Sunday, February 14, 2010

Of Ukrainian Elections and Western Hypocrisy

The elections are in and the Western fascist barbie, Yulia Tymoshenko will simply not accept it. She lost by over a million votes, but hay, those had to be fraud, after all, its not like Yulia's goons controlled the publishing company and had to be ordered out by the Supreme Court, oh wait, it was.

That this friend and ally of the US sponsored Una-Unso (Ukrainian Nazi party) and her former partner in crime, Victor Yushenko, who on his way out gave status of Hero of Ukraine, to a mass murderer and Hitler ally Bendaro, would not accept the people's will, is not surprise. It was the much maligned, by the Western press, Victor Yanukovich who had to remind Yulia that: "I want to remind Ms Tymoshenko that the basis of democracy is the will of the people. Democratic leaders always accept the results of the elections. The country does not need a new crisis," he said.

But, this should be expected from Tymoshenko, even when the election committee and the foreign observers all declared the elections free and fair. "Yesterday's vote was an impressive display of democratic elections. For everyone in Ukraine, this election was a victory," said Joao Soares, the team co-coordinator from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. What the real hypocrisy is is the absolute silence of the so called democracies of the West.

Where are these champions of democracies now, that their sock puppet has lost? Where? Silent, silently, hypocritically praying to whatever demon they worship, that some how Tymoshenko pulls it off. Their double standards are on full display for the world to see, yet again. Be it the Americans who with their controlled media and One Party Two Branch system have crushed any real voices of change or the British who, following in the American tracks have become the world's leaders in police statism or the Irish and the EU in general with their EU Constitution/Lisbon Treaty fiasco in so called managed democracy: vote till you get it "right".

That Tymoshenko would rather rip Ukraine asunder and bleed her own people dry to remain in power, is beyond doubt. That the West will happily assist her, should also be taken at face value.

Ukraine prepare.


Anonymous said...

The West now openly admits to being post-Democratic. The larger a power bloc becomes, the less the individual matters.

Globalisation is the end state of this process, where the individual will be worthless.

jack said...

Una-Unso is a CIA created paramilitary group who fought for the CIA in Croatia, Georgia’s separatist regions and Chechnya as well as part of the opposition organising to try to overthrow the government of Belarus.

“What the real hypocrisy is the absolute silence of the so called democracies of the West.”

Actually all the articles I read is how free Ukraine was under the Orange government compared to the authoritarianism of Putin’s Russia and how it is going to backslide on democracy under Yanukovich.

jack said...

Just noticed my mistake in posting the same article link twice,
Meant to post this in connection with Belarus.

Stas it would be good to have you're opinion on what you think about Belarus and Lukashenko