Sunday, January 23, 2011

London: of Villainy, Hypocrisy and Exile or Here Comes Mukhtar Ablyazov

London, the Babylon of the West, long ago built upon spilled blood, stolen corpses and fortunes, is no stranger to the scum of the earth, as long as they come with large money bags or have deep pursed sponsors.

From the likes of Carl Marx, fleeing his failed 1848 revolution in Prussia, to the modern Oligarchical scum such as Berezovsky, who call London home, it is the best place for them to run. Not even America, with a penchant for allowing its former puppets, often themselves the absolute scum of humanity, to settle, can match, pound for pound, such putridity of humanity that has accumulated in Londonistan aka London.

London has its own host of Islamic wackos, both born in the UK, such as Mr. Dallas, head of an Islamic terror organization with tens of thousands of followers world wide, to various Egyptians, N.Africans, Pakistanis and Chechens. There is the Arabic Abu Hamza Masri, who armless, has been the cause of thousands of deaths, preaching Jihad and blood lust to the modern death cult god. "get an infidel and crush his head in your arms, so you can wring his throat. Forget wasting a bullet, cut them in half!" So is it any wander that terrorist scum such as Akhmed Zakayev and other Chechen Jihadists find London so welcoming? By the way, it seems that there has been a string of Chechen Islamics dieing outside of Russia, which is a good thing. That Radio Free Europe, the American mouth piece, did a sob story on them ( As Hit Men Strike, Concern Grows Among Chechen Exiles) shows just how good a thing it is.

Yes, even the world famous Osama bin Laden opened a radio station in London in 1994. Its the in place to be, if you are rich, murderous, criminal, jihadist or all of the above.

But we are concentrating today on a different type of terrorist, these are the financial criminals who have made London home. Joining the ranks of such infamous and prized men of the English elite as Boris Berezovsky, Yevgeny Chichvarkin and Abram Reznikov enters one Mukhtar Ablyazov.

Never heard of Mr. Mukhtar Ablyazov? Well, this man is now the king of the scams, not simply out doing Bernie Madoff, but doubling his scam. This is a man, who single handedly bankrupted his country of Kazakhstan and then went off to enjoy his billions in a same lap of luxury: London.

Mr. Ablyazov built BTA bank, which to Kazakhstan is something akin to Alpha Bank, Gazprom Bank and Sberbank all rolled up into one: say like he owned and ran Bank of America, Citibank and Chase, all in one and with a goodly dash of the federal reserve, for my Yank readers.

While he laundered money in Russian real state firms, through a dozen different front firms, and other off shore investments, worth almost $100 billion, he himself pocketed a messily $12 billion. Four of his top managers in Russia were arrested and await prosecution, but the main henchmen escaped with his boss to the UK. That he had the direct involvement of such organization of high repute as Royal Bank of Scotland, Credit Suisse, ING and Morgan Stanley (I know, you are shocked, shocked I say), surely does not make it worse for him. Indeed it will make staying in London that much easier.

Mr. Ablyazov took to calling himself the second president of Kazakhstan, which helped his case, since he now claims that all of this is just politics from Kazakhstan, and has nothing to do with the Kazakh government having to bail out his failed scams with most of its oil reserves, even as BTA now files bankruptcy in a US court, to protect itself and its resources from Russian, American and other creditors howling at the gates.

That this man left a global train wreck of half finished construction projects, destroyed companies and bankrupted lives, matters little to the English authorities, why should it? After all, he has what is needed: a very large portfolio in the English banks.

But folks, what can one say, when the very royalty, in the form of Queen Victoria, were once the world's biggest narco-crime lords, flooding China with heroine, fighting two wars to import yet more heroine and making a tidy profit off of all of it?

Yes, London's and its master's vile, black roots run deep, straight through the soul and the fires of Hell itself.


Juniper in the Desert said...

No doubt this scum is cosily holed up in the Redgrave household, with the other one!

Pervych said...
Отметьте очень хорошо стандарты!!!

Rusty Mason said...

Though their overlords are full of bad people, regular English and Welsh people are very nice.