Monday, July 26, 2010

Putin Does Cool, Easy Rider Style

Love or hate him, Putin is cool, plain and simple. I would love to kick back and down some beer with him, even without speaking politics, but that would be a bonus too. You have got to respect a real man, unlike the alcoholic bafoon we had under Yeltsin, that the West so loved. No wander the West, that is the Anglos, are in fear, they have no real men to stand up to our Putin and no Thatchers to show their metrosexuals how to be real men either.

Out of the blue, Putin shows up on the bike, riding with style with our boys. Bikers hark back to our Rus (Russian/Ukrainian) heritage, to the Cossacks, who are still out there, protecting our borders, from the Western backed Islamic fanatics.

But this is not just some stunt by Putin. As in this case, in 2002, as President, on New Year's Day, while the West's leaders were still laying around drunk and stoned, Putin jumped into a two seater MIG and flew down to the war zone in Chechnya to give out medals personally. Yup, no brigade of special forces and body guards canvasing every turn, every building, and ever tree. No bunch of suited goons frisking all the people, while the emperors fly in $500 million helicopters or in caravans of armoured jeeps, occasionally running down civilians. No bus loads of tag alongs. Heck, unlike the American emperors, Putin does not ask for all of down town London to be closed down when he comes to visit, something the Queen does not even get.

And lastsly, just look at the pictures and compare Putin to the last two Emperors, the last two American Caligulas and Neros. How's that to make the Yanks weep?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

UK, Living on Borrowed Time

As I have so often mentioned before, in articles such as: The Failed State of England or The Order of the Day: Only Good News or The News is All Grim From England: Their Response? Hate Russia More and Why Do The British Hate Us So?, the Anglo-Sphere in general and the UK in particular are living on borrowed time, and not just in the financial sense.

Indeed, the Anglo created and Anglo pimped liberal democracy bullcrap, the tyranny of mindless, God-hate and materialistic consumption is continuing to play out across the features of an old English whore, used up and shriveled, left to dry. That whore is English society, only to be beaten, in some ways by her daughter, the equally corrupt, corpulent and diseased American society.

The stench of decay fills the nostrils of anyone and everyone with any sense, though still to many of our own people, delusional in their love of anything not Russian, continue to mistake that sweet sent of putrid rot for the greatest of colones. Of course reality will strike them sooner or later, even if they ignore the proof?

Proof? Why yes, it just never stops piling up. Fact in point: from the Daily Mail 24 July 2010, an article "Britain is the European Capital of Broken Homes".

The article is succulantly points out what should be obvious to any observant person. Britain ranks worst in teen pregnancy in all of Europe, thanks to sex ed aimed at ever younger children, that is children having children. Its fifth worst in the Western World, yes America is at the top, big surprise, though the Mexicans were able to take first place, just barely. How is that 1960s free love flower power that the Anglos created and like a STD infected the rest of the world with? Feel ravaged yet?

Britain is the 2nd highest in the Western world at the percent of children growing up in single family households (23%), yes the Yanks are first (26%). The percent of those lone parents who are unemployed is highest in all of Europe (and they so love to criticize us about our apparent poverty).

The divorce rate is equally shocking, standing at 26 per 10,000 inhabitants, each year. That places England 4th in Europe and 5th in the World. In Europe, the equally liberally democratically infected Czechs are at the top, at 30. Oh, yes, the Yanks are top dog, Western world, at 37.

Norman Wells, of Campeign group Family adn Youth Concerns was quoted as saying: "These figures paint a gloomy picture of a society that values the short-lived pleasures of casual sexual relationships more highly than the lifelong commitment signified by marriage."

Well Norman, duhhh! What do you expect from a society with a Queen who will not do her God given duties. From an aristocracy busy creating a lot of those illigitimate births, while stoked up on coke and whiskey. From a people daily raped by Islamic fanatics and to beaten and spineless to stand up, well with the exception of the EDL boys (hay, any of you ever read my articles? Send me an email: Your Church is a sacraligious, blasphemous joke allowed, by God to rot, as the madness sent down before your final destruction. You know, the God that you and the other Anglos mock at every opportunity, sealing your own damnation with semen and spittle, puke and excrement, the only thing to come out from your "do anything" societies.

But than again, this is a nation that continued to reelect the party of Tony Blair, and thus in effect, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, for nearly two decades. What more can be said about men who gave up a convicted terrorist to Libya, just to get in on the oil, while excusing away a Russian hack and Islamic convert, who was busy playing tag with Chechen Islamics and died from radiation poisoning from the very pollonium nuclear switches he was ever busy smuggling into the UK.

This is also a nation that has whored its citizenship to several top Russian oligarchs and terrorists, a safe house for the run away scum of our society, who are the cherished citizens of the gastric stench of the modern UK. Or is that the stench of BP oil in the Gulf of Mexico, the founders of Blair's Petroleum Administration, where the little dancing fairy, who would be a catholic church girl if he needed their vote to win, was ever so accommodating to his owners.

And yet, this small pox riddled old whore, with her daughter, both bankrupt and destitute debauched debutantes, with runs in their stockings and smeared mascara, trying to cover up the puppy bags and crows feet, go about, prancing around like some virgin white maidens, lecturing the world on democracy and freedom, while utilizing everything technology has to track and control their docile, mindless, obese populace, into a new Marxist utopia.

No wonder that he rather stays out of the UK in places like the Islamic hellhole Kosovo that he and his criminal bosses, William Clinton and George Bush Jr, created. There, he is part of the Islamic Mafia Trinity: Bill, George, Tony and partners, political firm in crime. Applications are always welcome.

Its to late for the lipo, its to late for the rehab, its probably to late for the defibrillators. Probably, the most humane thing, is to let the two cancerous bags to lay down and die and maybe something healthy and alive, or several such somethings, can arise from their filth and waste.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Islam's WMD and NATO

While the whole world is being spun to fear the nuclear, biological and gas Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) of one Islamic nation or another (but never those of Saudi Arabia), the true Muslim WMD, against the non-believers, comes in very small sizes indeed, about 1-2 grams a time. What is this weapon? It is not radioactive, but it will destroy life. It is not a biological but it does come from plants. It is not a gas, but it is highly toxic. What is it? Why Heroine of course, the main and most effective weapon that Sunni Islam has to destroy the lives of Christans, Jews, Shie Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus alike, not to mention all those atheists scattered about.

But what part does NATO play in this? Why the protection and distribution role, of course. No, dear readers, my roof has no slipped off again, there is precedent for this. Anyone remember the Opium Wars? Well, allow me a quick refresher on how the Queen of England, Victoria, became the world's largest drug lord.

Wikipedia defines the Opium Wars as:

The Opium Wars (), also known as the Anglo-Chinese Wars, were the climax of trade disputes and diplomatic difficulties between China under the Qing Dynasty and the British Empire after China sought to restrict British opium traffickers. It consisted of the First Opium War from 1839 to 1842[1] and the Second Opium War from 1856 to 1860.[2]

Opium was smuggled by merchants from British India into China in defiance of Chinese prohibition laws. Open warfare between Britain and China broke out in 1839. Further disputes over the treatment of British merchants in Chinese ports resulted in the Second Opium War.

China was defeated in both wars leaving its government having to tolerate the opium trade. Britain forced the Chinese government into signing the Treaty of Nanking and the Treaty of Tianjin.

So, fast forward to 2001 invasion of Afghanistan and the placement of the puppet Kariai on the throne. One of the only good things that the Taliban had accomplished, besides making the roads safe to travel, was decimating the opium crop. Afghanistan, being the source of 90% of the world's Opium and the US/UK/NATO having secured the main delivery artery into the West, was not about to let it all go to waste. After all, it took splitting up Yugoslavia, making sure that first Bosnia and then the rump illegal state of Kosovo were created and that Macedonia's western third was also secured under Albanian mafia control, which itself was now running, with Western help, all of Albania and the creation of the gangster state of Montenegro, that the Turkish pipeline had a straight and powerful shot right into the heart of Europe, that is, that opium that did not go into Russia to poison my country and people.

The most spectacular increase in Afghanistan, the year after US/NATO took over, and for that part, every year after wards, was not the increase in prosperity, not the increase in investment, not the increase in freedom or the standard of living or even the increase in corpses as the fighting raged on, no the greatest increase of all was the 650% increase in opium production. Simply put, it beat all records, to drown the world, particularly the Christian world in toxic poison, more damaging than the American oil spill gushing into the Gulf of Mexico, since this poison first rotted the soul.

Valued at $65 billion, Afghanistan's crop has been breaking world records each and every year, 2009 being the biggest ever. Over 93% of the world's Opium is now coming from that small, decimated piece of land. Western and CIA propaganda would have the world believe that all of this is the work of the Taliban. Doubtlessly some is, but the vast majority of Taliban held lands and held being a loose term, is broken desert, not the rich, government controlled farm lands in central and northern and eastern Afghanistan, with mountain glacier fed rivers and streams cutting deep, fertile valleys.

And why not, considering the American CIA was caught red handed smuggling cocaine into America in the 1980s, to fund revolutionaries who were growing that very cocaine. That directors and agents were also getting rich, well that was the buy product of that important fight of the Cold War. It was also the CIA who invented LSD and released yet another plague upon humanity.

So is it any surprise that NATO flat out rejected President Medvedev's rational demand that it destroy the poppy fields in Afghanistan? Victor Ivanov, Russia’s Federal Drug Control Agency (FSKN), raised an excellent point while addressing a meeting of the NATO-Russia Council “Afghan opiates led to the death of 1 million people by overdose in the last 10 years, and that is United Nations data. Is that not a threat to world peace and security?

NATO spokesman James Appathura had this response: “We share the view that it has to be tackled. But there is a slight difference of views.We cannot be in a situation where we remove the only source of income for people who live in the second poorest country in the world without being able to provide them an alternative. That is simply not possible.”

Of course, why not? Would not want the bosses' nest eggs to spoil and rot. On the other hand, just in case Russia decides to take measure into its own hands, utilizing biologicals or if the Talibs win, a new report indicates that opium production has found another hot bed, another area that is a Western "victory": Iraq.

"Opium fields spread across Iraq as farmers try to make ends meet" (

The cultivation of opium poppies whose product is turned into heroin is spreading rapidly across Iraq as farmers find they can no longer make a living through growing traditional crops. Afghan with experience in planting poppies have been helping farmers switch to producing opium in fertile parts of Diyala province, once famous for its oranges and pomegranates, north- east of Baghdad.

Yes, Saudi owned Sunni Jihadist Islam and its puppets and shills in the West have found few such excellent weapons of mass destruction as those that come in small several gram packages. Nor could they have hoped to harm the Christian world so much for so long and turn a gigantic profit from it.

Just another day in the fight for the Western (Saudi owned) Way of Life.

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Quislings of the Anglo-Right

That the EUrocrats would attack a great voice of Western Christian culture, such as Gert Wilders is no surprise, since his stance goes everything against their Marxist control desires of their own peoples and against their policies of destroying conservative societies by flooding them with third world labour that is both easily socialized and is destructive to the natural cultures, driving the peoples of those cultures further into the hands of the very Eurocratic Hitlerites who created the mess with their open doors.

That the Labour and Democrats of the Anglo Twisted Sisters (UK and US) would follow suit, is also quite normal, as for both Communist Marxist parties, this fits in to their EUrocratic like minded goals. That the Republican and Tories, the Fascists Marxist parties would attack him and his people, also makes sense, since they are simply the other side of that coin.

This is even evident in the actions of the otherwise lackadaisical Dutch crown, which takes little notice of politics, at least as long as the politics is leftist and pro-Islamic. Now Queen Beatrix, with her imperial blinders firmly on, is working to destroy the so called democracy (as I have always said, Democracy is a hoax to control the masses by the sell out elites) by denying the people's vote and prevent Mr. Wilders from forming a right government. Of course, that in doing so, the Queen has forsaken her God given place to rule and protect her people and their Christian faith, does not occur to her. That she is supposed to be the bulk work against the destructive Leftists and the genocidal Islamics, also does not faze her privileged and self. Indeed, the Quisling Queen has appointed a Labour politician to lead the negotiations for the formation of the coalition, as is her constitutional right. Her choice, obviously speaks volumes, for the corrupt, immoral, Christ hating layer of Western society that she swims in.

Following landslide elections, Mr. Wilders said: "We want to be part of the new government. More security, less crime, less immigration, less Islam – that is what the Netherlands has chosen … I don't think other parties can ignore us."

Prof. Ellian an Iranian refugee to the Netherlands and a critic of both Islam and the Queen, had this to say: "Sometimes one learns more about political and constitutional realities in two weeks than other times in decades," Ellian wrote on his blog. "Queen Beatrix," he said," has lost her impartiality in the eyes of many right-wing Dutchmen, The major winners of the past elections, namely the VVD and the PVV, have not been able to play a decisive role in the formation of a new cabinet."

However, what is amazing is the number of various so called conservatives, from the Twisted Sisters, who are Islamic Quislings at heart, no better, nah far worse then the Norwegian Prime Minister Quisling, who at least was a member of the Nazi party before Hitler took over his country.

These fools, Judases and deniers of reality, call Gert a Nazi for his stance against the expansion of Islamic Shari. There are several reasons for this:

The first, is the Western conservative's absolute denial of the reality of Islam and that "moderate" or "fanatic", the religion itself calls for world domination by the sword. While not all and maybe even the majority (how ever small that is of a majority) of Muslims are not violent, the religion overwhelmingly is. Most Muslims have little real knowledge of their faith and its history or the rivers of blood it has spilled from day one of its inception. After all, Mohammed himself had a very large chunk of the Mecca population butchered on his direct orders, as revenge for his earlier humiliation and deportation to Medina. This of course goes very well with the real blood thirsty nature and black hearts of the vast majority of the Western elites.

Mr. Wilders echoed a similar view, when he stated during a London visit:
The majority of Muslims are law-abiding citizens and want to live a peaceful life as you and I do. I know that. That is why I always make a clear distinction between the people, the Muslims, and the ideology, between Islam and Muslims. There are many moderate Muslims, but there is no such thing as a moderate Islam.

In facing reality of what Islam is, the fatted and dumbed down sacrificial lambs and workhorses of the Western peoples would have to be shocked into the reality that their world, the world sold to them by their masters, is a lie on more levels then they dare admit. Thus better to deny what is real and home to die of natural causes before the Jihad knife does one in slowly. Many of the so called Conservatives are these very same ostriches.

Charles Krauthammer, a minor godling to the American and many British conservatives, had this to say:

What he says is extreme, radical, and wrong. He basically is arguing that Islam is the same as Islamism. Islamism is an ideology of a small minority which holds that the essence of Islam is jihad, conquest, forcing people into accepting a certain very narrow interpretation [of Islam].

The untruth of that is obvious. If you look at the United States, the overwhelming majority of Muslims in the U.S. are not Islamists. So, it’s simply incorrect. Now, in Europe, there is probably a slightly larger minority but, nonetheless, the overwhelming majority are not.

The second reason is that they are themselves sold out. Fox news, the main American, so called conservative media, is a prime example. As reports surfaced that they are now owned 40% by Saudi princes and their majority stake holder and founder, Rupert Murdock is opening his biggest office in a Gulf Islamic nation, it becomes obvious why it was his and Saudi Jihadist's Fox that lead the American attack on Mr. Wilders, far out screaming either side of the Marxist coin.
Thank God, Murdock's bid to buy a major stake in Russian media failed, a decade ago. We do not need his likes.

These are the Judases of the West. They are not true believers in an Marxist fairy tale or in Islamic supremacy, they are the whores of Babylon beholden to one god: Mammon. After all, it is these very shills who constantly criticize any Russian actions against the Jihadists that their own governments arm and send to kill us.

Lastly are those who benefit from the deterioration of their societies. These pathetic individuals quite well know what is happening, they do not need the likes of Gert Wilder and others like him, providing answers and solutions that the sheep may awaken to. Well they do not need these men, until they themselves can come to power on the fear that they so willing abet into creation.

Thus, those who hold their Christian faith before their lives and who understand the sacrifices that were made by the generations of the past for our faith, my light a candle and say a prayer for this brave fighter, Mr. Wilders, who is now officially on the Al Qaeda hit list and who would be served by with joy by the very people who claim to be "conservatives".

Monday, July 12, 2010

The American Lenin

One of my loyal readers sent me some photos of a pair of children's books published in America. Wow, this is something. I hear about the American cults of personality for Obama, but considering what is in these books, is it any wonder he has a great ego?

Observe, for your reading benefit, the making of the American Lenin. And just like Lenin, he's crushing you with inflation and debt to create a new YOU.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Russia Respects the Victims the West Spits On

The dust has barely settled in Kutaisi from the destruction of the memorial to Georgian veterans of the Great Patriotic War (WW2) by the US/EU suckpuppet Saakashvili, genocider of small sleeping children and bane of silk ties.

However, in Russia, in the Poklonnaya Gora park, the replacement statute is already being planned. That is correct, to find the memorial to Georgian bravery, one must now go to Moscow Russia. Is it any wonder that one in four Georgians lives in Russia rather than the Western "democracy" and "heaven" that is modern Georgia?

Historical Heritage, a society that preserves monuments from WW2, allied with the Union of Georgians, appealed to Moscow to build the monument. A replica was impossible, as the blue prints of the original have been lost. Six projects, out of 25 submissions were chosen for the final vote, which is due soon. So at last, the sacrifices of over 200,00 Georgians will once again be remembered.

But, dear readers, you should not be surprised, since it is also Russians who are the only onese to have memorialized the Twin Towers and their victims, with a large monument, in New Jersey, across the water from the fallen towers. That memorial has been up for over five years, while two American administrations have shown their absolute disdain for their own people by not only not placing a memorial but actually flooding their own lands with the very people who killed their citizens.

But remember, according to the Anglo media and their mass entertainment, it is us Russians who are evil and cold hearted, bloodless bastards...right?

The Spy Truth Comes Out

As always with such things, a little light and the truth comes out.

As I stated in Obama is a Bum, Quick Bring Out the Bad Russians the FBI's case is less than air tight, as a matter of fact it is so much a joke that those accused are accused of effectively being unregistered lobbyists, not spies.

Now, less than a month later, the truth of DC's motives comes out. It would seem that DC wants desperately a swap, a swap of an innocent and accused person verses a real spy. Of course this spy, a certain Igor Sutyagin, who as a Russian citizen and a nuclear weapons expert and researcher, was a real spy. The simple fact that he worked for the hypocrites in DC, stealing real nuclear secrets and sending them to a British front company for the CIA, verses people who were guilty of making political contacts, just like hundreds of thousands of other American lobbyists. Sutyagin was guilty of passing secrets on nuclear submarines and the warning systems they used.

According to (Reuters: U.S.- Russia May Seek Spy Swap To Free Agents)

"They want to exchange Sutyagin for one of those arrested in the United States for spying," Anna Stavitskaya, a lawyer acting for Sutyagin, told Reuters."

So, Washington wants its spies, obviously it thinks that it can get some more millage out of them, not to mention it makes the Obama opposition howl at the moon in their rabid hatred of all things Russian and that took a good 60 years to properly program. Like Pavlov's dog, they howl on command.

Hypocrisy in the West seems to be well ingrained.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Open Letter to The American People: What You Are About to Face and Who Your Friends Are

People of America: I write this to you, as I have seen and preached over and over again, that your elites are the corrupt sons of Satan and the worshipers of Mammon and human degeneration.

We the people of Russia were the first to recognize your independence. We the people of Russia backed your Union in your civil war, though I now apologize to the Confederacy for this. We were your allies during the Chinese uprising. We were your allies in WW1 and WW2.

Your elites, for all of this, have betrayed us and our Motherland countless times, backing and financing and creating the forces of evil that rent from us our Holy Orthodox Monarchy and gave us evil of Marxism for 70 years.

As to what you are facing, I for see one of 2 possibilities: either absolute tyranny by your elites, in the form of a "progressive" cult of personality and one party rule or the dissolution of your empire abroad and your nation internally.

You must understand that if it is the first, your only chance, in this generation, is to win on the open battlefield. You can not out partisan a Marxist, for they will happily wipe out a village to kill a single guerrilla. If you fail in a straight up fight, you can only hope to survive and outlast the regime's economics, which almost always collapse in thirty to one hundred years. That many of you will meet your fate in labour camps or simply shot or starved to death, is beyond question.

To that I urge you to have faith in Christ. While the Catholic and Protestant faiths are rather weak in that regard, I urge you to come to the Orthodox Faith, the original Christian Church built upon the bones of martyrs to the faith. For even when the Marxists murdered hundreds of thousands of priests, monks, nuns and deacons, we still survived and once again, it is the overwhelming faith of Russia, stronger than before and growing rapidly. For truly in our faith will you find the strength to survive the trepidations that the Devil will bestow upon you and with which he will test your faith in God.

If it is the later, your nation will be no more. Your standard of living, already falling, will fall further. This will not be a simple thing to survive. It will not just be adjusting to living within your means and away from the temptations of usery, as the assets of living, those very means, will daily become fewer, as your best and brightest, your factories and your academies shutter and flee for lands more receptive to them.

This will be a continuous grind of misery and poverty upon your standards of living and even more importantly, upon your soul and your moral. Again, this will test you daily, as you will fondly remember the good old days of your lives and will have little to look forward in a decade or two of misery and the slow rebuilding. But there will be much to rebuild as first and foremost, your nation will more than likely collapse and splinter into smaller entities. Many cities and areas will be rocked by war and riots.

Again, weak faith will lead many to self destruction and despair. You must stay strong in Christ and I believe only the Orthodox Church can give you the true strength of faith upon which your survival will depend.

Lastly, let me remind you, that the first nation to call you after 911 was ours and the ONLY nation to put a monument to 911 and put it on your soil was not your own but was ours. We Russians, at whom many of you are now baying at the moon for blood for supposed spying, were the only ones to memorialize all the names of the victims in a giant monument in your oblast of New Jersey, across the waters from your felled twin towers.

We are not your enemies, but you continue to follow an evil elite that pushes you to hate us. This will lead you to ultimate destruction. We have shown that we have what it takes to survive any tragedy thrown at us, have you? You will need the Third Rome as your friend and ally, yet you treat us so often as your enemies.

Repent before Christ, come to the Orthodox Church and bring wisdom to your darkness in seeking us as a friend not an enemy. Your time of Judgment is upon you and the chances for repentance almost up.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Obama is a Bum, Quick Bring Out the Bad Russians

So, once more, on the Anglo press we hear about those evil Russians. This time its secret moles who have apparently been living amongst the Americans for decades and are just now being caught. Sorry folks, I am not buying it.

Lets review: so these people were caught, supposably passing "secrets" to Moscow. The story has all the plots that Anglo fiction so loves: spies, moles, beautiful women, secret gadgets and the FBI even claims, invisible ink.

So what were these "spies" accused of stealing? Was it the latest deployments of US missiles? Was it the newest super computer technology? Was it ... was it ... of well according to this NBC Article "The Spy Next Door: Tri-Staters Charged as Russian Agents" they were:

The FBI said it intercepted a message from SVR's headquarters, Moscow Center, to two of the 10 defendants describing their main mission as "to search and develop ties in policymaking circles in US." Intercepted messages showed they were asked to learn about a wide range of topics, including nuclear weapons, U.S. arms control positions, Iran, White House rumors, CIA leadership turnover, the last presidential election, Congress and the political parties, prosecutors said.

So, let me get this straight. They were doing what any US lobbiest hired by China, Israel, France or Saudi Arabia does? They were doing what most US advisers do, gather information for their clients and make high level contacts? After all, was it not John McCain's top adviser who also happened to be fully on the pay roll of the Georgian Genocider, Saakashvili?

Further the article states:

Nine of the defendants were charged with conspiracy to commit money laundering, which carries a maximum 20 years in prison upon conviction.

Wow, that's rather flimsy charges for spies. If so much surveillance was done and private information was intercepted and that's the best that can be done? So more than likely, what we have here is individuals who were working as unregistered lobbyists and had not paid their taxes. Not exactly high treason and after all, if the Americans had anything real, that is exactly what they would be charging these people with. But just like the militias they arrested, made a huge stink over and covered their press on, this will also fade. Those militias, if I recall, were released to await charges and much reduced charges and thus we can say, it was a false flag, just like this, to cover the news for the sheep in the Anglo world. After all, the British so also, love an anti-Russian story. They are also in massive need of a cover up to remove the sheared sheep's attention.

ABC news expands upon this ("Russian Spy Ring Suspects Busted! 10 Alleged Secret Agents Arrested in U.S."):

The complaint charging Chapman alleges that on 10 occasions between Jan. 2010 and June 2010, Chapman was observed on FBI surveillance communicating covertly via a private internet wireless network with a Russian government official including a coffee shop at 47th and 8th Ave and other locations around New York City. On Saturday, the day before she was arrested, the FBI used an undercover FBI agent, posing as a Russian Consulate employee to approach Chapman to set up a meeting with her to discuss problems she was having with her computer.

One of the other defendants, Semenko, was allegedly observed by FBI agents on June 5 meeting a Russian government official at a restaurant in Washington DC, who had arrived at the meeting in a car with Russian diplomatic plates.

Again, let me get this straight, she was a highly placed spy who would meet with some muddock she did not know to discuss computer problems and all he showed was that he was from the Russian consulate? And the guy Semenko (a very Ukrainian name, not exactly "blending" in) was eating with an official who arrived with Russian plates on his car? Not exactly your spy craft at its best. More like people who were doing business with no thought that the FBI was following them for "high treason" or rather, for not being a registered lobbyist.

Further from the ABC article:

According to the complaint, in the spring of 2009, officials at the SVR headquarters known as the "Moscow Center" sought information from the Murphys from individuals who were identified as U.S. foreign policy officials to "try and outline their views and most important Obama's goals which he expects to achieve during summit in July and how does this team plan to do it."

According to the FBI, some of the people the accused spies met with include a former legislative counsel for U.S. Congress, a former high ranking U.S. government national security official, a person working on bunker busting nuclear warheads, and a New York financier who is prominent in politics and a major fundraiser for an un-named political party.

Again, hardly your high level espianage. More like what millions of "registered" lobbyists (aka buy out agents) and consultants do in that cesspool of American corruption known as (no not WallStreet) Washington DC.

The New York Times further backs my point ("Russian Spy Ring (2010)"):

The Russian spies made contact with a former high-ranking American national security official and a nuclear weapons researcher, among others. But the charges did not include espionage, and it was unclear what secrets the suspected spy ring - which included five couples - actually managed to collect.

So who were these people. Well, this Anna Chapman made a youtube video of herself. Again, not exactly keeping a low tone. Then she founded an online realestate company worth $2 million. Wow, again, not exactly low key and blending in. Yup, and as the gullible and ignorant Right in the US is barking on cue and screaming that these are commies. For a commie she's done better than many of those "capitalists".

Then there is the Murphys, who apparently had fully embraced the American suburban life style (note the over tone, that in Russia there is no such thing, again ignorance. Its not as developed but its there, that's why there are people sitting 2 hours in traffic to get into Moscow and back out again every day, or one hour each way in Yekaterinburg, but I degrees). They even had two daughters, those dastardly spies. Seems the wife had access to one of Hillary Clinton's advisers. Again, unregistered lobbyists comes to mind and again, no espionage charges, just money laundering and working as an unregistered agent of Russia.

The Guardian expands on this (Russian spy couples: Deep sleepers in the suburbs):

Patricof was a finance chairman for Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign. He said Murphy had never tried to get any unusual or sensitive information out of him. "[We] never discussed anything but paying bills and taxes in phone calls or meetings ... she never once asked me about government, politics or anything remotely close to that subject," he told the Washington Post.

Vicky Peláez, another "spy" was a journalist for 30 years in Yonkers. Yup, seems that part of being a spy is to be in the media, TV reporter no less. Then woman comes from Peru. After being kidnapped by Marxist Guerrillas and having her ransom paid, she moved to the USA and married Juan Lazaro, another "spy". His "crime" on FBI cameras was: "FBI surveillance tapes have caught him referring to a childhood lived at least in part in the Soviet Union. At one stage he is quoted by surveillance experts as saying "we moved to Siberia ... as soon as the war started."

Well, now, for all those Latins who may have been born or whose parents moved to the Soviet Union, while they were children: America is watching you, you dirty damned spies.

Or maybe Tracey Foley, who is a travel agent with an accent. Yup, those damned, evil, sneaky Russians were just to dumb to get trained agents without those American stereotypical movie accents of "spies".

More from the Guardian:

Foley also had a personal website on which she described herself as a Montreal native who had lived and gone to school in Switzerland, Canada and France.

Foley's boss had this to say, according to FavStocks (Alleged hot Russian spy a real estate agent, another alleged spy is a Redfin staffer)

Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman explained in a blog statement that her employment screening was clean, her track record as a contract field agent at Redfin was good and that she has worked at other brokerages like Wiechart since 2007. Immediately, Twitter lit up saying that they don’t call it “RED”fin for nothing which although is a little funny, it’s completely unfair, given that no espionage conviction has taken place, it’s all still alleged and because she had a social security number that checked out.

Or it gets even better with Michael Zottoli and Patricia Mills:

Again the Guardian:

They were arrested in Virginia but appear to have spent most of their time in Seattle. There she is remembered as the more assertive of the two and he as "henpecked" and grumpy, according to the Seattle Times. The FBI says the pair, who have two small children, were sending and receiving coded messages to and from Moscow from their Seattle flat. But the FBI is not saying, if it knows, what was in those secret messages. Zottoli claimed to have been born in New York, but had only been in the US nine years. Mills arrived two years later and claimed to be Canadian despite a thick accent that neighbors mistakenly thought was Yugoslav. Zottoli worked as a car salesmen before moving into teleconferencing. He was known for his strong criticisms of George W Bush and the US.

What exact secrets are in Seattle, with its Lenin statue? Again, being born in one place and living in another is nothing new. Just ask the Kenyan born American president. As for keeping a low profile, why every spy knows is what you need is a thick accent and strong criticisms of the government and country you are in.

And the Mikhail Semenko, with the nice Rus name, where even the first name retains the spelling, who had dinner with someone who came to the restaurant in a Russian plated car? He seems to have posted extensive information about himself on at least two networking sites:, in Russian, and LinkedIn.

From the Wall Street Journal (Semenko Active on Social Networking Sites):

The online profiles linked to his name say he grew up in Blagoveshchensk, a city on the Chinese border in Russia's Far East, finished high school there in 2000 and enrolled that year in Amur State University, located in the same city. The university confirms that he graduated in 2005 with a degree in international relations. During that five-year period the profiles say he moved to China and studied at Harbin Institute of Technology from 2003 to 2004, earning a certificate in Chinese language and culture. The profiles say he also taught English in China.

From 2000 to 2003, the profiles say he helped organize Model United Nations conferences in several cities in Russia's Far East.


He ended up at Seton Hall University in New Jersey; his LinkedIn page says he studied there from 2005 to 2008, earning a bachelor's degree in international relations. He lists his primary areas of study as international security, Chinese foreign policy, China-Taiwan relations, and China's energy policy in the Arab world.

After a year in the United States, Ms. Kosikhina recalls, he returned for a visit to Blagoveshchensk in 2006. "He was majoring in Asian studies, but he was not quite satisfied. He wanted to be engaged in politics," she says.

During his studies at Seton Hall, he was a World Affairs Council intern in Washington for four months, helping to organize events such as panel discussions on foreign policy. After graduating in 2008, he took a job at the Conference Board, a New York-based nonprofit research group known for its measures of consumer confidence.

In 2009, he began working for Travel All Russia, a travel agency. At the time of his arrest, he was employed in the company's Arlington, Va., office as a corporate travel specialist.

His LinkedIn profile says he established connections with business partners in China and Latin America. Russian news websites say his superior at Travel All Russia was Vyacheslav Shirakov, a friend from Russia's Far East. A journalist in Amur, Yevgeny Kuzmin, confirms that Messrs. Semenko and Shirakov knew each other at Amur State University, where Mr. Shirakov majored in American studies and graduated two years ahead of Mr. Semenko.

This is a spy? My God, either the Americans who are buying this, and from the comments attached, they are legion, are absolute idiots or the world has turned inside out.

Prime Minister Putin put it correctly when he said (Russia angry as U.S. seeks to limit spy fallout):

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said U.S. police who arrested 10 suspected spies in four cities in the eastern the United States on Sunday had gone "out of control".

"I hope that all the positive gains that have been achieved in our relationship will not be damaged by the recent event," Putin told visiting ex-U.S. President Bill Clinton in Moscow.

A few key points come out of this nonsense and the mass hysteria that is being bred. First, there was no spying. Any idiot with a 80 IQ, who can stop for a second and think, can figure that out. Second, this story is doing the job it was meant to do.

What is that, I mean?

Well simple: first off, the US is collapsing, economically it is in a second and much more deadly tail spin into the abyss, with each day bringing worse news and only Weimer Republic money printing as a way "out". Politically the US is inept and the world is laughing and some of that is also filtering through to the Americans.

Worst of all, the Confederacy of America, those old states in the south of America are like raped and beaten women, with the Obama husband coming to beat and rape them some more. Their economies already suffering, now they are covered in oil, the livelihood of tens of millions destroyed and they are also flooded by illegals, that will soon be their fellow citizens and will make sure that the power that made them citizens and gave them handouts on the backs of the raped southern states, will continue to stay in power.

So, Obama's Regime, is getting desperate as talks of succession are now even on the radios of the southern states. They need something to get the people's minds off of this and what better way than to trot out those "evil Russians" all over again. Its the one horse that they can always beat, knowing that American right will always forget everything when they can scream "Kill the Commies" just like in the Old Cold War days.

So out come these proxies, these poor fools, who even though the charges are criminal and not treason, will have their lives and already have had their lives destroyed by an out of control America. And best of all, the FBI, has stated that there are potentially dozens of hundreds more.

That the dependents have not been allowed to make any comments or that lawyers and diplomats have been denied access also seems to have escaped the American sheep. Guess what happens when you are arrested and your precious Liberman's bill strips you of your citizenship, and you are dealt with?

What does that mean? Once its not enough and Obama's political opponents gain power, it will be discovered that their closest assistants or even they themselves are also such "spies". Stalin blamed it on America, when he tried and murdered his opponents, I guess it is only fair for Obama to blame it on Russia, when he does the same to his.