Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Orthodox Georgia?

Where is the Christ in your lives, that you supposedly believe in? Where is the salvation and brotherly love? Nah, the Georgian people, as a people have thrown out their faith in Christ and have replaced with hatred and the lies of the Devil.

The Georgian Furher Saakashvili has lead his nation into bed with heretics and non-believing Muslims. Why is there any surprise that the Georgian army may than create atrocities that equal those of the pagan and Satanic Nazis? Ask yourselves Georgians, why the disfavor of God has befallen on you and your new brothers, the Western Heretics and the Turkish Muslims did not save you from your own Satanic lies and actions?

Shame on you as a nation. It is shameful now for me to admit that I to have Georgian blood, that my great grandfather was a Georgian nobleman, for where is your nobility now? You have sacrificed everything, your eternal Christian soul, on the honeyed lies delivered upon you by your new allies and the Devil.

You have raised sword against not only other Orthodox soldiers, but much much worse, you have murdered, raped and massacred Orthodox women and children with the intent of extermination. Your soldiers have burned Orthodox Churchs with believers inside. Your tanks have driven over Orthodox grave yards, destroying the rest of the dead. There is no sin that the Georgian army did not repeat, that has now not been seen for 60 years. For that, it has been delivered into destruction and defeat, with many of the guilty already burning in eternal Hell.

What have the actions of the Georgian people been to the news of these murders? Why, they have further spit upon our God and Master and have rallied behind their mad vampire, Saakashvili, the eater of ties. They have stood behind the mass murderer and are angry at him only in that he took on more than he could and could not finish the mass murder. They are not outraged at what was done by their sons and brothers, only that more Orthodox blood could not be spilled by these heretics against God.

What do you think God holds for your nation, Georgians? Your pride has damned you. You sold your souls for the promises of Western heretics as did Great Byzantine in it’s last days and your end can not be different. You have served the will of heretics and Muslims, you have damned yourselves. Repent, repent while you still have time. End this insanity. Decapitate the vampire who has drunk the blood of the Believers and has led an entire nation into damnation. Repent while you still live and your soul can be saved.

Swallow your pride. Rid yourselves of your servants of Hell. Accept the truth and ask God and your brother Orthodox for forgiveness and renter the Orthodox fraternity. Throw off the lies of heretics and non-believers, do not join your leader in damnation.

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