Saturday, January 30, 2010

Toledo, No Good Samaritans and No Real Men

It has come to my attention, just one more example of the West's continued slide into Godless self obsessed nihilism and destruction. What am I speaking about? The broad daylight rape of a disabled woman by a young teenager.

A 26 year old woman, disabled and walking with a cane to a store, down a busy road, was approached by a 15 year old boy, asking for sex. When she refused, he put a blade to her chest, knocked her down and began raping her. No one stopped to assist her as she lay screaming for help, though some did call the police, who arrived much later, and one brave super man honked his horn. Apparently, even the passerbys did nothing to assist. The woman asked people to use their cellphone, since the young rapist also robbed her, to call the police and the soulless people just walked by. However, there were many witnesses who had no problem giving the police a description of the boy, just none willing to stop him or help his invalid victim.

The police did manage to arrest him later and since he is a child, any jail time will only be until he is 18.

How much this says about the society in the West in general and the US in particular is amazing. The country which showed us crowd justice with murderers and rapists hung by angry crowds or one that prides itself on how much it helps each other, has shown that all to often, it is ready to ignore its own most vulnerable, at least in the province of Ohio.

Furthermore, that a 15 year old boy can be a violent rapist, acting not even in a gang but on his own, and know that no real man is anywhere around who would kick his teeth in or castrate him, also says volumes about the state of things in the West.

Of course rapes happen in Russia, there is no denying it, but I can guarantee, except maybe in some areas like Chechnya and then to a non-local, they do not happen on busy streets in the middle of the day where no one does anything. They do not happen because everyone around would do something and it would be very violent and swift to the criminal and then the police may come just a little late on purpose.


jack said...


Russian, Ukrainian and Moldavian girls are trafficked and through Chechen mafia/terror network created by western intelligence to there KLA to sex dens as well as the non-Russian mafia in every major European country as well as the Middle East client states like Dubai and Israel.

There not just morally bankrupt Stas there evil especially here in Blighty like our foreign minister David Milliband grandfather was a Trotskyite mass murdering Commissar, his father was a Marxist professor at London School of Economics and friends with South African Marxist terrorist Joe Slovo and David himself is a Trotskyite Neocon who you will remember wanted to put NATO warships in the Crimea during the proxy war in Georgia in August 08.

He also supports the terrorist state in Kosovo and justifying the genocide against the Serbs lobbying other countries to recognise its independence.
He wrote an article justifying recognising Kosovo’s independence posted on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website.
Feel free to leave a comment.

I also heard that 80% of paedophile material comes from Russia into the EU with European pervert gangs coming to orphanages which were result of western imposed economic depression which funny enough our British foreign office Amnesty International, Soros Human Rights Watch, NED financed Memorial or any other of these phoney “human rights” organisations is never on any of there reports and not even an issue as well as the extensive list of crimes there Chechen friends have performed like torture (which includes skinning people alive, kidnapping children and cutting off there index finger, etc), massacres, ethnic cleansing, developing chemical and biological weapons to use on the battlefield, etc all financed among other things through drug and sex trafficking.

Stas do you ever post things on Russian language discussion forums?

Is there large Russian language discussion forums in Russia that have a large or fairly large internet audience in Russia that you comment on?

vonbach said...

The victim was a 26 year old autistic woman and the
rapist was black. By the way if they don't mention the rapists race that means he's black. I have a hard time believing this one myself. Even in living in America this shocks me. Everyone knows what blacks are capable of here but this. The witnesses thought they were "just having sex." And yes having sex in public does happen in black areas by the way. This type of behavior is a classic example of why we had the KKK
in the USA.

Anonymous said...

By the way if they don't mention the rapists race that means he's black.
It's so true.
I saw this story and nearly fell ill. And people wonder why Toledo has race riots.
We are moral cowards in this country.
This 15 year old man, and that is what he is, not a child but a young man, will likely be free in no time at all to rape again.
I'm curious to know who exactly it was that ignored this behavior, I'm guessing it was in a Black neighborhood.

Man of the West said...

Well, you have to expect that sort of thing in places like Ohio. All the real men in America live in Oklahoma. Well, maybe there are a few in Texas. But most of 'em live in Oklahoma.

Ilíon said...

Hey, now! I live in Ohio, and I assure you that had I seen this, I'd have done something.

On the other hand, many of my relatives a century and a half ago did end up in Oklahoma.

Gavrick said...

For any who doubt, there is a genocidal war being waged by blacks against whites in the US, and elsewhere. We are told to just lay back and enjoy it. It is about time that real men took up arms against it and defend themselves, their families, and yes, their race.

Ilíon said...

"For any who doubt, there is a genocidal war being waged by blacks against whites in the US, and elsewhere."

Oh, bullshit!

There are predators -- some of whom happen to be black -- who have been given permission by the white "liberals" who rule western nations to prey upon the so-called citizens of those nations.

The enemy are not black persons; the enemy are "liberals" and other leftists.

Baya said...
What was it you said? Doesn't happen in Russia, does it?