Saturday, December 12, 2009

No Rubles to The Climate Cons

After suffering 70 years under the Western implemented and financed yoke of Marxism, after suffering another decade under the Western backed Yeltsin clepto regime and its out and out theft of everything, Russia has finally begun to get back on her feet and straighten out her skirts, only to be bum rushed by the latest Anglo world con job that has caused the second world wide depresiion. Even through that, Russia survived and is again standing up, only to hear the knock on her door, a knock from these ravens and jackals who either directly or indirectly raped and pillaged our society, enabled the over throw of the holy saint martyr Tsar and the mass murder of our people, who even today do their best to destroy our culture, society and most importantly our faith in God.

But now they did not come alone, but backed by a motley crew of various third world vagabonds and riff raff, demanding, not even asking, but demanding that Russia strangle her economic growth, murder her prospects for a better future for our people and even give away some of her wealth to these very same third worlders, all on the alter of the latest Western Paganism: Gia and her jihad of Global Warming.

I can not fully express my thoughts on this, as women and children also read my works, but I will say this: Russia must give a swift kick to the bottoms of these thieves, liars and tyrants and throw them out on their noses.

What will they do to us for saying "Hell NO!"? Nothing, even less than nothing. First, they, these Western idol worshipers will not stop buying our goods, as most of them do not buy any, anyways. Our industries feed our own demand. If they stop selling, all the better, more room for our own producers to grown and hire our own people. They will not close their factories in Russia, either, as they are the few profitable points for most of these bloated Western corporations. They will not stop buying our gas, either, winter is still cold and there are no alternatives. They will not kick us out of the WTO, we are not in it and have no need for that globalist, Marxist monstrosity.

What will happen, besides us keeping our wealth, and growth, is that many of those Western corporations will come to us, kissing our feet, to produce in Russia, where taxes are lower and carbon tax does not make slaves of these men, thus profits are better.

So I say, to these Western elites, these thieves, fools, pagans and liars, o their third world riff raff and the traitors, shills and knuckle skulls amongst our own people, go starve and murder your own future on the Alter of Gia and leave Holy Christian Russian alone.


Cobra said...

As I said many times, the Bolshevik revolution was a western project but a Talmudic one.
And, I think the guy who broke inside the server at IPCC had Russian connections, for which I congratulate him and Russia.
The long term solution for the Christian world is Western-Russia aliance.

st0rm1n said...

Who is Gia?

Cobra said...

"As I said many times, the Bolshevik revolution was NOT a western project but a Talmudic one."

vonbach said...

This is about instituting a one world government
paid for what is essentially a breathing tax. Environmentalism will be the new pagan religion. Of course white people will pay for this while third worlders get off scott free. Jews and their quislings will be in charge of this of course. This is Bolshevism on a world wide scale. Stand up to them Russia. Hopefully the western world will too.

Unknown said...

st0rm1n: Gaia, or Gea, is Mother Earth, a Greek goddess.

I hope Russia fully rejects this incredible nonsense from the newly-estabilished World Government. What are those blockheads from the EU, Latin America and Obama going to do? Attack Russia? Attack China? Not in their dreams. All they will do is keep selling their own countries, because that's what they were intended to do in office anyway.

Unknown said...

This is indeed about a one world government reaching the levels - eventually - of making us ask permission to even breathe (and live).

Arius said...

I hope that Russia, China, and India tell the AGW worshiping blockheads in the West to go to hell and sc**w themselves (the West is well on its way, led by its death wish).

jack said...


Put sanctions on Russia until and weaken it with further Islamic terrorism until they except the tyranny.

We need to destroy there banking power of the IMF/World Bank.

David B. Carvalho said...

Dear Stan, check out this terrific article. Comically enough, a single tree in Siberia has become the most influential piece of data to the warmists. What kind of scientists are these, чукчи?

Drama Momma said...

It is awful. The framers of socialism are killing America and it seems this global conspiracy will either explode upon itself or doom us all.

Have you ever read the book, The Creature of Jekyll Island?
I just did and I am horrified.
The west in so much trouble. This President will be the destruction of everything we ever thought we might have had. Environmentalism, Healthcare, it is all designed to crush our economy and the worlds forcing a world government.

If these things are true. God help us all. I know we in the West are waking up, I just don't know if it will be fast enough.

Rudy said...
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