desalination plants which require huge amounts of investment and energy to run. Saudi Arabia had a massive aquifer but they have already used up most of its water.
These countries will rapidly become indebted to grain exporters.
Didn't Russia just have a record grain harvest?

vonbach said...

Slavery seems to be a common theme Islam. I didn't know that it was that pervasive. I know the Israeli's
are becoming notorious for keeping slaves too. I had no idea there were that many in the muslim countries.
Well the USA won't be able to protect them for much longer. It'll be a pleasure to see those states fall.

Anonymous said...


jack said...

Dubai was also the destination for Russian sex slavery presumably by the Chechen mafia.

Unknown said...

Excellent commentary on horrible "hate crime laws" in "the West" by Stanislav Mishin.

I do take strong exception to Mr. Mishin's comments that:

"Westerners, truly I believe, you deserve this, since the vast majority of you take it and swallow it, like the good little castrated serfs you are".

Whites in the West, America do not deserved to be assaulted, raped or murdered by Black criminals or Muslim terrorists nor do we deserve to be hauled before Human Rights Commissions, persecuted for Hate Crime/Thought Crimes for expressing opposition to Islamic terrorism, Black rapists, gangsters etc.

Hate crime laws are implemented by cultural marxists - designed to attack and destroy the health culture of patriotism, the family, the Christian religion in the USA/the West. I would assume Mr. Mishin is familiar with the hideous experience Russians and Ukrainians and all Eastern Europeans had with these same Cultural Marxists during the 1920s-1940s.

And many of us in America fought very hard to stop the terrible Federal Hate Crime Bill, which sadly passed this year under Obama, Eric Holder.

Please view our videos exposing the lies and deceptions of hate crime laws:

Russia and most of Eastern Europe has come out of the Marxist nightmare, here in the West it is here, upon us.

We are resisting.

Jack Ellis