Thursday, February 17, 2011

Russia? Why So Glum? All You Need is a Little Revolution!

Russia? Why So Glum? All You Need is a Little Revolution!

The Western Totalitarian Democratic media is on the war drive again, against Russia. This latest round initiated right about the time of the Arab US/UK sponsored revolutions and has only picked up steam.

Girls and boys, the American elite are not our friends, they are our enemies, with one drive since 1885, when the American-Russian Friendship Society was sponsored: to liberate us, the Russians...what they do not add is: to liberate us from our future and our wealth and from our Christian God and Orthodox Church. In other words, a future of poverty and damnation.

We had a taste of that liberation, from 1917 to 1991 and an after taste from 1991 to 1999. Thanks but no thanks. Of course, if the likes of Kasparov, Limonov, Nemtsov and others, riding illegal American monies, get into power, we will get another taste of all this, specifically the robbing of the 1920s and 1990s. These men care nothing for Russia or freedom or anything but power and money and are more than happy to sell out the whole lot of us.

By the way, since the Americans are absolute hypocrites, who ban political money in their own nation from foreigners (and who doesn't?) but ignore the same laws in every other nation, to cause revolution, poverty and mass murderer, why are we not doing the same and buying their politicians?

But back to the media. After it became obvious that the US/UK/EU were not successful in splitting the Medvedev-Putin team, they have now instead gone on the attack on Putin.

First came the deluge of articles on the "failure" of Russia to become an American/UK style Totalitarian police, what they mean, to stop terror attacks. Absolutely there are holes in our security, no doubt about it, just like absolutely there would be a lot less terror if American money, along with that of their bed mates the Saudis, Qataris and other Islamic sponsors of mass murderer, was not pouring in to pay for it. So, they pay to murder Russians and then blame Russians for not stopping it....why the typical formula for attempted regime change.

Now they are on a rampage about Putin's new palace, built with HIS money. This from the poorest debtor nation in the world, a nation whose Federal debt, now and over the next 20 years, is $58 trillion and all its assets are only $42 trillion. This does not even count in the State and city and private debt, so add another $10 trillion to that. This debtor nation that then has a president, Bush, buying $480 million helicopters (28 of them) so he and his chenovniks can fly in imperial style for 20 minutes, from the white house to the airport. A nation that has its Jihadist in Charge fly with a brigade of body guards and some 2,000 chenovniks to an Indian vacation, at the cost of $1 billion per DAY!

Where are their media on this? Easy, in a Totalitarian Democracy the media is exactly where it should be, reporting what it is told to do. It is not like the peasants mind, they know what they are told and whom to hate and to tighten their belts as they slide ever more into poverty to support the .1% who owns them.

As for our own, always be ware any who even smell of US/UK/EU money, they are traitors and whores.

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