Saturday, August 9, 2008

The US/EU Marxists Know No Limits to Their Hypocrisy

Washington and Brussels, the capitals of "human rights" have once more shown their utter Christless soulless hypocrisies and contempt for innocent life. Georgia is their final performance in the maccarbe theater that is the sick and twisted dieing West's swan songs. One can only yell out: "O tempora, O mores!" when these would be judges of mankind do the things they do.

But what is Georgia's history with the arch axis of hypocrisy? Between 1991 and 1994, the Georgians, busy butchering each other in a prolonged multi factional (a smaller version of Somalia) civil war, found the time to try and exterminate their minorities, which happened to make up some 40% of the population and have mostly lived in the area between 2000 and 5000 years. Being historically horrible soldiers, they failed and thus was born the break away regions of Abkhazia, Ajaria and S.Ossessia.

Narry was there a word of criticism from the West, especially when their boy Shevardnadze's, a former KGB general and foreign minister of the defunct Soviet Union, butchered his way to the top.

From 1994 to 2001, the West had nothing but praise for this murderer as he helped the Hypocrites and Marxists enable their Islamic Jihadist allies to start and launch the Islamic Chechen Jihad. Blood spilled throughout Russia for 7 years, with American money and EU mercenaries, along with direct Georgian support, greasing the Devil's grist stone in Hell.

However, above all, the Old Fox was a survivor and when the Islamics took it to far and grabbed the Nord Ost theater show, he saw the writing on the wall. When his spies told him that 2 Russian airborne divisions were already on the aerodrome ready to launch off, he knew his gig might be up and cracked down on the NATO sponsored Islamics. Of course DC/Brussels never forgave him and 2 years later, the CIA Rose Revolution was born.

From this came the US trained pasha Michael Saakashvilli. While the perfect American puppet, he ruthlessly murdered all opposition to his absolute rule, both internal to his party and to opposition parties, even arresting the heads of 8 parties 2 weeks before elections. Again, the West was silent. Typical of the oligarchical Leninist-Trotskyte Marxist state's ownership of the media.

When he closed down all the independent media. Nothing from the West. When, during last year's peaceful demonstrations he sent in the paramilitaries and sent some thousand protesters to the hospital, the West was forced to say something: they were "disappointed" and it died at that.

Thus, with a tug of the string by Condi Rice, the Israel of north west Asia, has launched it's war to help the beleaguered Bush presidency. Saakashvilli was counting on a quick attack and win and than to be pulled into NATO to save him from Russia. However, he bet badly. The atrocities that Georgian forces committed: from using heavy Grad (multiple launch rocket systems) to whole sale slaughter the citizens of Tskhinvali in a surprise attack, to Georgian soldiers killing wounded enemy combatants and civilians, was just to much.

Still the West is staying mum as much as it can...allowing its puppet to blame Russia for starting a war in which Georgia, flush with billions in NATO weapons (as well as new roads better than on what American sucker taxpayers drive) fired the first salvos and committed whole sale war crimes.

What people or nation outside of the twisted and rotting West, should or could ever trust any utterances of the Axis of Hypocrites?

But what Saakashvilli will soon find out is, he's still but a sacrificial pawn and pawns are discarded when they are no longer needed.

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