Friday, April 4, 2008

Plan for Boosting Russian Immigration

Plan for boosting Russian Immigration.

1. Allow us to take into account the following assumptions: most Russian peoples who could have easily returned have already returned.

2. There is a vast body of diaspra and the multi-generational off spring of the diaspra who are interested in and or are willing to return.

3. Due to economic factors, returning for most of these people is beyond their means.

The following plan will seek to eliminate this issue:

1. Requirements:

The plan is open to all Russian peoples living beyond the borders of the former Soviet Union. This is not only limited to receint immigrants but also to the families of all immigrants dating back to 1917.

At least one adult must be in a productive age, between 18 and 50 years of age. All males between 18 and 25 will be required to finish a 2 year contracted military stint, unless they have already served. Drug addicts and alcoholics, as well as those with a criminal record for murder, rape or drug trafficking will be excluded.

2. Pre-Placement:

Immigries will sign up electronically by the web or through a consulate office. They will place their given professions, their primary desired job descriptions, secondary job descriptions and a list of the top 5 desired living locations. The government will attempt to link the immigrants with would be employers, through a progressive data base of job opennings and through internet live video interviews. Once a match is found, immigration papers will be issued.

3. Citizenship:

A. All those born in the Soviet Union but lacking a Russian, will be given the option upon arrival
of revoking their present citizenship and taking the oath of loyalty to the Russian Federation. Citizenship papers will be filed and issued on the spot.

B. All others will have to reside for 1 year within the Russian Federation, employeed (unless they are a child or a house wife) and state clean with the law. Upon expiration of the 12 months they will be given a Russian citizenship test and upon passage issued citizenships within a 24 hour period.

4. Aid

The government will issue aid in several forms:

A. Apartments:
The government will finance living arrangements for new immigrants in two forms: partially from a
direct monetary purchase and the remainder through a fixed 1% loan.
For each working adult, the government will pay 10%, not to exceed 80%.
For each pensioner, the government will pay 2%, not to exceed 70%.
For each minor, the government will pay 5%, not to exceed 90%.
The minimum apartment size will be a base 50 sq meters:
+ 15 meters per working adult
+ 5 meters per pensioner
+ 10 meters per child

The remaining sum will be paid for by the immigrants through a 1% loan from the government, payable in 15 years in monthly installments. Apartments can not be sold until fully repayed.

B. Education
Free Russian courses will be provided for all immigrants requesting them.
One year of free tutoring will be provided for all school age children to assist them in coming up
to the high Russian educational standard.

C. Food Aid
The government will provide 3 months of monetary aid for the purchase of food, to allow the immigrants to settle in and adjust to their new finances.