Sunday, February 14, 2010

Now This Is Private Property Laws

This just in, Russia property rights, alive and well, even if the thieves are not.

One Mr. Skopintsev, a 73 year old retiree in the Primorye region of Russia, was plagued by thieves, stealing his potatoes and other vegatables. So, what is a lonely and victimized farmer to do? Why build 3 homemade, trip wire activated land mines, in his garage. Needless to say, the thief got a surprise of his life, the next time he came to rob this poor man of produce.

Of course the police cam and the farmer was arrested. After a full jury trial, the man was found guilty: guilty manufacturing land mines, not of defending his home and garden with deadly force. Furthermore, the 2.5 year prison sentence was suspended.

Now that is property rights.

Compare that to marry ole England, land of Freedom...or so their Ministry of Lies and Propaganda, the BBC, will let you know: an old couple on a farm, tired of being robbed, put up razor wire on a fence around their property. The local council and sheriff decreed that they had to take it down: a thief may be injured.

And God forbid you use excessive force in protecting your family who is being held at knife point during a home invasion robbery, why the self righteous and body guard protected hypocrites of the ruling Marxist regime of the UK will slap you down and send you to prison, not the thieves, the victims who fought back.

So who is free and reasonable and who is the police state tyranny, again?


Anonymous said...

Put a fork in it, the U.K. is done. The Bobbies get called "The STASI" these days because they are quicker to prosecute honest citizens for P.C. violations or thought crimes that criminal scum engaged in violent mayhem.

Col. B. Bunny said...


In late 19th-century Colorado some fellow shot and killed a trespasser on his property and no one blinked an eye. Now it would be madness to do so.