Sunday, August 10, 2008

"Evil" "Rampaging" Russia saves a small people from Western Funded Genocide

Evil Russia. Rampaging Russia. That's how the Western oligarch or government controlled media describes Russia, condoning a genocide being waged by a Western puppet dictator.

The Georgians have massacred 2.5% of the South Ossessian people in less than 2 days and left almost 30% homeless. Russia has taken in over 14,000 of the 80,000 Ossessians into North Ossessia and set up hospitals and camps for them. Thousands more stream out daily. Just this Sunday, 2,000 arrived on Russian buses and trucks.

Russia has also freed the destroyed necropolis of Tkhinvalli, where bodies of women and children will be getting dug up for the next half year. Russia has also created a corridor for evacuation of wounded civilians, something the Georgians physically denied through artillery and sniper fire (even as they promised to honor the Red Cross' request).

Russia's airforce has brought in giant hospital planes, set up a large hospital in Tskhinvalli and two more are on the way. There is also a call for up to a dozen surgeons specializing in child injuries. Humanitarian aid is also flowing in.

And what has the "humanitarian" American response been? It has been an official call by the Bush criminal regime, for the Saviors of Ossessia to leave and allow the Bush vassal Saakashvilli to finish his American funded Genocide. This of course is no different than the US backing of Croatian vassals genociding Serbs in Kraina or Albanian vassals genociding Serbs in Kosovo.

Shame on you America and shame on your people for tolerating such criminals in power. This will never be forgotten.

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