Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Difference Two Cultures Make

Allow me to spin a story for you of two large cities, both devastated by extremely strong earth quakes. Buildings collapse like match sticks, street after street of devastation as if a nuclear weapon had gone off. Thousands to tens of thousands killed and tens of thousands more buried alive.

In the first story, the traumatized population self organizes. Work parties form to go dig out the living as well as the dead. What little food is available to the locals, while the national government slowly reacts, is shared by the people, given to the needy. Not only is there not a single case of looting, but the local criminal mafias go into high gear setting up soup kitchens and tents to feed the hundreds of thousands of dispossessed. Total dead is over six thousand and damages range over $200 Billion. Local corporations such as 7-11 and Motorola swung into action also, providing food, communications and doing everything they could for the survivors.

Volunteers flooded from all over the country to help their fellow countrymen, of whom, over a million had been hurt. New civic movements were formed, society became strengthened and out of the death and pain a stronger Japan arose. Yes, the Japanese, Kobi 7.2 earthquake of 1995.

Now, lets compare that to the 2010 Haitian earthquake.

True, unlike Japan, Haiti is a poor nation, but on that later. True also, the earth quake was not in Tokyo and the capital was not leveled like Port-au-Prince. However, the morgue that is Port-au-Prince and the savage population that inhabits it have also shown none of the characteristics of the Japanese.

There has been little in the way of self organization, unless one counts looting groups and robber gangs who are busy stealing anything not nailed down and producing thousands of additional bodies to bury with the estimated 200,000 already dead. Of those 200,000 or so, only 20,000 are estimated to have died from the earthquake directly. The rest, so far, have died under the rubble, while waiting for aid that would never arrive. How could it? The rest of the local population was to busy waiting for hand outs, Haiti's economy being 80% based on foreign aid, or robbing from each other.

The future looks even grimmer, as gangs battle each other, the sorry excuse for a government is no where to be seen and society, or what passed for society, collapses the rest of the way. Soon the plagues of cholera and dysentery will stir in the starving population, even as aid piles up at the only airport, while locals in protest build barricades of rubble and rotting corpses. How exactly that is supposed to help them, God only knows, since these savages have not bothered to think that far through.

Instead of clearing streets, they block them, and wait for others to clear them for them.

Why do I bring up this sorry subject? Quite simple: to the Marxists out there who constantly advocate that all cultures are equal, I say: Rubbish...just like the Rubbish that is Haiti.

These are the very same fools who have flooded the West with unassimulated and in many cases unassimilable savages, all in the name of multiculturalism. This is to the very same fools who make apologies for the various savageries of Islamic states and their crimes. This is to the very same fools who call us Russians racists and human rights abusers because we do not want the same fate and have actively, finally, begun pushing out those savages back to their home countries.

God and Nature have a tendency to bare Marxist lies for the falsehood they are. Unfortunately for the Marxists, whose very nature is a mental disease, they can not and will not learn. What is the excuse of the rest of us?


Anonymous said...

Speaking of immigration and population replacement, I was happily surprised to this headline "Russia registers first annual population growth since 1995."
The article attributes a 4% decline in mortality rates but mentions that the abortion rate in Russia is still as high as the birth rate. The important point is that Russian policies appear to be working. Once they get that abortion rate down I know Russia will be healthily growing once again.
Meanwhile, I expect an influx of Haitian refugees to stress Florida's already fragile state budget...
It's sad how some do not learn.

Anonymous said...

Bjorn, I really hope the increase in the Russian birth rate is due to Slavic Russians having more children, rather than Central Asian immigrants.

Still, it seems that Russia's possible population stabilization and rejection of immigration means there will be at least one white Christian country that will survive.

Sometimes I wish I was Russian. -_-

jack said...

Doesn't Russia have a high immigration rate from Central Asian countries Stanislav and what is worse is that a) there Muslim and b) each republic has major Islamic terrorist organisations who fight Russian forces in Chechnya and want with their Chechen buddies to create a super Islamic state comprising of the Caucasus, Central Asia and parts of China.

vonbach said...

Someone once said something about the races I remember. " The white man innovates but doesn't remember the asian man remembers but doesn't innovate, the black man does neither." I've lived around blacks all my life. What they are is emotional toddler with a 12 year olds IQ in an adult body. Every black person worth anything had religion is is life. That or military discipline. They are incapable of managing their own affairs. Whatever you do do not let them inside your countries. They will destroy you.

jack said...

Stanislav have you checked out the 2008 grant recipients from The National Endowment for Democracy.

Organization for Assistance to Refugees and Forced Migrants "Civic Assistance" (Civic Assistance)
To provide legal assistance to refugees in Russia who are being prosecuted on spurious charges or are threatened with illegal deportation or extradition to Central Asian countries. The organization will represent individuals in selected cases, offer legal support to emigrants and refugees, and conduct advocacy on their behalf. In addition, Civic Assistance will publish reports and alerts about illegal extraditions.

Most in Russia are pro-Chechen/Caucasus groups/foundations but also Kalingrad Oblast

Maybe you can do an article on NGO's in the future.

Bob said...

Stanislav...Absolutely outstanding article, as usual. As a US citizen, I have come to rely on you for insights into what the hell is going on in the outside world. One encouraging event in last Tuesdays election when the voters of Massachussetts finally....after 56 years....emptied their "marxist" chair on the Senate floor and put in a patriot. Let us hope he will steer clear of the corruptive influences that have been eroding our nation.

Anonymous said...

An enjoyable essay. Although tearing apart the irrationality and dehumanising idealism of the West is a reasonably easy task for the skilled propagandist.

How about war between Pakistan, India and China - sound reasonable to you?

ninaKay said...

У нас за бугром быстренько нашли типичное объяснение Гавайским событиям: французский империализм!

Matthew Saroff said...

You really need to know your history.

First, Japan has major earthquakes every decade or so, and have incorporated this knowledge into their building codes and emergency response preparations, while this earthquake is the first major tremor in well over a century.

Second, the US and France has had their neck on Haiti for over 200 years.

The French made the Haitians pay for their country, which took from 1825 to 1947, and the US did their level best to keep them down from the time of Thomas Jefferson, because of fears that they would export their slave revolt, and later that they might export black empowerment to the US.

Haiti is a mess, but it is a mess for exactly the behaviors by the west that you condemn.

The problem is not the people of Haiti, though doubtless their culture is distorted because of Western meddling, but rather colonialism and defacto colonialism.

The lesson here is not that there is something "wrong" with the Hatians, but rather just how screwed up a place can become when superpowers decide to spend some time making it screwed up.

vonbach said...

The problem with haiti is there are haitians in it. All the country produces is haitians. The place was a tropical paradise now its a giant ghetto. Its not the white mans fault. You see this anywhere africans are in charge. All the place produces is more africans. All of them with one hand out demanding the white man feed him. The other hand he'll have a knife for your back when you turn your back. The Japanese take responsibility for themselves and make their lands a better place.

Bob said...

I just read the comments of both Saroff and Vonbach. Saroff apparently your prototype "bleeding heart" asshole. If a superpower is exploiting your land and sovereignty, kick em out!! Don't just play "grab ass" which apparently all Haitians do judging from their HIV epidemic.

Stanislav said...

The biggest example of culture is the whole island, the difference between Haiti on one side and Dominican Republic on the other. What a difference a mountain range can make.

astrologycat said...

I am tired of this political correctness. Everything on the news is about Haiti, I like your tale of two large cities. A closer comparison would be Mexico City. High crime and poor people, but in disasters they can behave pretty good. After a hurricane in Cancun, a tourist destination, they shared what little they hade with the tourists. It took two days for help to remove the tourists. These tourists were moved by the generosity of the local people who lost so much themselves. This taken from a website
"This tragedy reminds me of a personal experience during the earthquake that Mexico suffered in 1985. For those of you who have travelled to the beautiful City of Mexico, you would agree with me that one needs to be a very experienced and “quick to react” type of driver while driving in the City. But the days after the earthquake in 1985 something happened. People driving would do so at very unusual slow speeds, yielding the way, even when the street signals would not require that from the driver. It was as if the tragedy we were living had impacted how we viewed or fellow drivers. They were real people! We wanted to make sure everyone was doing ok, that we were not causing any more pain with car accidents than the pain that the country was going through with the devastation that resulted from the earthquake"

Read more:

reprise8 said...

Mr Saroff - you too, need to know your history. All of it. Not just selected bits and pieces you then distort to suit your own ends.

Although it is arguable just how much exploitation existed in Haiti over the last 2 centuries, I am not delving into that. Let's assume that there was the exploitation you claim. But exploitation is/was not unique to Haiti. It existed everywhere.

Spain came to the Latin America solely for the purpose of plunder. Corporations have been "exploiting" (you call it exploiting, I call it building an economy by providing the opportunity to trade, aka creating jobs), Latin America for the centuries that followed. And although there is ample room for improvement, the ecomomies of Latin America are nowhere near the basket case that is Haiti.

As recently as 35 years ago, the economy of Viet Nam was for all practical purposes non-existent. According to The Left, America was to blame. Prior to America "destroying" the country, the French were "exploiting" it. Until some liberalization of the economy (read: freer market), in 1990-1991, the economy was still in shambles. But in a mere two decades, Viet Nam has a per-capita GDP twice that of Haiti, and growing at an average rate that places it second in the world (in terms of growth rate).

The difference is: Viet Nam is full of Vietnamese. Their cultural values include changing conditions for the better. Unfortunately for Haiti, Hatians' cultural values do not include improving conditions. It's really that simple.

By your (addressing the left in general) steadfast refusal to understand the facts and undying belief in the usual Marxist fairy tales, you become part of the problem. You see, in order to solve a problem, one MUST recognize the true source and cause of the problem. Conversely, when a problem is persisting despite all "good intentions", it means simply that the true cause has either not been found, or the people involved refuse to accept the facts.

It's easy to theorize and pontificate about exploitation while enjoying the benefits of western civilization in general, and the hard work of the "exploiters" in particular. Unfortunately, in the process of doing so, you assure the continued suffering of Hatians, and others in similar circumstances.