Friday, January 14, 2011

The Anglo Fear Mongering: Russia is "Evil" For Business

The Anglo Fear Mongering: Russia is "Evil" For Business

Yup, another bunch of Anglo "experts", this time a British company named MapleSoft has published yet another report, placing Russia and the Russian market between Pakistan, Iraq, Central African Republic and Somalia for risk and and we rank 2 lower than North Korea...goody. Yes, obviously we must be on the edge of a civil war with Islamic Jihadists (oops, thats more like Britain) or about to have a wave of cannibalism (well that may be Britain again, what with the economic outlooks and all).

Well, seems that a country that is over run by Islamic radicals, calling for revolution, that has an out of control deficit, worst in all of Europe, whose elders are dieing off at a rate of 120 per day from the cold, whose families are 26% "energy poor" aka can't afford to heat their homes or feed themselves. A country who fire journalists for speaking out and murderers experts who come forward about false wars. A country that crushes opposition parties (aka the BNP), a country that is bankrupt but spends hundreds of millions of pounds of its fake printed out of control currency on cameras, tracking devices, phone snoopers, trash checkers and other police state tactics, is not just oki-doki for investment, but heck, according to most, has a AAA rating on its debt (yes the US has it too, the biggest debter in the world and in human history).

Yes, merry ole England, the sickman of Europe, on its death bed is rated A++, but Russia, with a bigger market, non-nationalize economy (actually the government is carrying out one of the biggest business asset sell offs in modern history, this year, is #9 as the worst economy? The 6th largest economy in the world, well past England, the 2nd largest in Europe and projected to pass the Germans in 6 years, is the most feared economy according to these "experts"!

Equally, the biggest pan handlers of the world, the US, with mass invasion of Mexicans, gangs, drugs, Islamics (with dozens of minor terror acts to boot), a collapsing housing market worse than the Great Depression, no civilian industry worth mentioning, a municipal bond market in free fall and a real unemployment rate of over 20% is equally rated as "low" risk.

One of their reasons is the increased Islamic terror, which incidentally, has the usual suspects finger prints all over it: the US/UK/Turkey and their owners the House of Snakes and Sodomites aka the House of Saud, the most lecherous, evil bunch of demonic whores who have ever trampled God's green earth....or at least the sandy brown parts of it.

They then rate Russia as corrupt in the government/business sector, and yes, it is not doubt there is plenty of that and there is, but this coming from a pack of hyenas who caused the global melt down and who, instead of imprisoning the crooks, instead pulled them into government and rewarded them with bailouts and tons more free money. This from governments of billionaires, who often time enter as little above the middle class and shortly there after see their fortunes balloon. One recent study found that while the American government, for example, admitted that the average American salary fell for a second year in a row and by some 8% (thus it more then likely is falling for the 10th year and by 20%) the US parliament's net worth went up 16%. Hmmm.

Of course these "experts" brought up Khodorkovsky. I am sure his citizenship in Mafia UK and the city of Londonistan is waiting, since its the Anglo way to give all of our criminals and terrorists citizenship and protection. But then again, London has been a cesspool of radicalism and scum well before even Marx ran there for his life, after his failed revolutions of 1848.

Equally, of course, such giants of selective journalism as MSN were publishing this one the front page of their Russian version, which greeted me this morning.

And by the way, is it any wonder that the rating companies, that give the bankrupt, corrupt assassins of the world's economy, those very black hearted bankster run mafia states of the US/UK AAA ratings, are also US/UK companies?

Why does anyone actually listen to them?

Time to wake up to reality. The Anglos are the biggest Kleptocracies in human history and anything they say, you would be well obliged to do the exact opposite of.

PS: if anyone, especially those of the British Nationalists, sick and tired of what their government and its cronies such as this company are doing and covering up for, want to give them a piece of your mind, their email is:


Anonymous said...

A new twist,it seems the rating agencies are being 'advised' to polish their assesments. The feds and their UK equivalents are hanging a Democles sword over their heads.Never in known history was such a vile crew in power.Dont feel bad, false assesments of Russia make them feel better . Believe me, they wish they could dismember Russia , not just bad mouth her.Stay sharp and strong.

Anonymous said...

Update, I guess BP didnt get the memo. They just signed a 9 billion dollar swap agreement with Rosneft.

Anonymous said...

I was going to do a post on that sneering patronizing MapleSoft nonsense, but it wouldn't have been any better than this. Good job.

Pervych said...

"London has been a cesspool of radicalism and scum well before even Marx ran there for his life"??? БОГ ПРОКЛИНАЕТ ИХ ВСЕ!!!