Monday, February 7, 2011

Step One, Starve the People

Now that you have read how the Anglo Elites plan on saving, at least temporarily, the USD: How the Muslim Brotherhood Saved the US Dollar, the average reader is now asking himself: But HOW did the Anglo Elites bring all of this around?

Humanity has only several basic needs: air, food, shelter, everything else is a want, not a need. So, obviously one can not steal or charge for the air, though governments the world over keep trying. Shelter can only be destroyed by war. That leaves food and for the oil rich, food poor nations, this is critical.

In this category fall almost all of the major oil producers: Mexico, Venezuela, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf Princedoms, Iraq, Iran, all of Central Asia and most of sub-Saharan Africa. About the only major oil producers that can feed themselves are Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the US and the UK.

The weapon of choice, one may be surprised to learn, was initially not Finance, though that has been used to drive the final blows. The field has long been prepped by what seems to be the Noble Drive of the West: Green Economics.

In an apparent drive to save the world, the US government, back in 2006, began a series of legislatures and subsidies to create bio fuels, as a form of saving humanity from oil. The science of it all aside: a technology that uses 1.5 times more oil per liter of fuel then gasoline (due to the production cycle being driven almost all by diesel) while producing only 66% the energy of gasoline, the economics is what is important. The present rate of consumption of corn and soybean, even with massive increases in production, which itself placed higher demands on oil and thus its price, consumes almost 40% of the US corn supply. That was most of the corn the US used to export to the rest of the world.

The response, in its local neighbor, Mexico, was dramatic, driving up the price of corn meal, the main staple of most of the population, by two or three fold and thus ensuring that the internal break down of Mexico would go at full speed, as it has. This made sure that the chaos would lead to an uptick in the drug trade, and the Anglo Elites, all the way back to the Queen Pusher, Victoria the Heroine Goddess, have been dirty to their necks in drugs. This, not to mention as an additional excuse to clamp down on their own American and English populations in the "fight" against drugs.

By the way, for those foolish green goons out there, who will argue the saving graces of Ethanol, here is something to consider, as the "fuel" inevitably leaks into the environment: Ethanol is completely soluble in water, toxic to aquatic and other life forms, and there is no practical way to remove it.

After that, it was a matter of waiting, waiting for the inevitable bad harvest season that was bound to come along. That season was 2010 and it looks like 2011 will be its equal. In 2010, record heat waves wiped out much of the Russian, Ukrainian and Kazakhstani wheat crops, as well as major damage to the Chinese and Vietnamese rice crops. Add to this the wheat blight striking east Africa and Persia and a better moment could not happen. This was, almost as if, by order to the Devil. That it also corresponds right to the last gasps of the USD, was like the proverbial American cavalry charging to the rescue.

Thus, with the stage set and ripe, with headlines declaring possible food shortages, fear mongering as much as possible, the Americans and English let slip the dogs of famine, er finance, to commit the final genocidal act that would make sure the USD was saved, no matter the cost to humanity or their own people, coincidentally.

Interestingly, a little noticed study by French Scientists disproved most of this hype, thus the reason it was little noticed:

You’ll find a great deal of content on TGB regarding peak soil and the pending global food shortage, but a recent modeling study by a group of French scientists suggests that even with the world’s population expected to reach nine billion by 2050 and the need to tailor crop growing to meet environmental protection concerns, there could still be enough food to feed the world (cue music). The major issue? Richer nations will need to be more aware of waste and the global food supply chain.

And the Anglo weapon of choice? Why that very same thing that brought about the Global Collapse, First Wave, in 2007: hedge fund driven futures trading. Never has there been a more vile form of finance, really just legalized gambling at an insane level, then this.

Simply put, vultures run in, bid up the price of a commodity, passing the hot potatoe along, until the smart ones bale and the whole Anglo ponzi scheme collapses, taking whole suffering industries and nations with it, while they go home and give out billion dollar bonuses to their "top" vultures. This disrupts whole supply chains, demand patterns, production plans and thus economies. It causes massive waste in investment, by creating artificial demand, that then collapses and drive throngs of people into poverty, people who were already forced to take credits, usually from the same ghouls who created insane prices on the very things they need.

A more evil cabal of ghouls, vultures, and criminals against humanity is hard to imagine. These investors are not businessmen, they do not create anything, they do not build factories, they do not create products, they do not open markets or fill the demand of people for goods, while creating jobs and feeding their workers. They are legal globalized conmen who do the quite opposite: destroying everything they touch.

It is these vampires, the spawn of the Anglo Elites, heck many of them are Anglo Elites, who now set their eyes on food. Unable to drive up the price of oil directly, since the world economies continue to sputter after the vampire's last feeding session, they determined to use food and the panic of shortages and thus insane increases in prices, as their tool of choice.

To that end, they have bid up the price of food several fold over the past half year.

Consider this interview question with Brazilian rural activist JANAINA, a leader of Brazil's Landless Workers Movement (MST)

Q: Who benefits from the speculation?

A: The transnational corporations, which benefit from playing and speculating with hunger.

To see this, all you have to do is compare the years when food prices are on the rise and the charts showing the profits of the big transnational corporations. For example, between 2004 and 2008 we saw a series of clashes and disturbances, of hungry mobs looting supermarkets for food at the same time that prices were going up.

During that period, the profits of Syngenta, one of the world's largest agribusiness companies, soared from six to 11 billion dollars. So, while many people go hungry, corporations pocket even greater profits

The cost of food, the inability to feed one's children, were the main force behind the exploding tensions in Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Syria, Jordan and so one. However, once those fires are lit, then the radicals have an open door to walk through and take over, and through their own drives, achieve, unbeknown, what their puppeteers really want: high oil prices.

That hundreds of millions will suffer and die, is irrelevant. That their own people will be crushed by the high inflation, matters not. Heck, the Americans do not even count the rise of food in their crooked inflation counts!

We are now seeing what the face of pure evil looks like and we know it lives in NYC and London, spending it time on the exchanges.


Juniper in the Desert said...

You said it!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent article. This ethanol growing also allows the use of pesticides that are prohitited in food growing farms further damaging water sources. We know how vile these scum are , but when are the masses going to stop falling for these pscops? Look at these fools in Egypt waving English language banners. Just like the rent-a-mobs in Kiev 2004.
People need to wake up, 'be as wise as serpeants and gentle as doves'.Interesting how the globalists label the Egyptians as fighting for 'democracy' , while the Greeks were called lazy, greedy etc for breaking a few bank windows.

Pervych said...

"Mexico, Venezuela, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf Princedoms, Iraq, Iran, all of Central Asia and most of sub-Saharan Africa."??? Эти сволочи были так очень насыщенной петр долларов, в течение прошлого века, что они могли быть построен настоящий 'рай на земле', если бы они были не такие несчастные, несчастные неверных, отступников, и язычники!!! Падший рас и ложных религий!!! БОГ ПРОКЛИНАЕТ ИХ ВСЕ!!!

Looney said...

Here in California we are doing our best to help maximize the chaos. The latest scheme is to convert farm acreage over to growing marijuana. As the Bible says, "Man cannot live by bread alone ...". We are going to fix our broken economy by competing with the Mexican drug cartels.

When the world finally judges us for all this, do those of us who didn't vote for screwing up the world's food supply get to die a quick death?

David B. Carvalho said...

Note: the Brazilian MST (Landless Workers' Movement) is a Maoist revolutionary movement sponsored by the current Brazilian government. They are eager to criticizing big food companies and farmers, but this movement is already the biggest land owner in Brazil and produces what the average Maoist revolutionary agriculture produces: NOTHING, НИЧЕГО, ГОВНО.