Thursday, December 17, 2009

Where is the Butt?

And on a different note, than I usually take, I would like, dear readers, to approach a question that has long bothered me, with no answer and I fear that in this prose, I will again not give an answer, as I have none, but I will pose the delima.

In my various travels to the West, particularly the Anglo West, I have noticed something very peculiar, about the Butt. No, not that many are as wide as a school child's table or that some have flesh, as seen at the beaches, that looks like rutted asphalt, all bumpy and wavy. No, it is something much more puzzling and maybe a key to explaining the dour character that is a trait of the Anglos, almost as much as horse teeth amongst the British: the question, dear reader is this: where is the Butt?

What do I mean by this? Simple, if one looks at the Anglos, one can not help but notice that about one in four white Americans and about every second or third Brit has no Butt. That is correct, absolutely nothing. The pants hand there, as if a butcher had come by and simply chopped it off. It is something to see an otherwise attractive woman missing her posterior. It just feels wrong, like a ripple in the universe, as if to say, no, this is not reality but a mutated alternate dimension.

After all, how could people not have Butts?

Sure, it must be a genetic trait and obviously from its prevalence, a rather strong one, though one restricted mostly to western Germans and on through to the British isles and the descendants of the British in other lands. You will not find it in most other places, not amongst other Europeans, nor Africans or Latins. Sure, some Chinese have no Butt, but those are usually flat all over and have a figure of a board anyways, so some how that is not as striking.

But that again brings us back to character and national personality. Now we all know that Anglos are dour, serious folk, ever so tame on emotion and in control, except when they drink like fishes and fight. So, could this be because of the Butt or rather there lack off?

Follow me on this: if one has no Butt, than what does one sit on? Sure one sits on the back end, what else? But with no Butt, there is no cushion of muscle and fat and thus one can only suppose that these misfortunates sit directly on their bones, their leg, hip and back bones. Surely, this can not in any sense be comfortable. Surely? So, maybe this lack of Butt is what has been such a determining factor in the Anglo behavior and dourness?

Just food for


Drama Momma said...

Don't know what to say except...I am quite outspoken. Dour? Not me. Although when it comes to politics these days some would say quite dour.

I..Got Butt. I have always questioned the purity of my European dissent, I seem to have some African in me though my parents deny this completely, I have't found any proof in my genealogy. As I have aged, it has fallen not the perky chunky butt of my younger years.

More than you wanted to know about me personally, I know!


Balqis said...

in italy we have a say, that if one is lucky it's because he/she has big butt
since anglo American culture is based on meritocracy, that's why they don't have :p

rps said...

A post like this demands a picture:

Rudy said...

Russians have the beedy asian eyes and big cheeks, so? C'mon. Well, good satyre from your part I guess. But it is quite funny to see the Russian mixture of viking blond looks with Mongol bone features.

Adolfo Giurfa said...

Very clever indeed!, A big philosophical question. A Shakesperean question: "To have or not to have" a big and confortable butt. Perhaps you have found the root of the problem. Remarkable!.
The lack of butt is currently being accompained of constipation too....just thinking about...

jack said...

A lot of people here in Britain has a big fat ass or arse as they say here.

Maybe you don't see it as the people you saw the fat moved from there ass to there gut.

Merry Christmas Stanislav although you celebrate it on January the 7th.

vonbach said...

I've noticed Slavic women tend to be more "substantial" than most women. Where I work we have
one slavic girl and a northern european girl. The contrast is profound. She probably outweighs her
co-worker by 60-70 pounds and is 6 inches taller.
I confess I like my small butts. :)

Renaissance Mom said...

Try finding pants in the USA for a 4 year old girl with a butt. She has to wears dresses and skirts. Her father is of Norwegian (his mother is half) and probably English descent. My grandfather was full Czech, but I have German, English, Scottish, etc., etc. also. (I'm convinced there is some hidden African ancestor somewhere too, Drama Momma.) We both have backsides, but not what I would think is extraordinarily big. She's my 7th child (5th girl) and I never had this problem before. I think they are making the pants skinnier. Maybe for all of the no-butt Anglos!

Stanislav said...


----I've noticed Slavic women tend to be more "substantial" than most women.---

Which women? Maybe southern Poles, not Rus or southern Slavs. They tend to be rather slim and petite.

vonbach said...

I'm not sure exactly where she originally hails from.
But from her name she sounds Polish maybe Russian.
The thing thats really striking is I have a book about a
Russian girl and she looks strikingly similar. Same face
everything. The girl isn't fat just large. I'm more informed than most around these parts but I'm no expert.

Anonymous said...

It's worth noting that the western ideal of "beauty" has become rather perverse. Women who look like starved prisoners in a gulag are promoted as the ideal along with an androgynous emasculated boy as the ideal for men. It was worst in the 90's, lately I've seen more manly men and more curvy women. Perhaps Madison Avenue is responding to popular tastes.

Anonymous said...

Nice bit of high-brow analysis there Stan (English sarcasm).

Personally I have an ass like two coconuts. This is due to my athletic lifestyle and energetic sexual performance (more English sarcasm).

Anonymous said...

I won't comment on your article, other than to say that many Britons' backsides are too big these days thanks to their gluttony.

No, the reason I am posting your response is to draw your attention to an article that questions the future of Russia:

I would be interested to read your response, particularly as I am a Russophile and believed it may be a country I could escape to.

RJ Bell said...

From RJ Bell:
I must agree with you about Russian Women, they are attractive and have nice 'butts', but what is "Russian"? Russians have different appearances between the East and West, just as they do from North to South.
I live in the Northeast of the USA, tavelling all over the Country, and don't see many small 'butts' on girls over 20 years old. Most women by 20 in the U.S. have cellulite on their butts and a 'bunt' in the front, making them gross and not worth the emotional, financial and physical drain on a man to waste their time and money on.
What are considering a 'Butt'? One with a small 'bubble' that curves back under to their thigh muscles, or a 'shelf butt' that sticks way out?

David B. Carvalho said...

Well, here in Brazil there's plenty of it for everybody. In fact, the whole world except Africa looks buttless in comparison to Brazil. Also, Brazilian men in general are butt perverts like those American rappers.

Stanislav said...

@Unrepentant British Nationalist

What do i think of the article? I think she's spot on.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I didn't reply sooner, Stanislav. I thought it an interesting article, but what I have noticed about Russia, is that many Russians are keen to imitate Westerners. I fear that like the West, you will lose your culture, and embrace multiculturalism.

However, my Russian isn't very good, and I have mainly communicated with Russians whose English is very good. They are perhaps not truly representative of Russians as a whole. This is why I requested your input. I am fascinated by Russia, and hope to God you do not become like the West - have you been to London, Amsterdam or Paris recently?