Saturday, August 9, 2008

Central News Network (CNN) or Central Propaganda Network?

There is no more blatant example of hypocrisy in the Axis of Hypocrisy (US, UK, EU and their various puppets) than in reporting of their puppet media. What, you say! The media is not free?

Yes, dear reader, I am afraid that is the truth and the reality of the matter, the Western media is not free. America is the prime example: the US has freedom of the press and in truth many small media outlets are reporting the truth, however 80% of the mass media is the hands of a few American Oligarchs: Murdoch and Turner being the two biggest. These are the same people that own the American One Party-Two Branch government farce.

In the UK, with government owned mouth piece BBC, it's even worse. Of course, Russia was accused of not having a free press, because like the UK, it has one government owned network: Rassia.

So, lets review a few examples of these pure lies:

We'll start with the BBC, as easy a target as it usually gets:

From their website: What the Scottish Papers are Saying

Russian tanks and missiles blitzed the rebel state - leaving 1,500 dead in what could turn into a deadly
clash of the superpowers while the world's eyes were fixed on the Olympic opening, says the
Daily Mail

What? You mean to tell me it is Russia who came to the rescue of S.Ossessians, from mass murder, that is the cause of the 1,500 dead? A Russian blitzkrieg? Joseph Goebbels would be proud of the "free" West. To turn everything absolutely around and accuse the savior of a people from extermination from a Western tinpot dictator and puppet, of the murder of those people, goes beyond all reason.

The West normally operates in more subtle ways: leaving out pertinent information, providing staged photos. Any one remember the DeutchaWelt staged photo of the Serbian "concentration camp"? The cropped photo showed a gaunt man behind turned out he had TB and that was a chicken coop they were standing behind. DeutchaWelt lost the law suit but that was half a decade later and the damage was done.

Now, CNN had this to say in their latest piece:

Separatist-backed South Ossetian sources reported that about 1,600 people have died and 90 have been wounded in provincial capital Tskhinvali since Russian forces entered the territory Thursday.

Georgia said the overall death toll would be closer to 100.

Now note what facts are being kept out? There is no mention that Georgia, a Western puppet, invaded S.Ossessia on Thursday early morning (around 1 am) or that they, through heavy land based tube and multiple launch rocket system artillery and air units, wiped Tskhinkvali off the face of the earth, killing 1,400 people in their sleep. Nor is there mention of all the dozens of villages they exterminated in turn.

As for the ridiculous claim of 100, the International Red Cross has backed the 1,400 numbers and those are growing by the hour. Of course the West still does not recognize the Serbs of Croatia as refugees, 10 years after the West armed Croatia for the genocide and than allowed it to pass through their peace "Keeper" lines to murder with abandon. The Axis of Hypocrisy marches forth.

The average Western, especially propagandized and dumbed down (by a 3rd world education system) American will take it to mean what his masters want it to mean: Russia is the enemy, Russia is the fault. Of course pushing this line to far will do much more damage to America, it's failing economy of debt and it's far flung military adventures, but we will have to wait and see if the Marxist ideologues in DC can restrain themselves. My bet is they will go to far, as usual.

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