Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Who Sponsors Terror?

Who Sponsors Terror?

With the upcoming collapse of one MidEast regime after another, the very doing of the US elites , the neocons are working hard, frothing at the mouth, to drive their base into another anti-Russian delirium.

Take this little snippet from the so called American Thinker.

It has been my longstanding assertion that Muslim terrorism is simply a false flag operation, managed in the background by our main enemies, Russia and Red China. Almost since the beginning, Muslim terrorist organizations have been supported and nurtured by the Soviet Union or its Middle Eastern surrogates.

It seems to me, that Mr James Simpson and the American "Thinker" and their thinking, are the very reason that America and because of them, the world, are in such a mess.

Well, Mr. Simpson, shall we remember who led the Arab armies into Israel in 1948, while Stalin sent tankers and fighter pilots to help the Jews? Yes, it was British and French officers.

Shall we remember who saved that bugger of small boys, Arafat and his murderers from extermination by the IDF and the Lebonese Christian Army? Yes, Reagan's marines. And who made Arafat into a world "leader"? Yes, Clinton.

And who placed Sadam into power and supported him, even as he sponsored terror? Why yes, Reagan and Bush, until it was no longer worth their efforts.

And who allowed the Islamic Republic of Iran to overthrow the Sha? Yes, Carter.

Who created the modern Islamic movement in Afghanistan that has then spread to all of the world? Why Carter and Reagan, of course. And who supported the Taliban until they protected those who attacked the US itself? Why Clinton and Bush Jr, of course.

Who sponsored the terror of the Islamics in Bosnia? Clinton again and Bush.

Who murdered Christian Serbs for Islamic Jihad and betrayed Christian Makedonians for Islamic Jihad? Who stole Christian lands and handed them to Islamic Jihadists? Why Clinton and Bush and confirmed again by the people selected Obama.

Who backed the Turks while they invaded Cyprus and murdered Christian Cypriots? Why Nixon and then Ford.

And who winked and nodded while NATO in Turkey helped train and direct the Jihad in our own Russia? Why Bush Sr, Clinton, Bush Jr and now Obama. Just listen to their media, which is wholly owned by the elites that own the whole of the country and government. Islamist rebel says he ordered Russian airport bombing

Yes, they who butcher our women and children are but misguided, yet noble rebels. But those who fought to oust an invader, the Americans, from Iraq, were all terrorists?

Then there is this media's pandering to Islamic Jihad, except it not "jihad" since it's against us Russians.

Losing to Terrorism: Putin’s get-tough policies are a disaster, as the Moscow airport bombing proves. Why are Russians so unwilling to admit it?

They bring up this little tid bit:

In September 1999, responding to a series of still unexplained apartment-house explosions that killed 293 people in Moscow and southern Russia, the Army rolled into the breakaway republic with overwhelming force. Thousands of people were killed, and thousands more were driven from their homes.

While forgetting that the West backed and Islamic Arab run Chechen Caliphate had invaded the neighboring province of Daghistan, in its Western sponsored drive for a northern Caucuses caliphate.

Still, there was little doubt that the atrocity was carried out in retaliation for Russian actions in the Caucasus—and similarly little doubt that Moscow would find targets for punishment, whether or not they were directly responsible for the airport attack.

And yet these whores are silent while their demi-god Obama massacres whole villages of Pakistanis with missile attacks to supposedly kill an insurgent or two. And this from a police state nation that invades others in its so called war on terror, while sponsoring Jihad at every opportunity.

The admission was even grimmer than people might imagine. In the wake of the September 1999 apartment-house bombings, Russian voters accepted an implicit deal with the former KGB man they quickly elected president: they would surrender many of the freedoms they had enjoyed during the chaotic Boris Yeltsin years in exchange for Putin’s protection from terrorist attacks. Confident that the state would fulfill its primary role of ensuring their safety, many Russians were only too happy to accept everything that followed: the resurrection of the Kremlin’s supremacy, the unceremonious redistribution of private wealth to government insiders, the relentless crackdown on the country’s newly independent media, and the end of local elections.

Lets see, maybe it was the fact that Putin brought stability and sanity back to the nation? Reigned in the West backed oligarchs, stopped the West backed Chechen Jihad and invasions? Made Russia from a basket case economy into the 2nd major power of Europe, projected to surpass Germany in 6 years. As for private wealth, if they are referring to the oligarchs, they were the ultimate government insiders and the ultimate treasonous bastards.

Then there is the so called Tea Party Nation, which if it is a real representation of the so called American grassroots right, we can expect nothing new but more Neocon warmongering and treachery.

Chatter from Israel, Gaza and Egypt "War is Coming":
If a revolutionary Jihadist regime takes power in Egypt, then Saudi Arabia and the Gulf emirates will not survive. In that event, the oil-rich Persian Gulf will fall into the hands of radicals who are likely to use oil as a weapon against Europe, Japan and America. Following the pattern of other revolutionary regimes, the radicals will realign their respective countries with Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela.

So, we are now, inferred as the sponsors of radical Sunni Jihad?

Again, I feel there is little hope for any kind of future of anything more then cold antagonism at best, with the Americans. We will not contend with the worst case. Sooner or later, President Medvedev will have to face that simple reality.


jack said...

Funny how the major terrorist NGO's and banks which are still able to operate for years in the US, Saudi Arabia and Europe despite the fact that they had well known ties to international terrorism and how Muslim terrorist were actively allowed to openly recruit in Britain and train in camps in the US to fight in Chechnya, Kosovo and Kashmir.

We know thanks to the 9/11 lawsuit that the number financiers of international Islamic terrorism is Sheik Klahid bin Mahfouz who financed everything from Bin Ladins stay in Sudan to the Taliban as well as a part of the Azerbaijan oil consortium.

Sheik Klahid bin Mahfouz US government affiliation is confirmed by a 16th May 1985 US Department of Justice letter to US attorney William F Weld from Bradford Reynolds, Assistant Attorney General, Civil Rights Division discussing the transfer of the PROMIS spyware in the Mid East.

Dear Mr Weld,

As agreed, Messrs, Manucher Ghorbanifar, Adnan Khashoggi and Richard Armitage will broker the transaction of the PROMISE Software to Sheik Klahid bin Mahfouz for resale and general gifts in his region contingent upon the three conditions we last spoke of. PROMISE must have a soft arrival. No Paperwork, customs, or delay. It must be equipped with special data retrieval unit. As before, you must walk the financial aspects through Credit Suisse and National Commercial Bank. If you encounter any problems contact me directly.

As for Russian atrocities in Chechnya I bet they turn out to be mostly BS given the fact tens of thousands of Chechens reside in Russia proper which the Chechen mafia has a major influence and according to the last census data in Russia their numbers increased not decreased and by a miraculize coincidence despite the death toll changing from an impossible 250,000 to 100,000-200,000 and now over 100,000 it is the exact same numbers cited during the Bosnian war.
Quite amazing given the fact that that exact same terrorist organisations, NGO’s and US policy makers were involved in both conflicts.

I bet of you if you compare atrocity stories in Bosnia and Kosovo to that in Chechnya there will be comparisons.

Anonymous said...

It s been a while since I was angered by a report this much. This lowlife is accusing others of something his side is guilty of? Red China sponsoring jihad? with 100 million muslims in Xingiang province. Russia which has been dealing with muslim nations , tribes and emissaries for centuries? Freedoms of the Yelstin years?haha ...freedom to do what?Get drunk, get high and fornicate?Ressurection of the Kremlin? Here he inadvertantly reveals he knows Russia was ruled from Harvard and State Dept 92-99.Imagine those stupid Russins wanting to be ruled from Moscow instead of Washington or London!

Anonymous said...

I don't know that Obama has actually "massacred whole villages of Pakistanis with missile attacks to supposedly kill an insurgent or two"; that seems a bit of an exaggeration, and on the whole the world is a great deal better off with Obama in the White House than Bush.

However, you're right about the "American Xenophobe" (AKA The American Thinker). Our old friend "Kim Zifgfeld" is a regular contributor, which should tell you right up front that it's basically just a jerk-off comic book for Russophobes and chinless rednecks.

There's definitely a market for "Russia and China are to blame for everything" material, because if nobody read it it wouldn't exist, but it's mostly limited to the truly crazy and those too dumb or lazy to think for themselves. Working from the premise that an insult from a fool is actually a compliment, being hated by a screeching crowd of Russophobes who live in their Mom's basements and get high on conspiracy theories should make you feel pretty good.

If you have any solid evidence that Muslim terrorists were allowed to openly recruit in Britain and train in camps in the U.S. to fight in Chechnya, I'd love to see it. I too believe the Chechen terrorist threat would have withered by now if it were not receiving some fairly substantial outside support, but I have no proof.

jack said...


They recruited Muslims to fight in Chechnya, Bosnia and Kosovo by an organisation called Al-Muhajiroun headed by Omar Bakri Muhammed who is admitted to being a paid “informer” by MI5/6 since the 90’s like all the other major so called “Al Qaeda” terrorist leaders in London with former US Federal Prosecutor John Loftus said on Fox TV that British intelligence had used the al-Muhajiroun group in London to recruit Islamist militants with British passports for the war against the Serbs in Kosovo through jihadist websites run in London by Basayeav and Khattab’s webmaster Babar Ahmad who ran Azzam publications but based on US web servers and trained in camps in the US run by Sakina Security Services.

In fact Zacaria Soubra who is the Islamist referenced in the pre-9/11 Phoenix memo and had pictures of Khattab and dead Chechen fighters posted on his apartment wall was the regional Arizona branch leader of Al Muhajiroun which I did a thread on, on the Underground Serbian Café The real 9/11 cover up: Political hijacking was originally aimed at Russia.

Babar Ahmad and Syed Taha Ahsan (who helped run the websites) US court indictments.

Also in August of 2001 Bosnian UN diplomat Safet Catovic who is linked with private US security firm MPRI set up a Summer Jihad training camps in Pennsylvania.


What did you think about my email about a possible Bosnian-Beslan connection you never answered me?

Anonymous said...

@marknesop.A bit of an exaggeration? Obama authorised more drone strikes in his fist year than Bushes total.The world is better off with Obama than Bush?Explain how this is, please.

Rusty Mason said...

Mark Hackard has no kind thing to say about Putin and his sidekick Medvedev:

"As far as contemporary Russia is concerned, I judge by the results, by the way of thinking and the actions of Putin. His aims are exclusively liberal. And the results of his governance have been deplorable for the country. The crisis which Russia fell into in 2008 is still deeper than the one in the Yeltsin period, and Putin’s policies are largely to blame for this. ..."

jack said...

@Rusty Mason

It was his interviewee Andrei Saveliev that made the statement not Mark Hackard.

Actually this is this first good criticism I have heard against Putin/Medvedev mainly his disastrous immigration policy of actively importing tens of thousands of Central Asian Muslims not to mention the course starting with the BRIC trap Medvedev is taking.

jack said...

London based Chechen/Islamic terrorist training camps in the US.

How this relates to 9/11.

Anonymous said...

@ jack - sorry; I never received any email such as the one you describe. Could you resend it? The teaser is interesting.

@ barry - I agree Obama has been a good deal more aggressive with the drone strikes. However, a drone is not a carpet-bomber. Drones have not "massacred whole villages of Pakistanis". You could make a valid argument that not everyone killed by drone attack was actually a terrorist or otherwise deserved to be killed. But drones simply don't carry the weaponry to kill large numbers of people at the same time; it'd have to be a pretty tiny village.

Benefits on a worldwide scale are largely a matter of opinion, but I believe the world is better off with Obama in the White House than Bush. Obama is smart, and at least listens. His foreign policy is a good deal more conciliatory than militant. And finally, with Obama in the White House, the USA can talk about all the mischief it'd like to get up to, but with Bush in the White House, America could and did act on its mischievous ideas immediately.