Monday, August 11, 2008

Ok, We're Leaving Now and Sorry About the Mess

Saakashvili, the Georgian Dracul has shown himself to live in as much a miss-reality as that of Hitler's waning days. Georgia has pulled out of South Ossessia, the province it raped and murdered, killing 5% of the population in under 3 days, wiping out the capital city with multiple launch rocket systems during a surprise night assault, while supposedly honoring a cease fire and exterminating 10 surrounding villages.

And now that the little puppet of the West and all around blood sucker Saakashvili has had his army of destruction crushed by the Ossessian resistance and the 58th Russian Army, as well as a full advance of the Abkhazian forces, he has decided that he will now quit S.Ossessia, and all will be forgiven!?!

What does he think this is? A school yard brawl? Sorry buddy, but there is only one way out for you and that's death and only death. Be that death from a Russian bullet, a Russian bomb, a hangman's noose after war crimes trials or best for Georgia, at the hands of the people, does not matter in the end, but it will be death.

The blood of almost two thousand or more Ossessians, a hundred or so Georgian civilians and hundreds of your own troops, as well as the death of Georgia as a nation, are on your megalomanical hands.

Did you really think that America, broke and its military stretched beyond endurance, was going to come and die by the thousands for you? Did you really believe that Britian, who without US transportation equipment, cannot even deploy its troops to Iraq and Afghanistan, was going to come and be crushed for you? The only thing for you that will be crushed is Georgia, the nation who foolishly followed you. Have you or those who have stayed and become your mindless robots, ever wondered why 1 in 5 Georgians willingly ran away from Georgia to live in Russia? Do you ever wonder why they are quite happy never to return but for the occasional vacation and even that is rarer with your power mad dominion.

Georgian people, hear me, your only hope left is to kill the Vampire who not only murdered women and children in Ossessia, but will also drink your blood too before his end. Do not take Hitler's route to total destruction of your nation, take your fate into your hands and rip the head off the Vampire who sits in your presidential palace....if not for yourselves than for you children.

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