Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Russia Uses the Olympics to Bind Ties with Greece

What better than to use the Olympics than to pull back ancient allies into the Russian/Orthodox sphere?

President Medvedev invited Greece to participate in the construction of the Olympic grounds in Sochi, Russia. This is in addition to efforts to organize joint cruise ship lines across the Black Sea, to bring fans to the games, from SE Europe.

This will not only provide work for the hard pressed Greek population and thus badly needed income, but will bring our two peoples closer together. This is a very smart move, utilizing such occasions to pull our traditional allies away from the EU/NATO fog cloud and back into the sphere of Russia. Furthermore, the Goldman Sachs World Depression has shown our former Balkan allies that they are still viewed as second rate peoples by the West and has worked to bring them closer to Russia.

Russia's greatest strength in the area is not military or even economic, but our joint Orthodox faith, culture and shared history. This is something that the West is hard pressed to over come, however many of the local elites they buy out.


vonbach said...

Some things last longer than what mere money can buy.

Arius said...

If there are 150,000 illegal immigrants in Athens (or maybe it's all Greece), mostly Muslims, then how long will Greece remain in the Orthodox orbit?

I hope the 150,000 number that I read somewhere else on the web today is way off.

Anonymous said...

As I understand it, neither Greece nor Russia have much love for the Turks, who are reasserting themselves on many international fronts. Common enemies make good allies!
Does Russia have the resources right now to help the Greek government?
Romania and Bulgaria are also Orthodox countries, where the overwhelming majority of people are still believers unlike in Western and even Central Europe who have clear majority Atheist populations. Do you see Russia making inroads there as well?
The EU is proving to be a negligent caretaker!

Bob said...

In the interest of containing the wretched hive of villany and scum known as US/EU/NATO/NWO and maintaining world peace, Orthodox Russia must form military aliances with all its Orthodox neighbors including Georgia, Ukraine, Serbia, Armenia, Romania, etc...even if it means "engineering" the removal of certain western "puppet" heads of state.