Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter of British Discontent, Spring of British Fire

Winter of British Discontent, Spring of British Fire

In the coldest winter in British recorded history, there's that global warming again, while the British quite literally freeze, one may be excused for missing the storm that is brewing for the old and possibly soon deceased UK.

First the winter. The UK has fallen so far that they are now loosing an average of around 120 elderly a day to the cold, with many riding trains, buses and subways all day, or sitting in libraries, to keep from freezing. As well, some one in three British families are now in what is being called "fuel poverty" a nice way of saying that families must now choose between feeding themselves and their kids or staying warm. Kinda like calling shell shock, battle fatigue...sure it sounds nicer to the slobs who have not lived through it but it sure as hell does not make it any less painful. To add to this, British energy providers are in the midst of price increases, averaging 5%, all part of the inflation from the 13% deficit spending of the past 2 years, even as British employers are announcing pay freezes. See, is not loose monetary policy and Bankster economics fun? Even rail is rising at 12%, making travel that much more "affordable".

Well, those 28,160 dead and frozen elderly are that fewer bodies that the bankrupt NHS has to deal with and that fewer bodies the Islamics will have to butcher in their take over. Add to that Energy Minister Charles Hendry warning of fuel oil shortages and rationing and all looks just adorable for merry ole pauper Britain.

And who is going to fix the broken water mains and the pot holed roads, which the ice has helped along into their proper third world look and feel?

But this is just the beginning and the cold may just be a short saving grace from the boiling tempers and protests that will send the UK rocking.

On the left: the government unions, students, welfare queens and Islamics, all living off of that massive 13% deficits that are unsustainable and that have bankrupted the elderly and their retirement savings. Not that these parasites care, they just want the easy cash....and the Islamics want a free hand in murder too, but that is another story.

On the right you have the nationalists, who after all this slumber, started to wake up and found they were not a minority. They started tapping into the general anger, simmering under the British bland and walla, in one vote the British National Party went from nothing to 7%! They even have a member of the Euro-parliament. The Bolshevik (Labour)/Menshavik (Tory) crowd sure as hell took notice, of course.

The Marxists of the EU are anything but happy about this little development or similar ones in Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Hungary and Germany. In one fell swoop, they are now the witch that the British bankster elites are hunting. 2nd November 2010: Michael Gove, the Secretary of State for Education, told The Guardian newspaper that he would allow the firing of any teacher known to be in the, Herr Cameron, will this follow with a Crystal Nacht? “I don't believe that membership of the BNP is compatible with being a teacher. One of the things I plan to do is to allow headteachers and governing bodies the powers and confidence to be able to dismiss teachers engaging in extremist activity.”

Have they fired many radical Islamics? Or any Islamics? Hardly, those are the storm troopers and colonizers of the Western elites, the 1% that will quickly and conveniently convert for show while living like the Caliphs of old.

The Orwellian Equality and Human Rights Commission, paid for by the British serfs, is now following proceedings to outlaw the BNP, under sections 24 and 25(5) of the Equality Act, on the issue that BNP membership was confined to natives of the British Isles and white foreigners.

If they loose, they would actually be forced to accept those who do not hold their views, thus destroying them as a party. All of it "quasi" legal like, for these civilized blokes. Worst, they could be loose and be sued for breach of final order, which would hand over all their property to the banksters and place the leadership in jail. Not that merry ole, preachy naggy England has political prisoners, right? Right?

But worst for worst, even if the BNP wins, they will be in no financial shape or form to fight in the political arena. And they will be thus suppressed with at least some of the money of their own members, since it is their tax pounds pounding them into the ground...all "legal" like, you know.

What this is now and should be loudly telling the vast majority of Britains, whom are still overly a nice, righteous conservative bunch, is that they have no rights, they have no voice or say and the political process is to shut them out and the economic process is to shut them out. People like this know that there is still a way and its the bloody, painful violent way.

Thus England is about to burn, with 40% slashes in this second world's state's budgets and the welfare queens on the one side and the really pissed off natives on the other. The slimmed and cut down military will be just about the right size to massacre the civilians and declare martial law. However, even that might not be enough, once the Argentinians take the Falklands, with barely a pip from the castrated, toothless, tailless lion of the British crown.

Either way, with warm weather, the news agencies will have a lot to cover and their owners a lot to spin, as merry ole England itself spins out of control.


Anonymous said...

Brilliantly Article and a perfect insight into all thats going wrong in poor old Britain.

Anonymous said...

Brilliantly Article and a perfect insight into all thats going wrong in poor old Britain.

Anonymous said...

And in USA right on cue a'lone gunman' shoots a judge and congress woman .Already the propaganda organs are trying to use this to demonise the tea party even though this clown had nothing to do with tea party.Just like BNP in Britain , when the marxists get beaten in elections, they return to their bolshie roots.About time the Brits reattached their balls.

Pervych said...

"as merry ole England itself spins out of control."...со все возрастающей гордыни, в виде проклятого тиранов в Брюсселе!!! БОГ ПРОКЛИНАЕТ ИХ ВСЕ!!!

andromedios said...