Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Russia-Iran, The Finger Wagging of US "Conservatives"

Once more a tragedy has hit Russia, in the form of Islamic Sunni jihad and even as the bodies are still cooling, the so called conservatives in the US are exercising their fingers wagging them at us and declaring that we had this coming. You can find their comments on one blog or forum after another.

Why? Well simple, you see, we "sponsor" Iran, that is, we do not buy into the US fantasy on Iran and do not back the Anglos in their drive to wage another war in the Middle East, there fore, in their twisted logic, by being allied to Iran, we give Iran reason to cause these attacks. What is to Fear From a Nuclear Iran?

Proof, none, why should there be, why should facts get in the way of a good "conservative" US rant? After all, the vast majority there have drank so much of the cool-aid of their endless One Party Two Branch propaganda, that is all they know. Few show any real cognitive ability and even less a combined drive to ferret out the truth. Those are called paleo-conservatives, such as Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul and a few others, and are ridiculed by so called main stream conservatives, who have no problems cutting spending and abortions, as long as they can pour the savings into bombs and murdering civilians, in other nations.

By their own warped logic, what then does the US deserve for being the pivot man of the Islamic Sunni Jihad circle jerk? After all, the US is the number one protector of such Islamic Jihad sponsors as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Yemen and others. After all, it was the US who led the way in the Islamic Jihad in Bosnia, and Serbia's Kosovo, while arming Islamic Turks to massacre Greeks, both in the 1920s and in the 1970s. After all, it was the US who saved the PLO from extermination and legitimizing forcing the Israelis to give this scum a state.

It was the US who created the modern Islam International terror networks, in Pakistan and Afghanistan and helped them spread, till they went off the reservation and hit their pay masters on 9/11.

There is even quite a bit of evidence the US sponsored, along with much of the rest of NATO, the endless Chechen wars, in our own country. Plan Kavkaz. Even the endlessly droning US CIA mouth piece, Radio "Free" Europe had sob stories of Chechen islamics eating bullets, last year, in exile in ever so friendly Saudi Arabia.

Well gentlemen, by your own warped logic, what you deserve to get is a thousand times worse then Domodedova. But in truth, what is the reality is that these Islamic attacks are Sunni and their main sponsors are the Saudi owners of DC and until the Saudi princes are the ones blowing up with Russian bombs under their cars, this crap will never end.

Let the sponsors of terror, the paymasters of the US gov, the Saudi royal scum, taste some terror for a change and watch a lot of this Islamic jihad temper down, really quick.


petkov said...

It's very funny how you can be SO right in one post and so full of pure shit in another. Only when it serves your storyline of course. So the West likes to wage wars in the Middle East eh? Gee maybe that's what makes the Arabs so mad, you think? Same as how Russia waged 20 years wars in Chechnia i recall. Maybe THAT's why you got terrorists in Russia blowing Russians up. You think there might be a connection eh pal? Maybe you need to look into it before writing another hate filled article against Muslims.
But then again anybody who praises Monarchy is a nutcase no matter how one looks at him.

Anonymous said...

@ petkov.How do you compare US wars 10000 miles from home, to Russia dealing with a region in its own territory.Most Chechens would rather stay in Russia rather than become a narco/slaver/terrorist badland like kosova.Also their are only two forms of government-Monarchy and oligarchy which hides behind fronts called democracy, communism ,facism etc.Whats your choice? More mayhem has occured under these 'governments' since Paris 1793 than all the kings in history combined.