Saturday, January 9, 2010

2012 An Interesting Observation

I recently watched the American movie, 2012. While over all it was heavy on special effects, thin on plot, making me wonder if the 150 rubles I paid for it on disc was worth it, I did notice a rather very interesting observation, which, from the lack of comment on any blogs or papers, and no out rage from the hyper sensitives in the West, leads me to believe, few others noticed it.

Now for those not familiar with the movie, it is loosely based around the Mayan calendar ending in 2012 AD and the concept that this is the end of the world. Personality, I believe that after putting out a calendar 2,000 years into the future, they simply got sick and tired and stopped.

Anyways, the world is ending or rather going into deep rince to get rid of humanity, and all terrestrial life along with it. Huge earthquakes and volcanoes rock the earth and thus creating giant tidal waves to sweep it clean. I shudder to think of the size of the quakes that can spawn waves that are 10-15,000 METERS tall! And these waves retain their strength as they move thousands of kilometers in land, flooding every mountain and desert. In other words, put your scientific know how aside, it is another American movie.

To save humanity, the world leaders gear up with the Chinese to build giant water tight ships in the side of a Himalayan mountain. Now the fact that the Chinese build these in 4 years...the Chinese...the makers of poisonous plastics and porous steel, would leave me less than thrilled. Boarding these arcs, besides the top government officials of all the nations and royalty and top minds, are paying passangers, all who spent a billion USD, assuming the cash is still worth even nearly that value in the near future.

Now, the three arcs of the movie, full of survivors are, at the end of the movie, heading towards what is now the closest and largest continent, as all the plates have shifted too: Africa. That is correct, a nice back to Africa, the cradle moment.

Well, here is the point everyone seems to have missed: most of the people on board are the world's rich and some Chinese workers. Most of those rich are either Caucasian or east Asian: thus the Caucasian and Asian man are going to colonize Africa, now washed clean of all the black Africans. Wow. Now that is one hell of a hidden message. Wonder how so many missed it totally.


vonbach said...

Was the continent actually washed clean? Or did they simply get dumped on a continent full of violent savages so they can get "blended" like the jews want?

Michael_Kuznetsov said...


The term "Caucasian" is rather ambiguous.
The Americans use it wrongly to denote ALL the peoples of the White European stock.
We in Russia use the term "Caucasian" in the narrow and more precise meaning: only those peoples who live in, or nearby, the Caucasus. For example, the Iranian President looks exactly like a typical Caucasian from the Russian viewpoint.

Thus, I wonder:
Do the "Caucasians" in the film you mention look like the true Whites, or do they look like the true Caucasians?



taken said...

You read way to much into a american movie.

subscriptionblocker said...

You crack me up :)

For your amusement - in the event you missed it:

Kuntzler is a bigger sourpuss than even you :)