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The Kuril Islands Solution: Joint Development with Japan

The Kuril Islands Solution: Joint Development

Let us begin with this: to both sides this is a matter of honour. Yes, the Japanese must understand that they are not the only honour bound people and equally we will not give up territory. Furthermore, on the legal front, we have the real law standing behind us proving that these islands our ours and that the Japanese had accepted as much.

In a 2005 article in The Japan Times, journalist Gregory Clark writes that official Japanese statements, maps and other documents from 1951 and the statements by the head of the U.S. delegation to the San Francisco conference, John Foster Dulles, make it clear that at the time the San Francisco Treaty was concluded in October 1951, both Japan and the United States considered the islands of Kunashiri and Etorofu to be a part of the Kuril Islands and to be covered by Article (2c) of the Treaty.[4] Clark made a similar point in a 1992 New York Times opinion column.[15] In a 2001 book, Seokwoo Lee, a Korean scholar on international law, quotes the October 19, 1951 statement in Japan's Diet by Kumao Nishimura, Director of the Treaties Bureau of the Foreign Ministry of Japan, stating that both Etorofu and Kunashiri are a part of the Kuril Islands and thus covered by Article (2c) of the San Francisco Treaty.[16]

Thus it is obvious that these were and are our territories.

Of course, the American elites stirred this controversy to make sure that first the Soviet Union and Japan and now Russia and Japan would remain enemies or at least in a cold peace. This is how the Anglos maintain power in regions, this is also why they will make sure that S.Korea can not conquer and reunify N.Korea, how else to maintain their own presence?

In 1952, the US Senate ratified a resolution that the USSR and thus Russia, had no title to the Kurils. Again, what right they had, as usual, none, but why should that stop them from the tradition of starting wars and conflicts and making money off of them?

As part of such advice and consent the Senate states that nothing the treaty [San Francisco Peace Treaty] contains is deemed to diminish or prejudice, in favor of the Soviet Union, the right, title, and interest of Japan, or the Allied Powers as defined in said treaty, in and to South Sakhalin and its adjacent islands, the Kurile Islands, the Habomai Islands, the Island of Shikotan, or any other territory, rights, or interests possessed by Japan on December 7, 1941, or to confer any right, title, or benefit therein or thereto on the Soviet Union.

The Americans spur this on, trying to maintain enemies around Russia, by stating that until a peace treaty is signed between Russia and Japan, these Islands are occupied territory. Of course they know full well that this means no peace treaty. Of course this had not stopped our development of trade and relations with the former ruling party of Japan, the Liberal Democrats. Is it any wonder that the Americans were so thrilled that Prime Minister Naoto Kan and his socialists of the Democratic Party of Japan came to power?

As with all socialists, American and British included, they have screwed the Japanese economy, making the small recovery disappear. Rotting everything they have touched and with their own popularity in collapse, they have allied with their natural friends and first cousins, the Fascists, themselves but a form of Marxism.

"Due to the spontaneous statement by Prime Minister Naoto Kan, the foreign minister's visit to Russia which followed became absolutely pointless," said Shigeru Ishiba, a leader of Japan's major opposition party, the Liberal Democratic Party.

The Kurils offer not only great fish stocks, but also off shore petroleum deposits, magnesium, titanium, and rhenium, amongst others (such as pyrite, sulfur, etc).

Thus the solution is cooperation in an exclusive economic zone for joint Japanese-Russian companies. In this way, both sides can benefit and money can flow in. If nothing else, the territories can be turned into a demilitarized buffer zone. Joint funding, joint exploitation. Upon this can be hinged further development, economic and military. In the end of things, Russia and Japan, once Japan is decoupled from Anglo vassalhood, have a lot more in common in defense, with giant China nearby, then as adversaries.

Russia is already crazy about Japanese culture, with more Soushi spots in total, then probably even in all of Japan. This is something that can and should be built upon.

But the reality is this: first, if Japan does not move and move fast, others, such as Korea and China will and are already making noises to help develop the chain and thus permanently edge out Japan.

To that the Socialists said this, proving to be amateurs:

Seiji Maehara, Japanese Foreign Minister, said, "Investment into the Northern Territories from a third country do not comply with the position of Japan, it complicates the situation. I would like to emphasize that."

And two, these talks must be held with realistic and responsible partners, not two bit, American backed amateurs, such as the ruling Socialist party. The Liberal Democrats are a prime, rational choice.

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