Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Paulson and the US Collapse, Lets Blame It On Russia, We Do Everything Else

It's good to see that US officials and former officials continue acting to par, God forbid they actually shock us and change their stripes. The latest tripe out of the mouths of the mega corrupted and their hand picked puppets is Henry Paulson's tripe about Russia trying to collapse the US economic bubble and that being the reason that the US is now down on its luck.

And why not? After all, Russia only had some $450 BILLION invested in the US and that is not counting the various steel plants and other assets owned by Russian companies. Why not just throw away all that money, surely it could never be the fact that the US, government and people and corporations, are debt drunk and indentured fools who can not live within their means and spend and continue to spend like maniacs. It is almost like an alcoholic in his final stages of death, knowing its all over, why the hell not just drink like crazy, the liver is done anyways? Or a man dieing from lung cancer who just keeps chain smoking, not going to make any difference at this point anyways.

But Henry Paulson is an egotist and a former top official who obviously 1. does not want to be seen as the fool and boob that he is and 2. go to jail or worse get lynched by angry mobs. So, he does what any failed US government or business hack does, who can try and get away with it: he blames it on Russia. Russia, the evil tyrant, the ones who have a spy under every bed, an assassin with a uranium filled syringe, in every closet and a banker with a nuclear money bomb at every stock market.

This is no different from the usual: blame Russia for Georgia's aggression, committed by a maniac US puppet. Blame Russia for a hyper armed Middle East, while the US hands out $12 billion in weapons to the Middle East, most of it to Islamics, each and every year. Blame Russia for Syria, while the US pays Syria to run black ops prisons and torture captives the US delivers. Blame Russia for Hamas and the PLO while the US saves the PLO from Israeli-Lebanese Christian extermination and then legitimizes them and arms them. Blame Russia for Serbia, while the US arms Islamic fanatics and wages a terror war of genocide on Orthodox Christian Serbs. Why not?

So now, while US banks and their lap dog English fellow sociopaths, were conning and robbing the world blind, till it all collapsed, lets now blame Russia for this to.

Of course, the US media is more than happy to join in and head lines are a buzz. Just to do a google search for the English versions. "Russia's risky roulette" declares the New York Post.

"Russia tried to talk China into waging financial war on the US in 2008, as the country was mired in a mortgage crisis. According to a forthcoming book by former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, Russian leaders wanted the Chinese government to dump billions of dollars worth of bonds tied to ailing mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac." They state this as a fact. Why not, its not like they will ever be called out on the lies.

"Paulson Says Russia Urged China to Dump Fannie, Freddie Bonds" declares Bloomberg via BusinessWeek. "The Russians made a “top-level approach” to the Chinese “that together they might sell big chunks of their GSE holdings to force the U.S. to use its emergency authorities to prop up these companies,” Paulson said, referring to the acronym for government sponsored entities. The Chinese declined, he said."

Of course, what Paulson and everyone else avoids answering is the simple question of: Why? What would Russia gain from loosing its invested funds? Secondly, at this point, the US would have done just what it did anyways, which is nationalize the two companies, which it was propping up anyways. Conspiracy is much easier to deal with than to answer for three decades of failed American social engineering financed with the savings and futures of much of the world.

The only proof they have is that Russia sold off its $65 billion in Fannie and Freddie in 2008. Oh my, you mean that our government had the brains not to ride the crashing plane to the bottom but decided to jump out with a parachute. Why not blame every other investor, who sold, for this also. My bet is, if Mr. Paulson owned any of that stock, he was out of it long before mid 2008. Furthermore, $65 billion is a drop in the trillions of debt that those two organizations hold.

In conclusion, it's business as usual in DC, London, NYC....rob, steal and bomb with impunity and if the floor falls out...just blame the Russians.


Gregor said...


Have you ever seen Charlie Wilson's War? It was all about how peaceful etc. Afghanistan was and how evil Russkies invaded their lovely homeland. Whilst the script-writer was highly-praised, it was abysmal: the Russians sneering baddies/ the Afghans wide-eyed and ingenuous, the American politicians/ Intelligence all so clever (hohoho, didn't realise how funny that was until I wrote it down).

Whilst I'm no fan of the USSR, and think their intervention in Afghanistan was wrong, the gall of the film-makers really took me back. I suspect we'll see more films like that in the future: even as more Americans and Brits are being killed waging a war we know is unwinnable in the same country.

David B. Carvalho said...

(you don't need to publish this)
Your English is very good, but there are still some strange expressions and mispellings around. You wrote "dieing" again. It's "dying", just as for "lie" the continuous is "lying". Well, it's just spelling rules, like the plural of девочка is not девочкы.

vonbach said...

From what I've heard Russia IS partially responsible for
the USA's financial collapse. I applaud Russia in taking
down the USA's financial system, its the source of the jews power. The jews and their own arrogance are the primary cause. The Russians just helped them along.

Kyle and Svet Keeton said...

That is a good article!

What more needs to be said?



Anonymous said...

LOL. American imperialism is doooooomed! Any day now. Same song we've heard for 80 years now. Meanwhile, Russia as everybody knew it ceased to exist in 1991 and almost ceased to exist in 1998. Let alone 1917. Russian population is shrinking from alcoholism and AIDS and in 10 years at most Russia will lose its Eastern part to China. Yet this dude, a typical representative of a deranged layer in Russian public, which is significant but far from being a majority, is obsessed with the Great Satan - America. He is also obsessed with a bunch of little Satans, which include ALL Russia neighbors, most of whom are former USSR republics. Baltic countries, Ukraine, Georgia/ Even Belorussia picks on fair mother Russia.

Russia also have allies: Iran and Syria. North Korea also was among them but it is unclear what's its status is in the eyes with America obsessed doom sayers in Russia. Probably they still consider Kim to be an ally. As long as he is against America.

By the way, Americans, especially church going ones, don't teach Russians what to do at every turn. In fact, believe it or not, Mat Rodina, they don't usually think about Russia. I know, it is hard for you to believe but this is the truth.

Stanislav said...


You need to update your propaganda, not only has the Russian birthrate (that is white, Christian Russians) been going up, last year it was absolutely positive, as in population growth.

Take away your Mexicans and the Whites and Blacks in America are aborting themselves out of existence. Just becoming another defunct Latin American cleptocracy...all that's left to get there is the latin american majority.

The Russian aids rate is .6% of the population, about .2% higher than the US and at world average for Western nations. Western idol Ukraine is over 1%, still far from a deadly epidemic.

Yeah, because it's Russia that has been surrounding America while over throwing her allies in staged revolutions or just bombing them while arming the Islamic insurgency...oh wait, that's been the US for 20 years. Get a clue and a grip.

Yeah, that's why American fundis even created a whole pseudo Christian myth about Russia starting Armageddon.

Filip said...

Russia has had bad PR in the west for centuries. It seems no matter what the russian's do other than prostrate themselves before their betters, they are unhelpful, or paranoid, or fascist. This seems to be the case even when making Russia an ally is in America's interests. For instance, if America were to let Russia maintain its sphere of influence, I'm sure Russia would not be opposed to an alliance to contain China.

But our current governing and media elite (in America) has a inborn enmity towards Russia.

So even if Russia did give the financial collapse in the US a willing nudge, perhaps American leaders ought to ask themselves what Russia's interest in a financially strong US is? After all, they have done Russia no favors. And op-eds in America's most illustrious publications couldn't get over themselves with gloating about Russia's imminent collapse with the fall in oil prices.

So I say to the Russians, keep going strong. Do what you need to make your country strong. I think the sooner America's casino style financial sector collapses, the sooner we'll find the impetus to start making things here in the states

Przemyslaw said...

Hi Stanislav,

I am Polish and I really enjoy reading your articles. You are 100% right.
I wanted to say that it's not only USA that blames everything on Russia. In Poland our "free" press basically every week repeats that Russia wants to nuke Poland, Russia wants to make Poland part of the new Soviet Union, Russia wants to cut off gas supplies etc. Our media constantly tries to make us feel scared of Russia, to make us think that Russia is our enemy and the West is our great friend that gave us freedom. Our media never mentions that when Poland was communistic, there was no unemployment (now it's 12%, maybe even over 20% if the hidden one is counted as well), elictricity was more affordable, the quality of food was much better and more affordable. Now taxes are enormous, all great companies are privatized (owners are of course NOT Polish), people have to go abroad to make some money. I believe our country is destroyed because of the EU and the West.
It makes me really depressed...

David Macko said...

The Zionist state of Israel gets the largest amount, $3 billion per year, of American foreign aid. Egypt receives the second highest amount as a bribe not to attack Israel, as do other of its neighbors.
Of course, foreign aid is unconstitutional, does more harm than good and our country is broke.
Otherwise,Mr. Mishin's article is highly accurate and thoughtful, as usual.

D4Linthicum said...

Reflect for a moment on the poorer countries in the world; the "distressed areas" in the U.S.A., the Ukraine, or Latvia; the many individuals who are poverty stricken, lame, or blind. What about India, China, Vietnam? Add all the unfulfilled desires and yearnings of millions of people who want nothing more than better food, housing, clothing, medicine, hospitals, mink coats, and automobiles or how about putting three men on the moon.

Since we know that there is no magic power that will allow us to satisfy everyone's material wishes (with no effort), what should we do? Do you really think ‘full-employment is the answer?

This is propagandized nonsense because full-employment easily occurs in the gulag — everyone is always at work; plus they “get three hots and a cot.” You must recognize that this is not the same as freedom. Do you want freedom or security?

Additionally, think of what happens when your “humanitarian” position starts to gain a cultural footing. The notion that somehow, through some magic of ‘central planning’, men will be able to direct the thousands of necessary inputs for farming, production, and manufacturing to meet the material needs of everyone is also absurd.

The free market, and self-motivation provide the best impetus to work.

Look... If I want tomatoes on my salad, I can plan ahead and grow them, or I can trade my own property (money), goods or services. When the planners give me a pair of rotten tomatoes, my desires will not have been met. The statisticians will claim that every family on my block got a pair of tomatoes, but you see this is not the same as meeting the consumer’s desires. It is an equitable system, after all, everyone got their own little pair of tomatoes. But, this philosophy actually destroys human creativity and ingenuity.

Our respective cultures would be better served without government intervention. Let me grow my own tomatoes. Let me figure how I can produce a better tomato. Let me determine where to sell my tomatoes. Additionally, if I can get an extra 10 kopecks by selling my vegetables 10 blocks away — what is it to you? Let those people decide what they want for dinner tonight and how much their willing to spend.

Government control is creating the social and financial havoc in our world. Policies made by politicians reward political allies, friends, or big contributors. The rest of us our screwed until we dismantle this behemoth.