Friday, February 26, 2010

Yes My Dear, Actions Do Have Consequences

As previously in the Bush Regime, so too now in the Obama regime, the masters of the universe are learning that their actions do have consequences.

This week news came that the Germans, led by Merkel, are demanding the instant removal of American nuclear weapons from their soil and I am sure, soon enough, the remainder of American forces. Germany, after numerous betrayals and back stabs, has had enough.

Be it Bush trying to ruin various German-Russian business and diplomatic deals or pulling Germany into American imperial wars or Obama, first with a massive escalation of the war in Afghanistan and then with and out and out personal betrayal of Merkel, the stabbing of the German economy and the theft of German money. What am I speaking off? Why the backing out at the 11th hour and 59th minute of American Government Motors (GM) from the sale of Opel, which was a betrayal of Russia, Canada and Germany. Worse for Germany, this came after a pledge to Merkel, who put her reputation on the line and whose government had already put a several billion Euro loan to GM to bridge the sale. Money gone, the DC mafia happy and Germans, in much larger numbers than what the Russian-Canadian conglomerate was planning, will be losing their jobs. Any wonder the Germans are angry?

Then came news that the Americans, who had promised, under Obama, to stop the Bush idiotic plan of placing missile interceptors in Poland, had been lying all along. True, instead of placing siloed missiles, they will be posting mobile missile batteries in Poland, and not only Poland but in Bulgaria and maybe Georgia, as well as even trying to get them into Ukraine. I am sure if the Western puppet Timoshenko the Barbie had won the Ukrainian vote, they would be shipping them already. Is it any wonder that Russia is going ahead with the S-300 sales to Iran? Now, the Americans, who created Afghanistan and in the process the modern Islam International and released it upon the world, and who find themselves quagmire on their own in Afghanistan, and who took our initial help in Central Asia and turned it against us, are demanding we help them in that same Afghanistan? Are you kidding me?

Obama has equally told his Chinese creditors to go jump off a bridge, as he sells weapons to Taiwan and meets with the Dali Lama. While the Chinese occupation of Tibet is nothing to sneeze about, a pauper state, absolutely dependent on the good graces of China and its cash, is not in a situation to dictate conditions. China has started to move to rid itself of American debt, at least enough to give the Americans a clear message. It will be even more interesting when the US tries to sell another trillion in debt, as planned for this year, to finance its alcoholic spending.

Then there is Japan, another massive owner of American debt and a major investor in the American economy and thus American jobs. Toyota, being a major competitor to the American Government Motors, the whole weight of the American regime has gone after it, trying to crush a successful competitor to its own defunct, indebted failure. The American minister of transportation, himself, proclaimed that the cars were not worth driving, while the American FBI is now raiding Toyota suppliers. Toyota’s leaders are being forced to come to Washington and beg and grovel before the would be masters of the universe. It may soon be time for Japan to regain its honour and explain to the Americans, whose debt they also sponsour, who is the real boss. And if the Americans are real lucky, Toyota will not pull out and lay off 170,000 Americans, and even more when its suppliers go.

Lastly, for now, of the big players, is the further betrayal of the British. First came the return of Churchill’s bust, followed by the treatment of Brown as no more than a semi competent lackey not worthy of state gifts worth more than can be bought at a local corner store. Then the breaking of all protocol with the English queen, all the while demanding and getting more troops for Afghanistan. Now, when Britain needs the Americans, while Argentina is again angling for the Falklands, the Obama Regime, never shy of asking more and more British blood, has flat out refused to take the side of the English.

So, how long will it take the self describing masters of the universe to realize they are anything but?


Arius said...

If Americans thought it was bad under Clinton and Bush, they had get ready for far worse under Obama.

vonbach said...

The Jewish American empire is starting to unravel.
I'm not sure they truly realize what is happening to them. Their arrogance will be their undoing.

Anonymous said...

The only way the US army would leave German soil would be for it to loose world war 3.

European states are little more than provinces in a US empire.

Anonymous said...

"So, how long will it take the self describing masters of the universe to realize they are anything but?"

IMO, once the inflation from the so-called "stimulus" kicks in and wrecks our economy. Just my luck to be a citizen of a country that has been afflicted with the ancient Chinese curse of "living in interesting times!"

Arius said...

"Jewish American empire"?

CopperHead said...

another war and US is gone begging

Serbiana said...

Do not think that they will surrender that easy. I would wory of a sudden twist in international situation, namely: war, energy crisis, new deadly virus... There are only clouds in the forecast, I would say.

Serbiana said...

There is a saying in John Wayne - attitude: When a going gets tough, tough get U look in the second, third row behind Obama for the real players.
I would only expect clouds in forecast, and international perils, namely: wars(including economic, Toyota style)), energy crisis, new deadly virus.. U name it

Gavrick said...

vonbach - You are correct, sir, that the American Empire is coming unraveled. I contend that it is due to the weight of multicultural parasites and the greed of multinational concerns which have dismantled the ladders of upward mobility for native-born American citizens. Unfortunately, (and for the life of me, I cannot understand why it should be) a large number of the usual suspects in this disaster belong to the group you mentioned. I really don't understand it. Replacing European-Americans with islamic terrorists seems insanely suicidal to me.

vonbach said...

Yes Its a jewish run american empire. And yes Europe is controlled by them. Did you thing that Israel has nukes pointed at the capitols of Europe for no reason?
The jews flooded Europe with muslims do destroy Europe. Jews have openly said they want to destroy the white race through forced integration.
They arrogantly thought they could control the muslims. They cant control them and they hate jews with a passion.

Stanislav said...


I hole hardily disagree, if this was the case, the US would not be pulling the Israeli leash in every time the Jews do anything to defend themselves from endless Islamic rockets. The US is a whore of Saudi Arabia which spends some $60 million on DC, far more than the Israelies ever did.

It was McCain and Clinton, both Christians, who whored for the Islamic Alabanians. It was a Christian Protestant bunch that bombed the Serbs. It was Reagan who sided with the Turks against the Orthodox Greeks.

It is for the Islamic Saudies that Americans run to dies, and attacked Saddam Hussain, the biggest threat to Saudi power and will attack Iran, the new biggest threat to the Saudi masters of America.

If your view was reality, the Israelies would have long ago cleared out the Islamic Palies and not been forced to give up land by the US and its maps to peace er national suicide.

And I am, personally, all for the Israelies blowing up the Islamics. And the Lebonese Christians doing the same and anyone else. The more the merrier. It is absolutely a war of religion.

Arius said...

Thank you, Stanislav, for responding to the Jew hater. What a nut! He thinks the Jews are pushing Muslim immigration to destroy Europe, Muslims that will destroy the Jews of Europe. I am getting sick of these Jew hating Muslims, Nazis, and Progressives.

You are right, it is a religious war, but one sided. The West in delusion thinks it's a post-Christian secular civilization and can deny the religious war (the jihad) that wants to eat its liver.

Cobra said...

The aforementioned talmudics think they can achieve both goals: stick it to the (white) christian world, who they hate with a (pharisse) passion and control the equally hated muslims.
They are using the USA for their means but the masses are waking up to their game.
Unfortunately, the EUSSR is almost gone, so, I am sorry to say again, the Russians and the Americans are the christian world's only hope.
They better work together...

vonbach said...

The Saudi Islamics are on the same team at least to some degree. The problem is they have to act like muslims. The jews really cant control them all that well. The Israeli's control US foreign policy, they'll admit it openly. They don't need to spend their money they spend my money to control my country.
They make some tsk tsk noises at Israel so as to not look too ridiculous. Why do you think we've invaded and destroyed Iraq? Its about getting the USA to destroy every Muslim state in the region and turn it into a vassal state or a ruin. Then you dump the angry muslims into Europe to destroy European countries. The problem is they kill jews too.
That was the idea behind the Bosnian war. They want to do that to all of Europe and Russia too if they could. Put bluntly Islam is the fire Jews are the arsonists.

Cobra said...

Thank you, Stas, for posting my comments...

Gavrick said...

At the risk of fueling the fires, I would point out that 75% of Jewish Americans and 95% of black Americans are self-described liberals/progressives who voted for Obama. Among the 25% of Jewish conservatives and 5% of black conservatives, I have a few friends. Those folks recognize the benefits of and cherish European-American civilisation. They also are among the greatest critics of the left. Although I count them as friends, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the other great majority who are enemies of everything decent.

After the atrocities visited upon the Armenians and the Serbs (just to name a few) by the Muslims, I am more inclined to agree with those who would like to see them isolated in their own crappy countries away from us. And by the way, Clinton is going to burn in hell, not least because of what he did to our Orthodox Christian brothers and sisters in Kosovo. As always, thanks for letting me vent.

Cobra said...

You are absolutely right. A rational talmudic, and there are a few of them, would rally with the European Americans against the murderous Islam and for the preservation and the benefit of the whole Western world.
But their hate of Christians completely overshadows their judgment. You must understand the depth of their hate and self-delusion as " the chosen ones".
In fact communism was on one hand a scam to steal/redistribute the wealth of others, and on the other hand, the historical chance to get even with the Christian world.
It is as simple as that.
I have no personal inclination against them, just intellectual understanding of their motivation and revulsion toward it.

Stanislav said...


---In fact communism was on one hand a scam to steal/redistribute the wealth of others, and on the other hand, the historical chance to get even with the Christian world.
It is as simple as that.---

Only if you ignore that the first Marxist revolutions in 1848 were run by Prussian minor aristocrats. The first Marxist state, in 1861, was run by American protestants and that in the Russian revolution, not only were the Jews major players, so were the Poles, Georgians, Latvians and the Vatican itself, as well as that the same Wall Street money that brought Lenin to power also brought Hitler and Mousalini to power.

ZAROVE said...

America simply did what too many of us do, they got powerful and wealthy, then got crazy with spending, spent more than they had, and now those Chickens will come home to Roost. Arrogance and Short Sightedness have Consequences, too.

That said, one small Correction. It snot the Queen of England and it snot the English America Betrayed, but the British. Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland are all Part of the UK, as are the Falklands themselves.

England has not been ind pendant since 1707, and has no independent Throne.

That said, Americas Betrayal of Britain was possibly the must Shocking and outrageous. But not too Surprising as Obama seems to hate the British.