Friday, February 25, 2011

Will A Grievous Wrong Be Righted? 150 Years Later, Will The Confederacy Rise Again?

Will A Grievous Wrong Be Righted? 150 Years Later, Will The Confederacy Rise Again?

It is rather prophetic, that exactly 150 years after the birth of the short lived by noble Confederacy, fighting for its freedom from the tyrannical Marxist Republicans who ruled the American Union (If Obama is the New Lincoln, What Should Be Expected), the conditions are again ripe for a repeat of history.

America is a pauper nation, with garages full of foreign made junk, that can not afford to any longer even feed it's bottom 15% who survive only off of the food tickets they are given. A country where one in three children live in abject poverty and hunger. A country in insane debt to every third world nation, with deficit this year alone of $1.6 TRILLION.

Yet the elite, most of whom are again in the old Union North, live with more gaiety then the Loui's court, just prior to the revolution, while the bulk of the worst poverty is in the old Confederacy. Never have bonuses in NYC been so big, larger in many cases then the amounts yearly stolen by African dictators. Furthermore, it is at this time again, that the DC elites are actively encroaching into every aspect of the lives of their peasants, with an army of bureaucrats that Lincoln and Stalin could have only dreamed about.

In Texas alone, the environmental ministry has threatened to stop the whole economic life of 46 million people, if they do not surrender full monitoring and regulation control to DC. While in many nations this is the norm as per THEIR constitutions, in the case of the Americans, it is not, it is a provincial right. After all, as a Constitutional Monarchist, the key is the contract of the constitution, in my view. Either obey what is set in it or hold a convention to change it, but why else have it otherwise? But without it, it all becomes a dictatorship.

Anger amongst Texans and the broader South is boiling over and has been simmering for the past 150 years.

But do not be fooled that the DC elites do not understand this. Is it any wonder that most of America's military bases are in the old Confederacy? Or that the elites are actively flooding the Confederacy with Latin America, to actively and efficiently delude the blood of the people living there and make them, as already has happened, a minority in their own homelands.

Thus the question arises: Will the South Rise Again? Or is it to late? Are the once proud and heroic Confederates a dead breed? Are their decedents a mere shadow of what once was?

And if, and I believe at this point this may really be a distant 'if', they do rise up again, we Russians correct an ancient wrong (Yes, the Past 100 Years Were the Fault of Russia ) and side with the Confederacy?


Pervych said...

Понятие так называемой Конституционной Монархии полностью чуждо России, и север против южной парадигмы jесть просто часть их порочного вихря!!! БОГ ПРОКЛИНАЕТ ИХ ВСЕ!!!

Elwood McAfee said...

My great great grandfater and his father servied in the 22nd Virginia Infantry. Neither came home from the war. Lucky for me, my great grandfather was only five when hositilities broke out, but their farm in Buckingham County was ruined, and they later moved to Tennessee. That being said, if the South secedes again, as it rightly did 150 years ago, I pray that I might live to see it. Yankee imperialism holds true in America, too.

Pervych said...

P.S. "Will A Grievous Wrong Be Righted?"??? Два заблуждения не делают право...!!! БОГ ПРОКЛИНАЕТ ИХ ВСЕ!!!

Mattexian said...

One could hope, but with any mention of secession, the leftists drag out that shibboleth of slavery, beating any independence-minded citizens about the head again and again, as if secession and slavery are equal. (Tho I imagine, if they repeat it enough, any casual observer will make that connection, like one of Pavlov's dogs, even tho it defies logic.) I think the elites see that the states of the former Confederacy are sick and tired of the Federal behemoth sucking the life from us, and so they spring the "secession=slavery" meme any time any state asserts itself by refusing to kow-tow to the latest FedGov demands, like with the current flood of 10th Amendment bills in several states right now, in response to the un-Constitutional over-reach of Obama's health care monstrosity. Instead of this anniversary being a time to reflect and remember those who died on both sides of the battles, the elites are using it to browbeat the citizenry, much like Obama was quoted after the election, with the bold claim to political dominance of "We won!"

Christopher said...

Maybe you should stick to writing about Russian history because you clearly know nothing about American history, culture or the American people. Your interpretation of our past and of Southern sentiment today is way off the are many of the bold claims you make in this blog.

Stanislav said...


Well, thank you for your bold claims, not that I'm sure you noticed the irony. Care to pick the points and dispute them? Probably not, but it's always worth asking.