Thursday, January 7, 2010

Why Americans Must Soon Die in Yemen

Yes, I am sorry to say, to my American readers, but it is that time again, that very precious time, where your sons and daughters, husbands and wives, as well as your treasures must be sacrificed on that lonely and desolate mountain land of Yemen. But fear not it is for the best of causes, your elite's economic well being.

Sure, in many Western headlines are the tales of Al Quida in Yemen, that tortured land under its tyrannical Sunni rule. What of course does not go into many Western headlines is that there is more than tyrant Sunni rule and tyrant Sunni extremist Al Quida (maybe), but also a rebelling and oppressed Shia minority (and a very large minority) who has successfully not only defeated the Yemeni army but also the forces the Saudi tyrants have sent to crush them, even while dodging American drones and their hellfire missiles.

But why does this matter to America? Very simple: the Shia, an oppressed "heretical" branch of Islam represents 47% of the Yemeni population of the oppressed. But more importantly they also represent 10% in Oman, 16% in the UAE, 25% in Kuwait, 75% in Bahrain, 5% in Qatar and the most important and sitting directly on the oil are the 15% in Saudi Arabia. If Yemen falls and the Saudis are defeated, than the other oppressed Shia, throughout the Persian Gulf Arab world may get ideas and they may even team up with the oppressed Pakistani, Indian, Afghan, Filipino and other slave labourers in a general revolt.

This would not only threaten oil in the Persian Gulf but also, much worse, the anchorage of that oil to the USD and if that goes, how will DC afford its world wide empire and spending sprees? A run on the dollar would be a disaster for the American ruling oligarchs and Marxists.

So you see, my American readers, there really is no other way, you must make the sacrifice, just like your Lieberman and Spector, in parliament, were screaming, otherwise other underwear bombers will be escorted without identification past security by strange well dressed men, on airplanes you may be sitting on.

All hail the Sunni Jihad!


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure the American people would be prepared for another war. And hasn't Obama recently picked up a Nobel Peace Prize?

I think there's more likelihood of Israel attacking Iran.

Looney said...

I agree with the conclusion, but not entirely the derivation. For example, the Obama administration doesn't see any difference between someone robbing a liquor store and an international terrorist operation, which precludes any sensible inquiry into anything. Plus, most potential terrorists would live a much better life in American custody than they would have being desperately poor in their home country.

Marbus said...

Alas, The nobel winner in the white house needs to earn his prize. Perhaps the nincompoop can take a lesson from Persian and Greek history of the 5th century b.c. The Persians learned that they couldn't beat the united Greeks, (Athenians & Spartans), but they learned that the Greeks could defeat themselves and leave Persia alone.

The crafty Persians fed money to all Greek political divisions which allowed the Greeks to engage in their preferred preoccupation, killing one another.

If the American genius could call upon his reputed Chicago Style political skill, he could attain both the earning of his "Peace Prize" and the elimination of Yemen as a threat to the rest of the civilized world.

Simply put, he should supply all the Yemeni factions with the most effective and powerful ground and tactical weapons so they can kill one another in large numbers. Just like the enlightened ancient Greek inventors of Democracy did.

The White House's primary occupant can claim he is not sending American troops to fight. (Thus earning his prize). And at the same time the Yemeni's can obliterate themselves and any infrastructure that gives them claim to a civilized society. If enough powerful weapons are provided, the Yemeni's will re-enter the neolithic age where sticks and stones are hi-tech weapons of the day.

Whatever the incopetent in the White House does, it will certaintly mystify all observers.
Logic and reason will again be challenged.

subscriptionblocker said...


Unless Yemen develops weapons of mass destruction (wink).

Or Fox news wants a war.