Saturday, January 9, 2010

Now You Have Gone and Pissed Off God, Greens

The Green/Leftist/New Marxist mantra of Man is God has gone to far, it would seem. They have ousted God totally and placed man and his technology in His place, claiming that man can now even control climate change, a process that has been in motion for 2 or 3 billion years.

Of course to save the pagan Gia and the Humanist Man-Gods from destruction, the semi-deity men that are the 99% of humanity, must give up all control to the uber Humanist Gods that will rule them from the various capitals of the world and from Global Conferences set in those various capitals. This is most prevalent in Western Europe and the Americas, where the people hardly, as a whole have abandoned Christ, and yes, I will now get bombarded by American readers who say they are the exception and so they are, but they only uphold the rule by their exceptionality. The people make their sacrifice at the alter of Gia and the Humanist Man-Gods, rejecting all rational, all God's laws and baring all for their pagan mistress.

But God has struck back, against these Global Warmists/Climate Changers/Ocean Acidifiers/Luddites. He has sent one of the worst winters in recorded history upon the world and it is the West, which of all places should be best equipped to handle this and care for its people, but who has most ignored reality and raped its all to willing to succumb populace, that now suffers.

The UK is the prime example of all this. Factories are closing, business are shut, gas is in short supply. Salt is out in 1 week, what was to last a winter. Store shelves are empty and there is panic in the air. Farm animals in isolated and cut off villages are freezing to death, the people barely avoiding that fate. If only they had more of those UN Global Warming reports handy to burn and warm.

From Spain to Italy to Poland, hundreds are dead and thousands are dieing, all under the watchful eye of the Humanist Man-Gods, who have been shown not only helpless to stop this wraith but also absolute fools and egotistical villains for ignoring the signs and doing nothing to prepare their people for real winter, writ large.

Temperatures throughout central Europe, all EU domains, are falling to record lows and those are some far running records. Rail is being disrupted as a fresh blizzard hits the area, power outages are common, road traffic is non-existent.

And North America is not spared either. Frozen iguanas and oranges are falling out of the trees in Florida while Houston and all the way down to Mexico are only a few two or three degrees warmer than Moscow.

Maybe with enough suffering the people of the West might wizen up and look more critically at the fools and egotists they have allowed to lead them. If not, their future holds only pain and suffering created by the those same sad fools.


Anonymous said...

You are right on the money but many in the West are too arrogant, entitled, and conceited to see what is really happening.

vonbach said...

A book you might want to look up is "fallen angels" its about a green movement that takes over. Because of its green policies actually cause another ice age.

Karen said...

I think that you are mistaken a bit in your belief that the US has given up on Christ. You only see what the state-run media wants you to see. It is all from a liberal standpoint. They are the ones who have put God out of their lives. That is a small percentage of the population, perhaps 20%. Many, many Americans in most of the country are God fearing people who believe in God's laws and despise what the liberals have done to this country and our culture. The progressives have gone too far and the people have been awakened to the fact that our country is being fundamentally changed just how BO said he would do. A lot of people disregarded that important word and just focused on the change part. The progressive elites have lost their ability to "scare" us to go along with their stupid ideas like trying to control weather. I totally agree with you that that is such an arrogant point of view that it is laughable. And there are a lot of people in the US who don't believe the rhetoric about global warming; people with common sense!

I like reading your blog and it is very interesting to learn of the new Russia. You don't hear anything about it in the US papers other than politics.

Anonymous said...

The Greens are already trying to explain this winter as a result of "climate change." And their acolytes will believe them.

Stanislav said...


If I was to believe what you say, then there is only one of two conclusions either 1. America is an absolute dictatorship, where the 80% that are God fearing are powerless and have no say and thus why they are forced to tolerate all the endless perversion that spews forth or 2. that the "faith" of most of those 80% is so weak they that the majority would rather accept all the evil than say a word and disturb their lives.

Or, more likely, instead of 80% who fear God it is closer to 20%.

Least we forget, that it was America who freely elected a socialist Muslim to power.

Anonymous said...

The Greens and the Humanists are not exactly the same, I don't think. A real Green today would hold Mother Earth as goddess; humanists hold themselves as gods.

Steven said...

Stas is very close to the truth here. It's not that America has become a totalitarian dictatorship, but it has rejected Christ in all aspects of government. This has been happening for years. It started with banning prayer in school in the 70's. The result has been the total rejection of Christianity in all public forums. Notice I didn't say "religion" here. Because the liberal/progressive elite have not banned their religion, the religion of Climate Change, nor others.

And, the Christians of America have let this happen -- mainly from apathy, partly from ignorance. Stas is right, the "faith" of the Christians in America was too week to prevent this from happening. True Christianity is strengthened by suffering. Thus, the true Christians in America will have their faith strengthened like never before in the years to come as we will experience suffering like never before.

Cobra said...

First, I must say that GOD has a wicked, pun intended, sense of humor.

Second, I ahev in the USA, right now, the same feeling of the disintegration and absurd theater I had in eastern Europe, in the years before the so called demise of communism.
The people in Washington, D.C., are as stupid and vile as the Politburo members in East European communist countries.
I have a bad feeling altogether, because the revolution may not go the right way, in both senses, but in the bolshevik/trozkyite way...

Marbus said...

You missed on this one Stas. The green movement has never really been the fervor for a new religion, nor about genuine concern for Mom Gaia Earth, but for the greater good of IAFPMIMP; The International Associan for putting money in my pocket.

Sure there are lots of sycopants out there who really believe in green like it was the resurrected Elvis or Jim Jones, but there is a more fundamental basis for the underpinings of the entire green movement. Its the other "old time religion", the other green movement that has been around as long as humans have walked upright and defecating on Mom Earth. Its called MONEY, moolah, the green stuff, dough, greenbacks.

Look at the primary numero uno climate "scientist" dude from England. His research grants were under a million pounds until the green gravy train rolled his way. Now, he has grants close to 40 million pounds. Not bad. Its quite tempting, and for him, quite easy, to trade off one's scientific credibility and reputation for that kind of dough.

Another example is the shoulda', coulda', woulda' been president of late, Al Gore. Not only did he snag a nobel prize but he increased the net worth part of balance sheet by 200-300 Million dollars in just 6 years. And that's a conservative estimate. Nice consolation prize, eh?

If you look closely at the pretenders of green at Copenhagen, the scientists and psuedo-scientists, they are mostly activists looking for a big fat six figure paycheck paid by you and me.

A close inspection of some of these characters would have revealed wet drippings on their shirts and blouses from the saliva of their anticipation of pulling off the biggest hoax in the history of the world. On others you would have seen bulges in the seat of their pants from their disappointment when the hoax didn't produce the goods.

Many of these phony "scientists" have little more education than to have graduated from college with skills such as basket weaving, pottery making, and finger painting. Hardly the skills needed to save our planet, but skill enough when you intend to hoax the entire human race.

There are other indicators that green is not a religious movement.
One of the basic tennets of most every religion is an injunction to be honest. You can see that this is not a part of the greed, oops, movement.

Another point is that if they really cared about good ol' Mom Gaia Earth, they would be very interested in other important and somewhat scary scenarios which they have completely ignored; like almost non existant to zero sunspot activitiy for many, many months; the recent discovery of a neolithic human settlement where a glacier in Scandanavia melted back. Seems people lived there until a cold climate glacier chased them away. Wow! That could mean that man may have originated close to the north pole. And that the earth was a lot warmer long ago.

There is also the uncovery of the wooly mammoth in northern Siberia frozen completely intact before the body could decay. They also got some vegetation from what must have been a temperate area of Mom Earth only 7000 - 12,000 years ago. That ice age must have really moved in fast and it should be a sobering warning to our scientists out there. Are they listening? or are their ears plugged full of money?

You see Stas. The climate hysteria is not really a religious movement, but a greedy green one.

vonbach said...

I have noticed that god does seem to have an interesting sense of humor. The greens are busy ranting about global warming while the worst winter in years hits.

Anonymous said...

@Steven: Became concretized with Roe v Wade