Monday, February 22, 2010

Luzhkov, Drop the Stalin Fetish

For the upcoming 9 May, 65th anniversary of the end of the Great Ochestvenaya Voina (the Great Patriotic War or World War 2) there will be the customary hundreds, actually 2,000 to be exact, placards and billboards celebrating the great defeat of the Nazis, all over Moscow. However, unlike previous days, this year will have 10 billboards with Stalin’s image.

While there are only 10 images, that is 10 to many. If anyone had done more to make sure that millions of Soviet citizens would die needlessly and the country would come to the brink of death, it was Joseph Stalin.

Let us not forget, that it was Stalin who destroyed the Kulaks, or rather the most productive farmers of all Russia, causing wide spread famine, in his and the Soviet leadership’s misguided drive to control everything and industrialize that which should not be. This lead to the 1931 to 1933 famines, which killed millions from Ukraine through Russia and into Kazakhstan and Armenia.

He had Sergey Kirov murdered, on 1 Dec 1934, and used the murder of the 2nd face of the Soviet Union as an excuse to start massive purges of his contemporaries throughout the whole of the Soviet government, followed up by the mass murder of tens of thousands and the imprisonment of millions. Kirov, who was supposed to be Stalin’s best friend, was calm, kind and popular with the people, so much so that the 1934 Soviet voted 300 to 3 to replace Stalin with Kirov. The vote was secret and Stalin found out before the results were tallied, had them destroyed and new results giving himself a landslide. Thus was Kirov’s fate sealed and the excuse to purge the Soviet and many others, set. Well over half a million people were murdered by Stalin, in these purges. Several million more were sent to labour camps.

This period is called the Great Terror.

The NKVD Secret Operational Order n° 00447 ", of 30 July 1937, on the repression operations against ex-kulaks, criminals and other counter-revolutionary elements." This order specified the eradication once and for all, according to Nikolai Yezhov’s own words in the Preamble to Order n° 00447, of a broad range of "traditional" enemies of the regime: in particular, ex-kulaks returned after completing their sentences or after escaping deportation, recidivists, former members of non-Bolshevik parties, former czarist officials or gendarmes, anti-Soviet elements among White, Cossack or clerical groups, as well as sectarians or clergymen engaging in anti-Soviet activities (which means those not accepting state atheism). The order created quotas of individuals to be shot or sent to labor camp for ten years, amounting to a total of 76,000 "1st category elements" (death penalty) and 193,000 "2nd category elements" (ten years internment)

The Great Purge

The purges of the officer corps was the greatest crime, insuring that the Red Army would be in no shape to wage a prolonged and bitter conflict without paying for it in hundreds of thousands of dead. The Nazis, under Hitler, played an active role, creating false dossiers describing crimes and treasons that the named generals were never guilty of. Stalin’s paranoia fed on this and he destroyed all of these men, the brightest minds in the Red Army. The murderer and criminal Stalin did the most to destroy our ability to fight the Fascists.

Of the five Marshals of the Soviet Union, three were shot: Mikhail Tukhachevsky, Vasily Blyukher, and Aleksandr Yegorov. While Semyon Budyonny and Kliment Voroshilov survived, this was only a partial saving grace, since Voroshilov was a talentless hack who was promoted only by being a mindless tool for Stalin. Stalin did not stop there, murdered or suppressed by his orders were 13 of 15 Army Commanders, 8 of the top 9 admirals, 50 of the 57 Army Corps Commanders , 154 of the 186 divisional commanders, all 16 Army Commissars, and 25 of the 28 Army Corp Commissars.

No leader in any nation has ever been so fore warned that Stalin was aware of the very hour of the German attack. Stalin refused to believe it. Stalin, refused the requests of his generals to bring our military to readiness. Stalin’s refusal to see the day light beaming into his eyes led to the direct destruction of three soviet armies. Furthermore, Stalin, in the initial, critical first days, refused to allow the military to mount any major counter attacks, so as not to provoke Hitler, never mind the Germans were attacking on a broad front.

Stalin followed this with two weeks of depression, refusing to make decisions or form strategy. His mood only darkened and depression grew worse when he received news that the Germans had reached Minsk in 6 days. In the Soviet Union of 1941, after years of purges and mass murder, no one dared to make a decision and all awaited our so called “Man of Steel”, a depressed fool and mass murderer, who on this most wanting of hour, proved to be much less than our people needed or deserved.

It is only through great suffering, the death of 8 million soldiers and 20 million civilians, was our army able to destroy the Fascists, a sacrifice that was many tens of times exaggerated by the criminal actions of Stalin himself.

Finally, when those Red Army soldiers and officers, fresh with victory over the Nazis, returned home, they were faced with new purges and suppression by Stalin and his goons.

I am not bleeding heart Western liberal or NGO shill. I am an Orthodox Christians first, Russian Nationalist second and have absolutely no use or time for this new recreation of the Stalinist era, a man who ranks at the height of our list of national traitors and tyrants. The victory over the Nazis always belonged to the Soviet peoples not to the madman above them.

Stalin’s legend, as well as that of the other Soviet criminals and spillers of Russian blood, is well past the time for their destruction. It is time for these criminals and their crimes to be tried in the Russian courts, for all the evidence to be put forth. We can start with the murder of the Saint Martyr Tsar and move forward.


Bob said...

As I read your description of this "depressed fool and mass murderer", I have to continually remind myself it is NOT the Obama regime you're talking about here but Joe Stalin. In the past 17 years of the Bush1, Clinton, Bush2 and Obama administrations, the US has experienced a near complete purging of patriotic members of its senior officer corp and their replacement by the present "girlie boys" that make up the chain of command. A example would be Adm (James?) Mullen, Chairman of the joint Chiefs of Staff who seems to wet his panties and "choke" from indecisiveness whenever the Somali pirates seize a US cargo ship.

Anonymous said...

Another excellent historical analysis! I have heard many try to justify Stalin's crimes as necessary for Soviet modernization. Without Stalin, there would be no Red Army to fight the Werhmacht, or so goes the apologist's tale. Really, Soviet generals succeeded in spite of, not because of Stalin.
Far to few Americans understand how many Soviet citizens died to break the back of the Nazi war machine.

jack said...

But the main stream history of the Stalin era does not conform to reality and is mainly a creation of Trotskyite communist especially Khrushchev and MI6/CIA.

What do you make of this Stas Professor Furrs review of Robert W. Thurston, Life and Terror in Stalin's Russia, 1934-1941

“For Wheatcroft's research, begin with what appears in Europe-Asia Studies. For example, in "The Scale and Nature of German and Soviet Repression and Mass Killings, 1930-1945", EAS 48 (December 1996), 1319-1353, Wheatcroft attacks the facile, anti-Communist comparison of Stalin with Hitler. The abstract reads:

Repression and mass killings carried out by German and Soviet leaderships during the period 1930-45 differed in several respects. It appears that the German leader Adolf Hitler put to death at least five million innocent people mainly because of his antipathy towards Jews and communists. In contrast, Soviet leader Josef Stalin ordered the murder of some one million people because he apparently believed them to be guilty of crimes against the state. He was careful about documenting these executions whereas Hitler did not bother about making any pretence at legality.”

Anonymous said...

"Far to few Americans understand how many Soviet citizens died to break the back of the Nazi war machine."

Yes, millions of Soviet citizens perished in the inferno. 80% of the Wehrmacht & Waffen-SS killed were slain by the Red Army. The Red Army won the European part of the war hands down.

vonbach said...

Stalin is the reason you have statues of the SS in Eastern European countries. Stalin was a monster.
Who is Luzhkov by the way?

Bikini25 said...

Find a Texan with balls and he will rip down the posters for you. I guess you would do it, but you are too busy whining about it huh?

Sinisha said...

BOLSOI SPASIBA for Soviet sacrifice, and the liberation of Serbia in 1944.But Stalin (with Churchil) installed an anti-Serb, Josip Broz Tito into power. This spy crippled Serbia and placed the seed of recent wars and Serbia's demise. Better put photos and names of real life heroes of that time.

Stanislav said...


Big talk, yet Texas remains a bitch of your federal government, with nice open borders and taken over my Mexican illegals, in route to again become a province of Mexico.

The Hero of Crappy Town said...

I couldn't agree more. Stalin's "leadership" effectively amounted to sabotage. This is the tragedy of Russia in the second world war - being stuck between a rock and a hard place, having to fight a genocidal invasion with a government in power that is doing everything possible to frustrate your efforts and therefore victory and survival necessitating superhuman efforts that would have broken the back of most other nations and came close to breaking Russia's. This makes it a painful episode in its history, but the generation of the 1940s faced much worse - and endured heroically. By not being able to accept the pain of this tragedy today from a distance of 60 years, but instead choosing the easy option of pretending that all was fine, that Russia was not under the total control of a de facto saboteur Luzhkov is revealing himself a coward unworthy of the sacrifice of his heroic people.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Luzhkov the mayor of Moscow?

Cobra said...

Stalin was a monster and a mass criminal but he stopped the trotzkyites....

Anonymous said...

Ref: Bikini25

I wish my fellow Americans would do the following:
1.Get over their Cold War hangovers.
2.Do a cursory study of Russian history
3. Actually MEET a few Russians.
4. Pascha (Orthodox Easter) is on the way, attend a Pascha service.

Enjoy your blog immensely, Stas!

Dragan Gavrilovic said...

I have never been a Communist nor admirer of Stalin. But according to the book, "The Wolf of the Kremlin," by Stuart Kahn (nephew of Lazar M. Kaganovich), for most of the bloodshed in the Soviet Union, responsibility falls on NKVD and KGB (Derzhinski, Jagoda, Beria) and especially on Lazar Kaganovich who also (with sister Rosa) killed Staljin. Pogrom of Kulaks in Soviet Union and ekstermination of entire villages of Cossacks in Ukraine are, according to the author, works of Lazar Kaganovich alone - all solely under his direction.