Saturday, August 16, 2008

Faux News (a bit of reality leaks through)

by burghnews

Fox News Reporter Says ‘Humiliated’ Georgian Forces Firing on Journalists

"This is an irregular, undisciplined, chaotic, angry, humiliated Georgian force. They don't listen to orders. They fire on civilians, from what we have just seen."

And now for faked Western News. These "Russian" Georgians' accents would have as much chance of passing as a Texan passing for a Scotsman.

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Anonymous said...

Common technique employed by "news" media: using actors. I see this a LOT! The accents get them every time- but unfortunately 99% or more Americans are not trained to recognize fake accents. Worst offender I've found (on account of how often I catch them doing so, and how broad their media reach) is BBC World. I am surprised more people haven't called them out on it. To hear a fake Arab on their so called "phone interviews" with so called "local man..." whenever there is a war someplace. I've heard the most amateur accents and sometimes they use the same guy's voice for an Iraqi, a Syrian, you name it.