Thursday, August 28, 2008

Was Georgia Only A Sacrificial Pawn for DC's War on Iran

Throughout this past month and the suicidal war launched by the the US/EU puppet Saakashvili, Eater of Ties and Spiller of the Blood of Children, a pertinent question has arisen: why? Or rather, why now? That this move was well planned out and timed, down to the call for a ceasefire and the initiation of hostilities at 2 am local time or approximately 10 am Beijing time, while the Olympics were opening, is beyond doubt.

Thus, while Saakashvili is irrational and hot tempered, this was not a spur of the moment move or a "reaction" to an imminent Russian invasion. No this was well planned ahead, which begs the question, "If this was preplanned than what assurance from the US did Georgia have that it would be backed up?"

Most likely it had plenty but as was seen, none materialized, none substantial. Sure the West, particularly the hypocrites sitting in DC, made lots of noises but the Georgian army still got pummeled and the territories were still freed from Georgians and their independence recognized. But still, the tension, which one would think would start to abide, has continued to be wretched up or kept artificially high with one small provocative move by the US after another. Be it a statement by Bush or another US warship, all small enough not to be to threatening but big enough to keep tensions high, appearing in the Black Sea.

Why would this continue? At this point, this kind of tension serves no purpose in descalating the situation, though it does little to actually escalate it either. What it does is to keep the pot simmering and everyone's attention on Georgia and the Black Sea. But why?

The answer seems to be simple, but one far from this zone of conflict. Rather further south in the Persian Gulf, the biggest build up of US navel assets since the 2003 Iraq Invasion, is in the process of building up. Presently in the Gulf are the aircraft task groups Abraham Lincoln and the Pelieliu. On the way are Iwo Jima, Theodore Roosevelt and the Ronald Reagan.

For that matter, it has been reported that French and British ships, having just completed military maneuvers with the Theodore Roosevelt in the North Atlantic, are now steaming along with it to the Persian Gulf.

In the West all of this is a non-event, a non-happening, with all media coverage in the US going to the elections, where two inane leftists spout out garbage on subjects neither has much knowledge of, and in Europe it is all on Georgia. Thus is the stage being set in stealth for the next Persian Gulf war, one that quite literally may set the Middle East and 40% of the world's oil in flames, to fill the Bush promise that he would not pass the Iran issue off to the next president.

Thus begs the question on Georgia: has the suffering of a quarter million people in the Caucasus been nothing more than a grand diversion by the three founders of the Axis of Hypocrisy (US, UK, France)?

It would not be the first time.

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