Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shoot the Boer? Nah, Save the Boer!

Shoot the Boer? Nah, Save the Boer!

With the likes of Bono singing songs about Shooting the Boer, in South Africa, of all places, where the savages in charge are doing just that, while the same US/UK elite who pat Albanian butchers and organ donors on the head also give a wink and a nod to the African savages murdering their most productive citizens for the colour of their skin, while running a Marxist terror state...what is one to do?

Russia has always said it is not the West, that it stands opposed to and as a counter cultural and political system to the demented West. Time to up the ante, sorta speak and show the true colour. The Boers are an oppressed white Christian people, in many ways, similar to our own Cossacks. When the Anglo British landed upon them, seeking to steal their lands as soon as gold and diamonds were discovered, 45,000 Boers, fighting on horse in hit and run tactics grounded over 400,000 British regulars. They bankrupted the British empire with that war, fighting to protect their lands. Only when the British strung barbed wire and pill boxes and took their brave men's families into concentration camps, the world's first real concentration camps, were these defenders forced to surrender.

Now, with the devolution of the West and its former colonies, into a new dark age of barbarianism, the Boers, deprived of their lands and their ability to defend themselves, are daily victims of the devil's spawn that the Western Marxists have released to curse us all.

In truth, their survival in South Africa is impossible. As South Africa rots, under ever more psychotic Marxist and Racist rule, the powers that be, with a population bathing in AIDS and violence, need victims to blame this on. In all intents, the Boers are South Africa's Jews of Nazi Germany.

Let us, the Orthodox Christian Russians, not repeat the mistakes of the past hundred years. As victims ourselves of countless Anglo Marxist machinations, let us show sympathy to these people. We have plenty of space in our huge nation. Armed and allowed to defend themselves, the Boers, it is my belief, would make an excellent and loyal border peoples to place in the North Caucuses. Further, the 1 million Boers will help to radically alter the local demographics.

The Boers as a nation should petition the Russian government for refugee status, pledging loyalty to Russia, in exchange for land.

In such a manner, there is still a chance and the message that we would be sending to the Anglos would be loud and clear, that their degenerate actions, immoral hypocrisy will have an alternative in this world.


Juniper in the Desert said...

Maybe I should write a new song about the brilliant SAS killing off Irish provo scum in Ulster: "The SAS Are Heroes!!(Kill More Irish, and that definitely includes Bono!)"

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Hi Matt,

Thanks for your support. There is indeed such a petition, which has been drafted, and has so far been sent to the five EU Progenitor Nations of Holland, UK, France, Germany and Switzerland. The Petition is also to be sent to other nations, and will be submitted to Russian Officials within the next few months.
The Petition and Briefing Paper are available at: and

Can I add your blog to the list of blogs who endorse the Petition?

Many thanks for speaking up in support of the Boers; and inviting us to become Boer Cossacks! I hope the Boers shall seriously consider their options, considering worldwide European demographic realities!

Anonymous said...

You, my friend, are one of the few people of the "civilised" world that show any sympathy for our cause here on the southern tip of an ever darkening continent. For this I thank you.

I am a white South African farmer, an Afrikaner Boer! I - and my forefathers - have fought for this country of ours for over 300 years. Still we have not a land to call our own, free from Imperialism, Communism, Liberalism and any other oppressive state you care to mention.

You must surely know that Russia was one of the few allies the Boer republics had in its wars of independence against British Imperialism (1880 - 1881 and 1899 - 1902).

My Lord God in heaven has a purpose with the Europeans here in South Africa. Our history has numerous examples of divine intervention through His grace and mercy and we will continue to fight the good fight here for as long as it is His will.

Our prayers are that His will will be done, His timetable is not our timetable.

Thank you for shining your light on our plight here, it is the plight that is befalling all white European nations. We are merely slightly ahead of what awaits them worldwide. My hope is that we can become allies again, that we can support each other in the madness that envelops the Christian world.

Regards from South Africa.

jack said...


Good to see you are focusing on again western terrorist support for Chechen lead jihadists. NOT!

In case you missed it in your Who sponsors terror? article I posted a link with western news reports British based security firms operating Islamic training camps in the US for jihadists to fight in Chechnya, Kosovo, etc along with all the other evidence I have posted in the past.

@Juniper in the Desert

SAS terrorist thugs trained KLA, Chechen and other jihadists.

@Andrea Muhrrteyn

I wouldn’t count on Medvedev doing much he is following what his City of London shock therapy economic advisors and western NGO’s are telling him to do with disastrous consequences for Russia.

And yes although the ANC was supported by the USSR the main thrust of support against the Boars with an international media campaign and British banks refusing to lend loans to the South African government was Great Britain with major state assets like De Beers mining still owned by Rothschild.

Our dear foreign secretary Mr Milliband who championed Kosovo independence and wanted US and British naval fleets moved to the Black Sea during the orchestrated Georgian conflict since his great grandfather has long standing ties to Marxist Communism whose father was good friend with Joe Slovo.

“Foreign Secretary David Miliband was accused last night of condoning terrorism after declaring that there were circumstances in which it was ‘justifiable’.

His remarks – made in support of the ANC’s armed struggle against apartheid in South Africa – were swiftly condemned by the Conservatives, who accused him of giving succour to the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The military wing of the ANC carried out a number of terrorist attacks during its campaign, including the Church Street bombing in Pretoria in 1983 in which 19 people were killed and more than 200 wounded. Many of the victims were civilians.

Mattexian said...

I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments. I've said before, that this Texan finds a very sympathetic underdog in the Boers, especially the Bitter Enders (since I am a descendant of similarly bitter Confederates). I wish that my own nation had done more to stand up for them during their struggle with British invaders. I made a minor study of their history (as it is completely neglected in US schools' version of "world history"), until I nearly drove myself mad from the outrage at the injustices dumped upon the Boers after their defeat, throughout South Africa's last century. I am proud that some of the Bitter Enders chose to migrate to my own state, to start again, contributing to our culture and prosperity. Any hope that the current residents of the White House would act to offer refuge in the US to the Boers today, would be spitting in the wind.

Jacques said...

Thank you for your sympathy and support, but never will I swear loyalty to any other people or country other than my God and my people. I am a boer and it is on the southern tip of africa that I shall fight and die for a republic to call my own, where the vierkleur is waving freely. Nevertheless, I shall fight on your side against marxist forces should that be required.

anu said...

mat, below is an article from 11 years ago;

it speaks of two critical points about russia in just to sentences...

1. western sustenance of a drunkard in power in russia to further their own agenda AND
2. russia will regain its prestige [11 years ago].

this article i keep reading again and again from time to time...just to appreciate how prophetic it was...

Anonymous said...
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Tia Mysoa said...

Great posting Stanislav!

Thanks for coming up for the Boers, but don’t forget that there are a considerable number of half-Boer, half-British, half-Scottish, etc.. citizens in South Africa, who have also been victimized and slaughtered by these African savages, simply because of the colour of their skin. Many of these people follow the exact same ideologies of the Afrikaner-Boers, the only difference is that they speak English, although they can also speak fluent Afrikaans - often with the exact same accent as the Boer.

The animosity between Boer and Brit, which was sparked off by the Anglo-Boer wars, and the propaganda that followed later, has long been forgotten and buried. Bear also in mind that these groups fought side-by-side in the South African Border War (1966 to 1989).

I am one of the half-Boer half-Brit individuals who served my country for 24 years of my life. Today I have absolutely nothing to show for it, and it feels like I’m living in a foreign hostile country. I can honestly not see the sense or purpose of staying here a moment longer.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Bravo for this post!

Friends of the forgotten and ignored White Africans are very few and far between in the world today. Thank you for your support.

Please let your readers VIEW THIS LINK while it is still available.I put in the wrong link there in the previous comment. Sorry about that. This album is proof of the slaughter going on, and it will possibly be taken down by Facebook as soon as they are alerted to it. These images should be copied and sent to every corner of the world.

Any government, international body, main stream media or individual that is aware of this horrific onslaught against the White minority in South Africa, and has the ability to report theses crimes, but fails to do so, is complicit in the crimes.

Racial crimes against White South Africans has become a national and international secret and cover up.

Pervych said...

Проклятая система богатства, возможно, не продвинулась, к вреду Капитала христианской Цивилизации вообще, и Россия в частности без них проклинал "savages in charge",кого, в заговоре с той же самой системой животного, безуспешно позволил грязным язычникам черномазого загрязнять, наряду с ними, та территория!!!
Их грязные отступнические соотечественники, на их собственную родину, из которой эти распространители Ереси и Геноцида не имели никакого права отбыть, должны удалить проклятое столпотворение, что они позволили Нидерландам быть загрязненными, давая должное рассмотрение их собственным людям, и не в отчаянии предполагая на двуличность других!!! БОГ ПРОКЛИНАЕТ ИХ ВСЕ!!!

Pervych said...

P.S.Спасите Россию!!! БОГ ПРОКЛИНАЕТ ИХ ВСЕ!!!

exefron said...

god save russia.but most important russians save russia,and maybe the rest of the world from the grasp of the babylonian elit.greetings from greece.we are still fighting and we didnt say our last word.not even the first

Anonymous said...

We should utterly boycott Africa, especially foreign aid, until the Boer get their rightful land returned to them. Let us mark the dirty scum white traitors who caused this current situation in SA.

Anonymous said...

We should utterly boycott South Africa until the land that belongs to the Boer is returned to them. Let us mark the dirty scum white traitors that caused the current situation in SA.

David Macko said...

If "our" government had any loyalty to the American people and Christianity, "our" leaders would invite the Boers to come to the United States. They have the same pioneer traditions which Americans used to admire.