Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Out Terror the Terrorists

Out Terror the Terrorists

We are at that stage again, that ever repeating stage: where we are once again piecing together who did what and who was behind what, in a terror attack. As always the government swears revenge, and to Medvedev's and Putin's credit, they often follow through, killing the next rank or two up on the command chain, within a few short months.

So what?

Why do I say this? Because, as usual, we are reacting and only cutting off another of the hydra's heads and never piercing its heart.

The simple fact is, these maggot of humanity, this pond scum (ok, I am sorry pond scum, you do serve a purpose in God's world) has only one weak spot: terror and as such, we must out terror the terrorists. No I am not just speaking about the idiot cannon fodder carrying out the attacks, but about the whole network.

The terror must be structured and merciless and in the long run it will break the enemy and his will.


By collective punishment of course, followed up with reprisal assassinations.

It should be a set approach. For the first rank, the cannon fodder who carried out the attack: their parents' house and belongings, as well as those of any siblings, should be destroyed. Simple as that. Burned to the ground and the family members tossed out on the street.

For those who planned it out, they and their wives, prevents black widows by leaving no widows, should be hunted down and shut. Their small children given to a Church orphanage. Each family member to the 2nd generation: dvaurodnii, that is 1st cousins and 1st uncles, all should have their houses destroyed and the families left destitute.

For the heads that gave the orders, the same, but kill the brothers and the sisters and their wives and husbands as well and all family to the fourth generation will have their homes razed.

Now we get to the actual pay masters, almost always, beyond our borders, usually in Qatar or Yemen or Saudi Arabia. These are princes and until their planes, cars and homes are not exploding, preferably with them and their families in them, this will never end. Let the Saudi royals die off by a few dozen and the very cash sponsoring this horror, will dry up.

The mental level of this scum, albeit very rich scum, is no different then that of the Somali Islamic pirates. Once we lost a dozen of them at sea, they blustered and threatened, but should they hear that a Russian ship is coming, they drop everything and run away.

Out terror the terrorists and our children will grow up without terror.

Let them eat bullets.


Juniper in the Desert said...

It is more than just disappointing to see this happen in Russia. Who else is going to deal with these scum in an appropriate way? You may not know it but many people have looked at the way Russia deals with terror, in admiration.For instance, how the Russians put a stop to any islamist kidnappings of their officials in Lebanon, in the 1970's and 80's.
But now we see that Putin has succumbed to the same disease that is prevalent in the UK, EU and USA.
Why is he allowing this to happen? Because he, like Blair, has allowed it! Is it some global pact with the islamist devil? For the life of me I can't see what else it is!!
Or is he too busy practising gymnastics with his little friend?

Col. B. Bunny said...

I agree. Excellent. Until we are serious about inflicting pain on those who inflict pain on us, we will ensure only more pain. Enough of barbarian scum.

Anonymous said...

Condolences on your casualties.Dont jump to conclusions.This affair stinks.

1 It happens right after Medvedev confirmed Russia still honours Sov era recognition of Palistine.

2 It prevented Medvedev giving keynote speech in Davos.

3 It reinforces infantile 'war on terror' narrative.

4 Chechnya?What evidence? Yeah this is their way,but hit international arrivals and risk tourist casualties and/or killing any visiting anglo/mossad handlers

Mossad motto-'By deception thou shalt war'

Pervych said...

Они, и другие различные секты, должны быть опустошена, за пределами России!!!Советский ублюдок должен умереть, или он будет продолжать убивать!!! P.S. Эти трагедии происходят во времена благополучия, и только соединение в трудные времена.ie. Сегодня "Голос России" отчеты предстоящей нехватки продовольствия с возможными беспорядками пищи ...БОГ ПРОКЛИНАЕТ ИХ ВСЕ!!!

vonbach said...

You have my condolences. Don't start acting like
jews because of this.

reprise8 said...

It really is very simple. It applies to common criminals as well as terrorists. If the criminal/terrorist behavior is continuing, it means, plain and simple, that the downside of committing the acts is not serving as a disincentive. If you want the criminal/terrorist acts to stop, you must continually increase the penalty until it does stop. There is no other alternative. This is not rocket science.

jack said...

The head if the snake is British intelligence and London as well as Washington especially Brzezinski who recently with a NED sponsored event promoting the exiled terrorist foreign ministers book in Washington Ilyas Akhmadov's and Mariam Lanskoy's book: 'Chechen Struggle: Independence Won and Lost'

The only true way to fight the terror network Stas is to expose it which I have been warning for years now including on this blog for Russian to take this terrorism issue seriously especially now that Medvedev is steam rolling Russia into a direction of disaster whose policy and direction is praised by Brzezinski.

Putin was not much better were he would censor and not release the evidence he has gathered of foreign support to Chechen terrorists.

Here are some links as evidence from indictments in US court cases dealing with individuals and organisations involved in supporting Chechen terrorism.

US v. Al-Haramain Islamic Foundation, et al.

US v. Benevolence International Foundation, et al.

9/11 law suit. (Financial history of “Al Qaeda”, lists banking and financial connections to Chechen militants).

US v. Ahmad, Babar (Azzam Publications, Basayev and Khattabs webmaster).

US v. Ahsan, Syed Taha (helped run Azzam affiliated websites)

Phoenix memo the source the investigator interviewed had photocopied pictures of Bin Ladin, Khattab and wounded Chechen fighters posted on his living room wall.

Some Chechen- 9/11 connections and what the media did not mention (by no means fully extensive).

Qatari regime financed Basayeav and Khattabs invasion of Dagestan in 99 (from the 9/11 lawsuit).

Hell it the same strategy they use in supporting Marxist international terrorism against Russia and a carbon copy which includes the same militants, organisations and NGO’s against the Serbs including most of the propaganda stories including the ever changing death toll which in the aftermath of the Beslan massacre was routinely reported at an impossible 250,000 even citied in Channel 4’s interview with Basayeav in 2005 to now over 100,000 which be sheer coincidence is the same numbers cited as being killed in the Bosnian war and the mass rape myth.

I hope Russia takes Putin’s lead in modernisation and bases Russian modernisation on Linux and modified open source programs not CIA linked Microsoft so it suffers a Stuxnet attack.

Bob said...

As long as the big money boys believe they are safe in their Paris and Monte Carlo condominiums, these cowardly acts of terror will continue. You're right Stas. Not until royal blood is being spilled, will there be significant change. Juniper has a great memory, reminding us of the soviet approach to counter terrorism in Lebanon during the 70's and 80's. For those who don’t remember or who might not even have been around then, the approach was simple and straightforward. When a soviet official was snatched by one of these "groups", several male members of the perp’s family would be "rounded up" by Soviet intelligence. One of these had his vital anatomical members surgically removed and delivered to his perp kin with a note advising that unless he (the perp) wanted to receive delivery of similar anatomical parts of his remaining family members, it would be good to release the kidnapped official ASAP. As I recall, the Soviet official was released within hours. By contrast, when the CIA Head of Station (I forget his name) in Beruit was snatched during the Reagan Administration around the same time, nothing was done to gain his release and he remained in jihadist custody for many months undergoing enhanced interrogation until finally being assassinated.

David B. Carvalho said...

I am in favor of drastic measures, yes, but then I feel compelled to ask: did you criticize St. Augustine's concept of just war or only its misuse?